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Leaving Me Breathless

Chapter One

The sun beat down on my back as I stood in line for the Raging Bull with three of my best friends. Bayleigh and Kennedy were playing Patty Cake while Miranda was texting Nick leaving me alone with my thoughts. The line slowly inched forward as another coaster was sent off.
Just give me a reason. Just a little bit's
"Now is not the time," Miranda groaned checking who was calling. Her eyes widened, "Hello?
We all watched her reactions. The song wasn't Nick's ringtone and our manager said we could do whatever.
"Yes! Thank you! Two weeks?"
Okay, now we're really confused.
"Thank you so much!" Miranda squealed right as she ended the call.
It was our turn to sit down and be strapped into the coast. Bayleigh and Kennedy sat on the edge while Miranda and I sat in the middle.
"Who called?" I asked as the worker was telling us something about having a good day.
"The manager of Warped Tour!" She smiled squirming in her seat as we inched up the hill.
"What!" Bayleigh turned her attention towards Miranda, "Dude! I already bought my tickets!"
"Why would you buy tickets to a festival we didn't know we were going to or not?" Kennedy asked joining in on the conversation.
Bayleigh shrugged, "Of Mice and Men are playing and I thought I would surprise them."
"We're leaving two weeks from tod-" Miranda was cut off by all of us screaming bloody murder as we dropped down the 210 foot drop.

"First day of tour! First day of tour!" Bayleigh skipped around the tour bus carrying her bags. I sat on the stairs of the bus with Kennedy and Delaney. We watched Miranda say good bye to Nick. It's like our own personal soap opera.
"I'm going to miss you," Miranda pouted.
Nick wiped his eyes then grabbed her hands, "Text me whenever you can."
She nodded engulfing him into a hug. Both of their shoulders where shaking as they cried into each other's shoulders. Okay enough of that.
"Tyler!" Bayleigh yelled jumping onto her best friend's back. They have been roommates for three years, and best friends for ten.
"Take care of Jagk for me!" She squinted her eyes at him.
He nodded, "Jack would be mad if I killed the frog he named after himself. I know."
"Good!" She hugged him again. The three of us sat laughing at the two and how close they've become.
"Let's go!" Tarren, our manager, stood in front of the four hugging once he finished loading our bags onto the bus.
"Bye Ty-Pie!" Bayleigh waved to Tyler then stepped over us to get into the bus.
"Nick," Miranda frowned.
"Randa," he engulfed her into another hug.
"Nick, I start work in an hour. Let's go." Tyler dragged him away sending a sympathetic look to Miranda as she slowly walked onto the bus.
The three of us got up and went into the back lounge and picking out a movie. First stop, Seattle.


Wow, okay sorry if this is short.
My friend majorly pissed me off just now and I'm getting lazy.
I hope this is a good start!


We'll update soon! Sorry for the wait c:
omnommilk omnommilk