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Dear Jack,


When Alex is given the choice between writing a collection of poetry or writing a series of letters to an American soldier as part of an assignment for his English course, he chooses the letter writing task. Soon enough, he is paired with Jack Barakat, a young soldier who is currently serving overseas, who is glad to have some contact from the outside world. Through their frequent letter exchanges, the pair develop a strong friendship. Though never in his wildest dreams did Alex think that it would turn into something more but, you know what they say...stranger things have happened.

Based On: Dear John


Alexander William Gaskarth

Alexander William Gaskarth

Nineteen years old. University student. Aspiring musician. He has dealt with his fair share of grief and loss, having lost both of his parents and brother when he was younger and recently his grandmother. Now all alone, Alex starts to learn just how much he needs love in his life, but will he be able to find it in the form of a total stranger?

Jack Bassam Barakat

Jack Bassam Barakat

Twenty-One years old. Soldier for the American Army. He has also dealt with a great personal loss in his life but unlike Alex, he has his sister and mother around who he loves dearly and would do anything for. Having been alone and away from home for so long, is he willing to let another person into his life and into his heart?


  1. One: "Are We Losing, Or Just Beginning?"

    1,690 Words - Alex's POV

  2. Two: "What Are You Talking About?"

    2,810 Words - Jack's POV



Thank you so much, and I agree with you; it is an adorable photo.
It's definitely my favourite photo of Alex, thank you AE!

EarthToLottie; EarthToLottie;

Am I the only one that thinks, the picture that was picked for Alex's character picture is just the cutest picture of him ever?

Anyways, loving this story already c:
Update soon please ^~^

Jagk Jagk