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Leaving Me Breathless

Chapter Two

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" Bayleigh ran down the aisle between the bunks screaming those two words over and over again.
Kennedy reached out her arm and dead legged Bayleigh making her fall to the ground.
"We're up," Kennedy grumbled.
"Well we find out when we're performing in thirty minutes!"
"Wha- OW!" You could hear Miranda hit her head as she sat up. "We need to go!" She whiped back her curtain.
"Why do you think I was waking you guys up?" Bayleigh mumbled walking to the kitchen part of the bus.
I rolled out of my bunk and walked into the bathroom before anyone else could. I showered last night so I just attempted to fix my hair and pulled on my outfit of the day.
"It's hot out. Are you sure you want to wear a hoodie?" Delaney immediatly pointed out my hoodie.
I shrugged, "It's zip up. I'll have a breeze."
I sat in the kitchen area with Bayleigh eating Oops! All Berries Capn Crunch cereal waiting for everyone to get ready.
"Excited to see Jack?" I teased her.
Her face turned a light shade of red, "Shuddup."
I laughed to myself as her face lit up when her phone went off.
"Is that Jack?" My smile grew wider as her face got an even darker shade of red.
"Maybe." She mumbled quickly replying.
"Let's get this show on the road!" Miranda was last to finish getting ready as always.
We all migrated out of the bus and into the main office.
"Ah! Silent Wishes, good to see you!" Mark greeted us with a wide smile, shaking every one of our hands.
"Who's this?" He stopped at me.
"Oh that's Lindsay. She's our merch girl," Miranda smiled explaining why I was here.
"Welcome Lindsay!" He shook my hand with an even wider smile, "I need to talk to the band about some things so why don't you go set up?"
I nodded and hurried out of the office. The tent was already set up, thank god, so I pulled some shirts, bracelets, phone cases, and shorts out of boxes.
"Silent Wishes is playing?" A raspy voice asked surprised.
I turned around to be greeted with an Alex Gaskart and Jack Barakat.
"Yeah, they're talking to Mark right now. I'm pretty sure they're gonna hang out over here afterwards if you guys want to chill," I kept my cool as I witnessed Jack's skunk hair and Alex's biceps in person. Keep calm. I had to keep reminding myself.
"We can help set up!" Jack cheered jumping over the table grabbing shirts and hanging them.
"Yes!" Alex followed Jack's actions and also jumped over the table grabbing shorts.
"Uhm?" I stood dumbfounded at how they made themselves at home.
"Can we help sell shirts if we're not performing?" Alex asked with a wide smile.
I nodded, "Su- sure!"
I turned around to see a pantless Jack trying to find a pair of shorts.
"What are you doing?" I practically yelled in surprised.
He turned around holding a pair of shorts, "I want to advertise the merch!"
I smiled, "Go ahead! You'll look hot anyways!" Whoa, I've never said that to anyone before! I blushed after realizing what I said.
"What's your name anyways?" Alex asked as I went to put a bucket of bracelets in front of me.


Woo! Update!
I hope I woke Lindsay up from her nap.
I'm hungry and I'm going tanning so yeah!
She's never been on tour before so that's why she's sort of flustered around Jack and Alex.


We'll update soon! Sorry for the wait c:
omnommilk omnommilk