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Leaving Me Breathless

Chapter Four

*Alex's POV*
After waving bye to Lindsay I ran backstage, making sure my guitar is tuned and everything's ready. I jumped up and down to try and get my adrenaline rushing; I could tell this will be a great crowd. I noticed Jack talking to Bayleigh, totally in their own little world. Smirking, I ran between them and pulled Jack away shouting over my shoulder, "Sorry Bay I need Jackkkkk- super secret man stuff!!" She rolled her eyes, grinning.
Jack did the same then said, "So I saw you and Lindsay talking?"
"I don't like her," I shrugged, “She’s not really my type."
"Type?" He raised his eyebrow, "What i-"
"Guys! We're on in 10!" Rian yelled.
"This isn't over!" Jack poked my chest jokingly, and ran off towards the bathroom.
I shook my head and wandered around, going over the song list in my head. The minutes rolled by and it was time to go on.
This should be interesting. I thought as I waved at Lindsay from the middle of the stage. Jack had raised his eyebrows at me every time I had glanced over to Lindsay during a song, and that had been a lot. I knew he was going to tease me but I didn't really care. There was something about her that intrigued me and I couldn't really figure out why.
It was nearing the end of the show and Jack was wrapping up. I kicked one of the many bras that were thrown on stage, and grabbed my mic as Jack finished up his random speech.
"So guys, before we start, I'd like to dedicate this final song to my good pal Lindsay." I took a dramatic bow as everyone whistled and cheered, some girls in the back 'awww'ed.
I jogged to the side of the stage to Lindsay.
"Wanna come out for a sec?" I said.
Her eyes widened and she shook her head, "No way! Just go." She pushed me towards the stage and I laughed, dragging her with me. "Just come out for two seconds!"
The crowd cheered as Lindsay turned bright red, speed walking the short distance back off to the side. I smirked at her as she flipped me off.
The beginning of Weightless began, and we finished off the show.

*Lindsay’s POV*
I happily walked onto the bus reliving all the moments that happened today. I grabbed a bottle of water before walking to the back lounge.
“Jack, I need to talk to Bayleigh about super-secret girl stuff,” I sadly interrupted the two cuddling.
“I need to go anyways, it’s almost bus call,” Jack stood up smiling at Bayleigh then turned to me, “Bye Linds.”
“Bye!” I waved shutting and locking the door once he was fully outside.
“This better be good cause, god dammit, he is a comfortable pillow,” Bay sat up pulling her blonde locks into a messy bun.
“Today was amazing! During your set we held hands and jumped together, than during Sleeping With Sirens we just sorta made small talk before they came on. During his set he kept sneaking glances at me! During Never Shout Never his face was being illuminated by the stage lights and sunset and I think I might’ve peed my pants,” I joked before continuing, “We got a Slurpee and shared it then he gave me his number!”
“Someone has the hots for Alex,” She teased winking at me.
“Noooo!” I laughed shaking my head.
“Are you sure? Are you really really sure?” She shimmied, “Didn’t he look perfect with the stage lights shining down on his face as his hair started to stick to his face from sweating so much? Doesn’t his biceps look nice as he holds the microphone?”
As her list went on I sat knowing I had lost this battle. I crossed my arms and pouted looking at her, “Shut up.”
“See? Now I know you think he’s hot. I’m gonna go shower,” She stood up leaving me sit in denial.
“God dammit,” I mumbled. I decided I would take a shower in the morning and went to my bunk.
“I’m on ooVoo with Nick so no loud noises!” Miranda yelled from her bunk.
There was a chorus of groggy okay’s a few seconds before she greeted her five year boyfriend.
I rolled over and grabbed my phone playing some games then quickly getting bored. I groaned slamming my head into the pillow.
“I said no loud noises!” Miranda scolded me.
“Sorry!” I called back even though I wasn’t sorry.
I just decided to charge my phone and go to sleep with the thoughts of today on my mind.


I really wanted to update but I didn't know what this was about.
It's a filler aND I'M REALLY SORRY
I watched Straight To DVD for the first time!
It was amazing.


We'll update soon! Sorry for the wait c:
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