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Summer Breeze Fade Away

The Rumor

It's been three days since it happened with Vic. He was calling and texting me all the time the next day. He was asking about how I feel, and I said I just need some time. He understands. Zack was doing the same thing. He didn't stop trying to call me but I didn't answer him.

I wanted to ignore Zack and didn't want to talk to him anymore. I didn't want to hear any lies from him again. But I was still in love with him. I couldn't let myself forget about him. The other hand, there was Vic who was there for me. He said he would take care of me, but I didn't let him do that because I feet bad if I let him, since all I think about was Zack, Zack, and Zack.

I faced my day like usual. Like before I met Vic in Belgium. Like before I knew Zack was cheating on me. I went to the university and then went straight home if there was nothing to do.

Because I just spent my days inside my tiny apartment, the curiosity to check up Zack and Alanora were growing inside me. I got up slowly from my bed and walked to my study table. I opened up my laptop and I was checking Alanora's tumblr and everything. I never check my tumblr, facebook, and other social network lately since I was pretty busy with my assignments. In that time Alanora posted tons of pictures of her with the boys in their base camp, their studio, the backstage. Everything.

My heart started to ache again. I know I should have just close my laptop and doing something else, but I didn't do it. I kept scrolling and clicking other pictures. I wanted to know what she did with them, with Zack, all these time.

I found pictures of them had a vacation to a very beautiful beach on Alanora's instagram. Alanora arms wrapped around Zack and he did the same to her. I never knew they were gone on vacation together. I found the other pictures of them with the rest of the boys but in every picture Alanora always stood next to Zack. It made me more believe there was something going on between them.

I cried, again, and then slammed my laptop and got back to my bed. I was punching my pillow. That was the only thing I could do. I probably could call Alanora and confronted her, but I was afraid. I know I shouldn't be afraid of her since I wasn't the one who cheated with someone else's boyfriend.

I was about to fall asleep when I heard a knock on my front door. It was maybe just a postman and I was extremely lazy to got up from my bed. I waited for a while, thinking maybe he will slide my mail through the gap between the floor and the door. But he didn't. He kept knocking my door and I sighed, slowly got up and walked to my door. I opened the door, was about to get mad to the postman but the one who was standing in front of me is...

"Vic? W-what are you doing?"

"Checking up on you" he said and smile rose on his cheeks.

I was blushing and but I smile back at him. My face heated up when I realized that I only wear my lace tank top and a short shorts. I hid myself behind the door and it made him laughed because of my sloppiness.

"I want to ask you go out for dinner"

"Uhm I... I don't know..."

"No, please I insist! Just a casual dinner. I promise I won't ask or talk about us and... And him..." He moved closer to the door and we were just a few inches away.

I was thinking for a while, "Okay... But will you wait? I need to dress up"

"Sure. I will wait" he grinned.

I moved a step back so I can open the door and let him inside. I walked back to the center of my apartment and he followed me behind. He was wondering inside my studio apartment, while I was looking at my closet looking for clothes. Vic was standing a few feet behind me, starring at me.

"Uhm Vic, do you mind?"

"Owh, yeah sorry" he then turned around facing the wall.

It wasn't like he never saw my body. It was exposed every millimeter to him a few days ago, but I just felt a little uncomfortable for him staring at me. I immediately pulled down my short shorts, leaving my lower body with just sky blue underwear. Then I wore my mini jeans skirt fast.
I was about pulled off my lace tank top when I realized I didn't wear bra underneath that. I looked back just to make sure Vic didn't see me, and yes he still facing the wall and mumbled alone. I immediately pulled off my top and wanted to wear my bra, but again and again I feel so stupid for not preparing it before and made me searching inside my closet looking for a clean bra when my chest was bare like this.

When I was looking for it, I accidentally saw Vic through the mirror and he glanced at me back and forth through his shoulder. I stopped doing anything and then when Vic glanced back to me one more time, our eyes met each other and it felt so awkward, so I moved away my eyes from the mirror.

I finally found my clean bra and then wear it soon when I felt that Vic was walking closer to me. Right when I finished wore my raglan t-shirt; Vic was already stood right behind me. I turned around and I could see his hand tried to hold me. We were standing still without saying anything. Vic's fingers were stroking my upper arm.

"Vic... Can we go now?" I smiled and tried to ignore this odd situation between us.

Vic was stoned and he bit his lower lip while his eyes kept looking deep inside my eyes. I blinked and moved my eyes right and left. Vic sighed and he closed his eyes, before he opened it up and tried to give me his best smile.

"Yeah come, let's go!"


"No waayyy!" I laughed when he told me a silly story about him and Jaime.

"Yes but it did happen to us!"

Vic was taking me for dinner to this nice little restaurant that I've never been before. I didn't know how he found this place since I've never heard about it before.

We were talking and laughing and doing stupid faces all the time. Some people who sat next to our table kept glancing at us, probably hoping that we got out from the restaurant immediately. Vic knew how to make me laugh and made me forget about Zack. 
Vic was telling me a funny story that happened to Tony when suddenly there were two teenage girls walked and stopped near our table behind Vic. They were whispering and giggling to one another. One of them nudged their friend and pushed her to walk closer to us. I looked myself, and it made Vic turned around to see them. The two of them suddenly squeaking and jumped a little.

"Oh uhm sorry, Vic Fuentes right?" One of them who had a long brown hair encouraged herself to finally talk to Vic.

"Uhm yes I am" answered Vic as he gave her a little smile.

"Oh my God!" She scream and her friend walked closer and squeaking again.

"I'm a big fan of you!" The red hair girl told him as she shook Vic's hand. "Can you sign this please?" She opened up her backpack and took out a Pierce The Veil CD.

"Thanks! It's great to know Pierce The Veil have fans all around the world" said Vic as he got up from his chair and signed her CD.

"Are you guys having a concert in here? How can I didn't know?" Now the long brown hair girl offered him to signed her t-shirt.

"Nah I'm just having a break in here, just to see my friend" answered Vic as he glanced back at me.

"Oh!" Said the red hair girl

I could hear the sarcastic tone on her voice when Vic mentioned about me. I didn't blame her, I probably kind of did the same thing if I met my favorite band. So I was just put my head down all the time.

"Can we take a picture together?" Asked the long brown hair girl.
"Yeah sure!"

And then they alternately took picture with Vic. The red hair girl was hugging Vic tightly, while the long brown hair girl fiercely kissed Vic cheek without asking his permission. Vic didn't mad; beside he gave her a big smile. Vic was too good to his fans, and always treats them like friends instead of fans.

"Thank you so much!" Said them in union.

"Oh by the way, do you want to hang out tonight? I know a great place to chill!" The long brown hair girl eagerly wanted Vic to come with her.

"Sounds good girls, but I think I'll pass for tonight. I want to spend the rest of the night with my special friend" Vic looked at me and it made the two of the girls frowned.

"Oh okay then. Well maybe next time? You can call or text me here!" She then gave Vic a piece of paper with her number written on it. "See ya Vic!" And then they walked away and took a table not so far from us.

Vic then came back to his seat and sighed, and we both giggled thinking about what just happened.

"So you're gonna give her a call?" I teased him.

"I probably will, if there is no beautiful girl who already sitting next to me, and she can't be replaced with anyone" I blushed when he said that.

We continue eating our dinner when suddenly I heard those two girls who just talked to Vic talking about All Time Low, especially Zack.

"Damn! I can't believe Zack is going to have a baby!"

"What!? A baby!?"

"Yes! There is a rumor that the girl who recently come with All Time Low on tour is carrying Zack's seed!"

"Fuck, you mean that bitch!?"

"Yes!!! But she doesn't look like Zack's girlfriend. I mean, I remember Zack's girlfriend has a long hair and last time I remember his girlfriend is studying overseas"

"So do you mean this hooker is some kind of whore who get laid with him and now she's pregnant!?"

"Fuck that shit intense! I wonder what will happen when his girlfriend know about this news!"

"Yeah I feel bad for that girl, she seems nice and used to mention me back in twitter. Not like this stupid crazy bitch, who is now pregnant! Geez I hate her!"

And they went silent and back to their meal. In that time, my body was shaking like crazy and I can hardly breathe. My chest was aching, it felt like something just sliced it open and poured it with lemon juice. My face was heating up and my teeth kept clenching. I bit my lips so hard until it bleed because I could taste the blood but I didn't feel a thing. For some moment my body was numb and hurt at the same time.

Vic was also stoned and he didn't know what to do. He didn't know how to react. I saw his hands tried to reach me but then he pulled it back. He also a little shocked when he heard about Zack.

"Dana..." He whispered.

Right when Vic said my name, the two girls turned around and they nudging to one another, realizing that I was the girl they were pity about.

I got up from my chair and grabbed my bag, and then walked away from the restaurant in a rush. Vic was calling me and tried to follow me but he realized he had to pay for their meal, so he dropped some money on the table before running to catch me. I was running as fast as I could without any direction. I didn't know where I am right now and I just wanted to be in my apartment. So I kept running while Vic was chasing me behind.

"Danarra please wait!"

I ran but Vic was faster than me. He then grabbed my arm and forced me to stop. I was struggling to made him released my arm, but he was firm and hugged me instead.

"Let me go! Let me go Vic!" I was punching his chest but that him hugged me more tightly.

"I won't let you go, Dana! Will never let you go!"

I struggled from his arms but he kept wrapping me on his chest. All the toughness inside me was suddenly gone. I felt weak and miserable, and I burst into tears. I was crying on Vic's chest.

"Why Vic!? How can Zack did that to me!? When I thought I can forget about it and then that shit come!"

I was sobbing when I talk. I felt dizzy and my breath was out of control. I even thought that I would pass out in no time.

"Danarra ssttt... Stop it stop it Dana!" Vic cupped my cheeks with his two hands as I kept blubbering. "Just forget about him! Look at me, I'm here Dana! I can make you happy. He doesn't deserve you. Just forget him, Dana! I mean it this time. Just leave him!"

I sobbed and out of words. I just starring at him with blank eyes, didn't know what to answered.

"You're the reason I'm here. I was lie when I said I'm in vacation. I come here just to see you. I want to let you know that Zack is not good enough for you. I'm here, Danarra! I'll always be there for you, and I'll never do things like Zack did to you!"

Vic looked at me with sincere eyes. I knew he really meant it when he said all those words. I could tell that he wasn't lie to me.

"Please let me make you happy... Let me be the one for you..." And he went silent.

"Y-you p-promise?" I asked and he nodded.

I didn't say any word, but then I hugged him back. I hugged him as he hugged me back and he kept kissing my temple.

"I love you Danarra..."


Theme song: Jacob Artist - Let Me Love You

Updated June 25th, 2013

Another chapter. Look what Zack did to her best friend! Do you guys believe Zack really can do that to her, or it was just another gossip? Let me hear you folks :D



hehehehehe :D (that's all I can say right now) hehehehehe :D I'll bring Zack back to the scene ASAP and let's see what will happen hehehehehe :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Part of me wishes it was all a lie and she would go back to zack but on the other hand it's like what if it is true... then she should be with vic...DAMN YOU BRAIN MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! (FACE PALM)
all_time_paige all_time_paige
haha we got Team Vic already :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Omg, she should choose Vic, cause Vic is caring and he truely loves!!! And Zach lied to her... ♥♥
Shadow_Angel Shadow_Angel
thank you so much ♥
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr