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Leaving Me Breathless

Chapter Three

*Alex's POV*
Jack nudged me and nodded to our left. I glanced over and saw a girl, setting up merch under a tent. I rubbed my eye, still a little groggy even though I woke up an hour or so ago.
"What? Should we go talk to her?" I asked, confused.
"Nothin' better to do," Alex pointed out.
As we got closer I looked at the blonde as she picked up some shorts and shoved them onto a table.
"Silent Wishes is playing?" I asked, laughing silently when she jumped in surprise.
"Yeah, they're talking to Mark right now. I'm pretty sure they're gonna hang out over here afterwards if you guys want to chill," she replied.
I watched her as she talked to Jack.
Blonde hair, blue eyes, nothing special, really; but she seemed nice enough. I grinned at her as we took over the tent, hanging things up.
After a few minutes I realized I hadn't even asked her name.
I watched her carry bracelets towards me so I asked.
"Lindsay," she said quietly.
I grinned, "Welcome aboard, Lindsay!"

*Lindsay's POV*
I sat on the merch table occasionally laughing as Jack and Alex joked around. Jack was still wearing the shorts he put on while Alex wore a t-shirt that was much too small for him.
“Linds!” Bayleigh yelled as I appeared in her sight.
“Hi!” I waved to her trying not to be too loud.
“Jack-o!” She yelled happily once she spotted him.
Jack stood up and hugged her tightly while spinning her around. The blonde broadly smiled sitting down next to me.
Alex huffed, “What? I don’t get a hug?”
“You have a girlfriend Gaskarth!” She smirked teasingly.
Alex has a girlfriend? I knew I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. He’s gorgeous and gorgeous guys are either gay or taken.
“Actually no,” he frowned slightly rubbing his stubble.
“What?” Bayleigh practically shouted.
Even I was surprised. Who would dump that bundle of hotness?! Jack was laughing at Bay’s reaction while Alex sighed regaining his composure.
“Lisa just said that she couldn’t deal with me being on tour anymore and called it off. Nothing major, but I do have my eyes on someone at Warped,” He winked subtly at her.
“We are so talking about that later!”
I couldn’t help but sit awkwardly as Bayleigh obviously knew these two while I didn’t.
“Gates open in five!” An employee walked by warning everyone to prepare themselves for a mob of teenagers and young adults.
“When do you guys perform?” I decided to finally come out of my shell and say something.
“She talks!” Jack threw his hands in the air in mock surprise.
I blushed and hid my face as Alex spoke, “Mmm 2:30.”
“Yes! I get to watch you guys perform!” Bayleigh cheered.
“Do you want to watch side stage?” Alex turned his attention back to me.
Seeing my first concert side stage? Hell yeah! “It’s my first concert so wh- why not?” I laughed then shut up after I stammered.
“You’ve never been to a concert?” Jack practically fell out of his chair from shock.
I nodded shyly feeling a blush creep up onto my cheeks again.
“She had a rough childhood,” Bayleigh joked wrapping her arm around my shoulders.
“Obviously!” Jack yelled.
“Jack, chill!” She laughed taking her arm off my shoulders.
“If this is your first concert, then I’m going to make it a fun one!” Alex moved closer to me in a serious matter.
“Wh- what?” I asked surprised looking into his eyes.
“I’m going to take you to see Anarbor, August Burns Red, Bless The Fall, Forever the Sickest Kids, I See Stars, Memphis May Fire, Never Shout Never, Sleeping With Sirens, and The Summer Set!” He waved his arms excitedly.
“C-can we just see Never Shout Never, Sleeping With Sirens, and The Summer Set?” My voice came out quiet.
“Sure! We’re totally watching Silent Wishes!” Alex added.
His voice was coated with excitement as he talked about how we’re going to get water and be in mosh pits, but as soon as he realized how small I am he decided against the mosh pits, and how we’re going to push to the barricade.
“Wait, who’s going to run merch?” I asked suddenly becoming more comfortable with him.
“I will!” Bayleigh offered standing up.
“Gates are open!” An employee yelled into a megaphone.
“Bayleigh and I are gonna go watch a movie then be on the Monster stage for Silent’s performance at 1:30,” Jack said grabbing Bay’s hand.
Her face went full blown red as I winked at her.
“Bye!” Alex waved then turned back to me, “Your first concert is going to be great!
I stood in a crowd of people singing and jumping to the beat of my best friend’s music.
“I’ve never seen the crowd react to their songs! This is amazing!” I yelled so Alex could hear me.
He nodded, “The people love them! They’re really fun too!”
We continued jumping to the beat.
“Grab my hand!” Alex stopped jumping all of a sudden.
“Just trust me! We’re going to get to the barricade!” A smile formed on his face.
I grabbed his hand, trusting him fully. He guided me elbowing people keeping his head down so they didn’t notice who he was. I started to get even more sweaty than I was as I bumped into uncovered arms and arm pits.
“Here we are!” Alex’s eyes lit up as we got slammed into the barricade every so often.
Our hands were still connected as we jumped in sync singing the lyrics.
“Thank you Seattle!” Miranda yelled into the microphone.
“Go to our merch tent and support us!” Delaney quickly spoke in her shy nature.
“Our merch girl isn’t there as she’s in the crowd!” Miranda laughed.
“After eight years of being a band she finally sees us!” Kennedy laughed shaming me.
The crowd laughed along.
“Thank you again!” Miranda waved walking off stage as Bayleigh and Delaney threw a few guitar picks into the crowd before waving and walking off.
I disconnected my hand from Alex’s taking off my sweatshirt. There’s no way that I was going to wear that in 70 degree weather. I threw it in front of the barricade not caring if I would lose it.
“Where’s the next performance at?” I asked as kids were hurrying to their next destination.
“Sleeping with Sirens is actually performing here then it’s us, so we have to leave in the middle of the performance and watch side stage.” He explained.
I nodded, “Who knew concerts could be so fun!”
“Uh everyone?” He laughed.
I slapped his arm playfully, “Shut up! My childhood sucked, remember?”
He laughed, “Have you listened to Sleeping With Sirens before?”
“Oh geez. Bayleigh had me sleepover and blared all of their albums saying, and I quote, ‘This band is full of sex gods and you cannot deny it’” I rolled my eyes smiling.
“Yep, that’s Bayleigh for you,” He laughed.
The area instantly filled with hundreds of people a few minutes before SWS came on. I recognized the song Low after the chorus came. I jumped even if my legs were sore and pushed my hair out of my sweaty face.
“Has anyone ever been in a shitty relationship?” Kellin asked the people in front of him.
Almost everyone in the crowd cheered except for me.
“Really? Well this is for the dick heads that hurt every single one of you!”
The crowd went wild as the opening riff for If You Can’t Hang began to play loudly. I couldn’t really relate to this song but it was still one of my favorites.
“It’s time to watch side stage,” Alex whispered in my ear making me shiver.
I nodded as he grabbed my hand leading me out of the crowd and lead me to the back of the stage.
“You won’t be alone, Bayleigh will be by you the whole time.”
I nodded, “Are you performing Weightless?” I had to ask, it was my favorite song by them, mostly because it was the first one I heard.
“Yeah, why?” He asked as we stepped up the stairs.
“It it was just the first song I heard by you guys,” I mumbled quietly.
He turned around, “Then yes we are definitely going to play it,” he looked into my eyes.
I felt my face heat up as I smiled, “Yay!”


Lindsay is the one writing Alex's point of view!
I can't add her to the author section cause she doesn't have an account on here, but I'll credit her whenever she helps with a chapter c:
This is meant to be a fluffy story, I might add some drama ((I actually just got a really good idea))
It might be cliche ((no Alex will NOT get amnesia, neither will Lindsay))


We'll update soon! Sorry for the wait c:
omnommilk omnommilk