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Barakat, Jack Barakat

Chapter 19

Christmas morning and Amy was up before Jack. She couldn’t just ignore his present from last night so she decided to treat him.
She had been standing in the bathroom for over 5 minutes staring at herself in the mirror, taking in her appearance. Wow, no wonder Jack picked this out she smirked to herself. Damn, it made her look good. She slowly waltzed back into the bedroom where Jack lay sleeping. She needed to wake him up. She carefully crawled onto the bed, straddling Jack. She leant down and gave him a soft kiss, causing him to stir.
“Morning” he mumbled, voice husky.
“God! Stop doing that” Amy moaned.
“Stop doing what?” he asked, confused.
“That! Your voice is so rough in the morning. It turns me on so much!” She said, throwing her head back.
“Not that I’m complaining, but why are you sitting on me?”
“Because it’s Christmas, silly. I wanted to give you a proper wakeup call” she replied, grinding her hips down. Jack took in a sharp breath.
“That underwear looks so good on you” he growled.
“I admit, you have good taste” Amy laughed, leaning down to kiss Jack. This wasn’t as soft as the kiss before. It was full of fire and passion. Amy’s hands cupped Jack face as his arms wrapped around her waist. She grinded her hips into Jack’s causing him to let out a soft growl. She could feel him hardening underneath her. Jack’s hips ground upwards, his hardness brushing against her centre. She smirked into the kiss, pulling away.
“Someone’s eager” she smirked at him.
“Stop teasing and do something” he said, looking at her, almost begging. Amy knew she had him wrapped around her finger.
“Before I do something, can I tell you something?” she said, not wanting to look at Jack.
“Of course” he said, stroking her cheek. Amy hesitated, almost embarrassed about what she was about to say.
“I-I want to… to give you… give you a, umm…” she hesitated.
“Blowjob?” Jack finished for her. She was relieved that he had said it instead of her. She just nodded.
“I’ve never done it before though” she said, still not looking at Jack. Jack just sat up and pulled her chin up so she was facing him.
“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, that’s what my hand is here for” he laughed.
“No, no. I want to though. Will you guide me through it?”
“Are you sure?” he asked,
“I’m positive” Amy replied. She gave him a quick peck on the lips before sliding her hands down his torso to the hem of his boxers. She slowly pulled his boxers down revealing his erection. Jack breathed in heavily as the cold December air hit him. Amy just sat on her knees staring at him, waiting for him to direct her.
“Okay, I’m not expecting a lot from you. I don’t want you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Just try licking it at first, a dry blowjob is never nice. Then when you think you’re ready, just take the tip in your mouth and suck slightly. Then when you’re ready, you can lower your head down further. Only go as far as you want. Don’t strain or gag yourself. If you want, you can use your hand to stroke whatever isn’t in your mouth” Jack smiled. Amy nodded.
“Okay then. Prepare for the worst blowjob you’ll ever receive” Amy laughed slightly. Jack lay back down, giving her a reassuring smile. She nervously took hold of his throbbing erection, stroking him slowly. She placed her tongue at the bottom of his shaft, slowly making her way upwards.
“Shit” Jack shivered underneath her.
“Spit on it” Jack breathed out.
“It’ll make it a lot easier, believe me” Jack chuckled.
Amy took his advice, doing just that. When she felt like she was ready, she plucked up the courage, taking the tip into her mouth. She ran her tongue over it, slowly, causing Jack to let out a throaty groan. She decided to lower her head, taking in as much as she could while still being relatively comfortable. She started to bob her head up and down, taking Jack’s advice and also using her hand. She had gotten into a steady rhythm, occasionally pulling away for breath, but always returning back.
“Oh fuck!” Jack groaned. He gently grabbed onto her hair as she continued to send him into overdrive.
“Shit, Amy I-I’m gonna… fuck” Jack shouted. Amy took this as her cue to remove her mouth and just use her hand. No way was she dealing with a mess in her mouth. Jack’s breathing became more ragged as he got closer. Finally, he let out a low growl, spilling his warm liquid onto Amy’s chest. He just lay there, forehead covered in sweat, breathing heavily.
“That was… the best wakeup ever” he said, grinning.
“Well, I am stuffed! I feel like I’m pregnant!” Amy groaned.
“Me too. I think I’m gonna give birth any minute” Jack laughed. The pair had just finished their Christmas dinner. Well, it wasn’t exactly anything special, but it was just enough for the two of them.
“So, do you want to give our presents to each other now?” Jack smiled.
“Sure, I’ll go first” Amy grinned, grabbing a bag that contained Jack’s presents.
“Merry Christmas, Jack” she smiled, handing him the bag. She had gotten him an original film cell from The Nightmare Before Christmas, a Home Alone t-shirt and a book of ‘Dick jokes’.
“I love them all! Thank you, Amy” he said, leaning over and kissing her. He then handed Amy her present, grinning like an idiot. She unwrapped it revealing a red box. She opened it revealing a silver key. She looked up at Jack confused.
“Amy, I want you to move in with me” he said nervously.
“Jack…” Amy breathed out. She was shocked.
“Of course I’ll move in with you!” she grinned, throwing herself at Jack and kissing him.
“I love you so much” he smiled.



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I'll try ;)

@Northern Downpour
You better fix it in the sequel!

I apologise omg, but I couldn't just end it on a cute, fluffy note :D honestly though, it killed me writing it. My heart actually hurt.

I knew it, he was going to propose! But I did not in any way expect Holly to do that! WHY WOULD YOU EVEN DO THAT! I will stay calm, I shall not get mad. WHYYYYYYY!!!!!