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Leaving Me Breathless

Chapter Six

*Lindsay’s POV*
“Hasn’t Bayleigh and Jack been gone for a while?” Alex asked suddenly pausing The Breakfast Club.
I sat and thought for moment, “Wait why did they both go to the bathroom?”
“Holy shit!” He laughed, “Record this!”
We both got off of the couch and quietly walked to the bathroom. I pulled out my phone so we could have black-mail towards them.
“Open the door,” I whispered.
Alex pulled a key out from underneath the rug and unlocked the door. I saw Bayleigh on Jack’s lap in a full on make-out session. I had to cover Alex’s mouth so his laughs could be muffled. He licked my hand causing me to scream.
“What the hell?” Bayleigh screamed jumping off Jack landing in the shower.
“Oh shit,” Jack gaped looking back and forth between Alex and me.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Alex yelled jumping towards Jack.
I was still in shock, but laughed, “Figures.”
They stared at me.
“What? Uh, nothing, let’s go finish the movie. ” I laughed nervously.
The 3 of them looked at each other than awkwardly followed me back into the back lounge.
“We’re so talking about this later,” Alex glared at Jack crossing his arms and sitting down.
Jack and Bayleigh looked at him, then at each other, and then put some space between each other. We finished the movie and I got up and stretched.
“Are you guys gonna crash here?” Jack asked.
“I don’t see wh-“
“No, maybe some other time?” I cut Bay off.
She glared at me, but I ignored it. I watched them hug & kiss goodbye and rolled my eyes, stepping towards the door. I walked outside and trudged towards our bus.
“Wait!” I heard a voice call behind me.
I froze, turning around slowly.
“Yeah?” I said quietly, silently screaming at the fact that I’m alone, in the dark, with Alex Gaskarth.
“I, uh, just wanted to say good night?” he grinned.
“Oh… well uh… night?” I wanted to sink into the ground. WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SO STUPID? I screamed mentally.
Alex rolled his eyes and attacked me with a hug. I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks as I smiled stupidly into his shoulder.
“Ok, ok, gooooodniiiighttttttt.” I mumbled into his shoulder jokingly. He finally released me. “Night,” he said before spinning around on his heel and marching into his bus. Bayleigh came out after him, grinning like an idiot.
“Hey guys,” Bay waved to Miranda, Kennedy, and Delaney, who were having a girl’s movie night. They mumbled random greetings, half asleep.
“Night guys! Love you!” I called, sliding open the curtain to my bunk.
“Love ya”
I smiled and crawled into bed, not bothering to clean up.

*Alex’s POV*
I woke up at 10, to Jack’s phone constantly vibrating.
“Oh my god, turn it off! “ I groaned after a few more minutes of random intervals of buzzing.
I glanced over my comforter to see him smirking at his phone. I realized he was so immersed in his typing that he didn’t hear my complaints. I slowly climbed out of my bunk and snatched his phone from his hands.
“HEY!!” He cried out, but I was already slamming the door to the bathroom. The contact name read ‘Bay:)’ I rolled my eyes and skimmed over the texts, ignoring the banging on the door.
The texts involved:
We HAVE to get them together!!’
They’d be cuter than us xD ;)’
‘She’s so insecure though, and she’d never let him in…’
‘We have to do something to get them together!’
The door opened fast. My eyes widened and Jack grabbed his phone, shouting over his shoulder, “Mind your own business, Lexxy-poo.”
I rolled my eyes and turned on the shower. This should be interesting.
I waved from the side of the stage as Silent Wishes ended their fourth song.
“All of you know who Alex Gaskarth is, right?” Miranda smiled into the microphone, glancing at me.
I raised an eyebrow, confused. The crowd cheered frantically as I was pushed on stage.
“Oh, speak of the devil!” Bayleigh menacingly smiled at me.
Tarren tossed a microphone at me from the side of the stage. I nodded a thanks turning to speak to Bayleigh.
“Is this about yesterday?” I winked at her causing the crowed to gasp and scream.
“Oh, this is fucking about yesterday you asshole,” She glared at me.
“Can we bring Lindsay on stage?” Miranda turned so she was speaking to Tarren.
He sprinted to Silent’s merch table to most likely get Lindsay. I strode over to the blonde, who was currently Satan’s spawn, and kicked her in the shoe.
“I got her!” Miranda sang dragging Lindsay by the sleeve of her hoodie.
“Perfect!” Bayleigh smiled glaring at me.
Miranda let go of Lindsay and she instantly curled up into a ball making the crowd laugh.
“So, Lindsay and Alex yesterday found out something embarrassing about me. Well now it’s time to embarrass them!” Bayleigh ran and jumped down to the barricade, whispering something to the two girls.
She jumped back onto the stage with the help of security and sat laughing quietly. Slowly the crowd began chanting ‘Kiss!’ over and over again.
“Are you guys referring to Lindsay and me?” I asked in disbelief.
The crowd briefly shouted yes then went back to chanting kiss. I sighed, running my fingers through my hair. The fans are going to ship this so hard, Bayleigh and Jack already do anyways. I walked over to Lindsay pulling her up.
“I- I uhm you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” she sputtered quickly.
“I want too though,” I smiled before leaning in to kiss her, making the crowd scream frantically.
I pulled back looking at her red face, “Let’s go and get lunch.”
She nodded quickly and we both jogged off the stage without saying anything.


So Lindsay and I are having a sleepover right now and it seriously took us five hours to do this. I like how it turned out though! Alex and Lindsay finally kiss with the help of Bayleigh, Jack, and Miranda. Ah, love.


We'll update soon! Sorry for the wait c:
omnommilk omnommilk