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Leaving Me Breathless

Chapter Seven

*Lindsay's POV*
We were driving to New Mexico after our four days in California, and I was bored. Bayleigh and Miranda were on All Time Low’s bus, and Kennedy and Delaney were on Courage My Love’s bus. The only reason I didn’t go on All Time Low’s bus was because Zack and Miranda are best friends and Bayleigh said she needed to talk to Alex about something. My phone dinged as I was scrolling through Instagram.
From: Alex Sasskarth
Hai :3
From: Me
And from there we texted for the rest of the day about how we felt, and what we were doing, and duck penis. We were still texting around 2 in the morning and the girls still weren’t back.
From: Me
What are Bay and Jack doing?
From: Alex Sasskarth
They’re pass out on the couch haha
From: Me
Instagram it for da lulz
From: Alex Sasskarth
Did it ;)
Im sleepy. Tell me a secret. One that youve never told a single soul I like gossipy stuff like this
From: Me
Okay. Well, I’m trusting you not to judge me. I don’t want to say I’m suicidal but some nights I sit and over think and I just realize how shitty of a person I am and how no one will care if I wake up or not. I wouldn’t necessarily inflict harm to myself but I don’t mind if something bad happens to me physically.
From: Alex Sasskarth
You’re not a shitty person. I would definitely care if you didn’t wake up I would be devastated and so would Bay, Kennedy, Miranda, Delaney, and Jack. I would say Zack and Rian but you haven’t talked to them much.
From: Me
Bay doesn’t even know I think this way. Okay your turn, yo
From: Alex Sasskarth
Ok, promise not to turn things awkward?
From: Me
Why would I, but either way I pinky promise
From: Alex Sasskarth
I want us to happen. A lot. Ever since I met you I knew there was something about you that was special. We can be happy and cute. I promise I will control my lust and keep it at the pace you want it to go. If we do split, it would be my fault. I wouldn’t leave you in your time of need. I would help you through it. I know we’ve only known each other for not even a month but I want to know how you like your coffee, how you look when you’re reading your favorite book, what your face looks like when you go on roller coasters. I want you to give me a chance. Please.
I started shaking. This cannot be Alex. I remembered the other time I dated a guy and we barely talked. Well we were in sixth grade. Fuck it.
From: Me
Stop at the nearest gas station. I’m going on your bus.
From: Alex Sasskarth
Okay :)
I rolled out of my bunk and walked up to the driver.
“Hey, do you think we could stop at the nearest gas station? I want to go on All Time Low’s bunk?” I asked nervously.
He nodded, “Sure thing kiddo. We’ll be there in about five minutes.”
“Thanks!” I walked to the back grabbing a small bag I could put my outfit for tomorrow, my charger, phone, blanket, and toothbrush in.
“We’re here!” The driver called from the front lounge.
I walked out, “Thanks! Have a good night!”
ATL’s bus was already sitting in the parking area. I shakily walked up to the door and knocked. The two doors opened to reveal a smiling Alex.
“Welcome m’lady!” He bowed stepping out the way so I could step on.
I giggled then walked to the back lounge sitting on the open couch.
“So about earlier,” Alex sat down next to awkwardly.
“Oh shut up,” I smiled leaning over and kissing his lips quickly before curling into his side.
“So I take that as a yes?”
“Bitch, it might be,” I joked looking up at his smile plastered face.


Yeah it's short I know. I actually had a conversation like this the other night but it was my ex confessing things to me so I just tried to make it as cute as I could. I need to involve the other band members more. Ugh. I'll try to update some more later


We'll update soon! Sorry for the wait c:
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