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Summer Breeze Fade Away

The Confusion

I woke up in the morning with Vic's arm still wrapped around my belly. His face was so close to my face and I could see him looks like a little boy when he was asleep. I kissed his forehead before I carefully moved away his arm, trying not to wake him up.

My sweatshirt still covered my upper body while the lower one was exposed, so I looked all over his hotel room to find my panties that he threw away last night. I found it messing around on a sofa, I grabbed and slipped it on and then sat on the edge of the bed.

I kept looking back and forth between the wall in front of me and Vic who still sleeping behind me. I was thinking about what happened between Vic and I last night. Did I make a right thing? I didn't know what I feel about Vic, but he surely made me feel alive and loved. He was with me when nobody is around.

Vic rolled his body and made the blanket uncovered. I got up from where I was sitting and tugging him with the blanket. I looked at him for a moment and kissed his forehead one more time before going to shower.

I got inside the bathroom and took off all of my clothes. I swiveled the knob, it was cold when it touched my skin, so I adjusted the water until it warm and I hop into the shower.

The water running from the top of my head and then ret all over my body. I closed my eyes when the warm water gave me relaxation. But the image from last night came again to my mind, and now I felt guilty for doing what I was doing with Vic. I shouldn't let my ego win over everything. My cheeks and my mouth were dodder. I'm still in love with Zack but what he did to me with Alanora was really hurting me. I was trembling when I felt a hand wrapped up my belly.

"Vic!?" I gasped and jumped a little but Vic held me closer against his body. "Y-you are awake?"

I faced the wall and my back touched his bare chest. His hands trailed my tummy and he kissed my neck. I breathe heavily and nervous but I didn't push him away. He made me turned around to face him and he could see my eyes were red from holding my tears.

"What's wrong Dana? Why are you crying again?" He cupped my cheeks, but I kept looked away.

"I... I don't know..."

"Did you regret about what happened last night?" His voice sounds hurt.

"I... I truly don't understand my own feeling right now. I... I... He... Zack... I am..."

"Ssttt... Dana... Why can't you forget about him?" He said as he brushed my bangs away from my face.

I didn't answer him. All I think right now is Zack. What about Zack? Didn't this make me cheated on him? What if Zack knew about what I did with Vic? What if he angry with me because of this? I bit my lips and shook my head trying to convinced myself that I didn't do anything wrong. Zack was the one who cheated on me in the first place. He even cheated with my my-used-to-be-called best friend.

"Is there anything wrong Dana?" Asked Vic when he saw me shook my head.

I was in silence but then I looked up at him and kissed him passionately. Vic didn't waste his time, he lingers his fingers through my hair and grabbed my lower body closer to his lower body as well. I held my breath when I could feel his already hard member rubbed against mine.

His tongue was entering my mouth and we wrestled in dominance. He then moved to my neck, suck it, bite it, and he end it up with a kiss. I looked up to the ceiling and my face was covered with warm water from the shower. Vic's touch made the already warm feeling hotter than before.

But every time his lips trailed my body, I felt guilty and made me remember the way Zack touched me. The way his big hands were caressing me. The way his soft whispered always succeed to comforting me.

My tears ran down when I couldn't take away his memory from my head. My tears got Vic's attention. He stopped kissing me and looked me in the eyes with his hands brought my hands onto his chest and squeezing it tightly.

"Just let me love you Dana. Let me wipe away those tears from your face. Give me a chance..."

"Vic... J-just kiss me! Just d-do it!"

I could see he didn't satisfied with my answer but he still giving me a little smile. He crashed back to my lips and he pinned me against the wall. The cold wall that touched my back made me shivered but it gone away when I felt Vic slowly made his way down and stopped in front of my breasts. He kissed one of them and then suck it over and over again while he pleasure the other one with his fingers. He moved to my other breast and gave it the same attention.

"Oh God!" I arched my back and moaned.

He smirked and went down to my sex. He then put one of my thighs on his shoulder and started to lick mine. I moaned and punched the wall when his tongue entering me. I looked at him and his face was buried deep between my thighs. He kept pleasure me with his hands grabbed my breasts and squeezed it tightly.

"Fuck!" I cursed when the combination triggered me to explode.

I spurt my liquid and Vic licked it off before it washed away by the water. He got back to my lips and our tongue interlocked. He looked me in the eyes giving a silence beg for me to do the same to him but I was stoned. So Vic decided to kiss me again with his hand slowly positioned his cock to my entrance. I gave him no respond either I want him to do it now or not, so Vic entering me without any code.

"Aaahhh!" I screamed and I hugged him tightly. My nails digging on his back and bit his neck hard, and he did the same to me. His moved is slow and I want more than this. "Shit Vic!"

"Tell me you want me! Tell me you need me inside of you Dana!" I didn't answer him and I felt he slowly pulled out his cock from me.

"No! Fuck me Vic, fuck me!" I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"You need more than that, Dana!" But Vic was entering me back just a couple of inches after I said those words. "Beg me Dana! Beg me! Say that you need me!"

"I need you! I need you Vic!"

"Good girl!" And he started pounding me hard.

He was smacking me and my ass kept smashing to the wall. He put up his pace and causing my breasts bouncing up and down. He cupped one of them and sucked it hard.

I was already in my limit and so did he. Our body were shaking and shivering. Both of us kept moaning and after a few bangs I finally hit my orgasm. My chest was going upside down catching some air as Vic hugged and supporting my already weak body.


We finished cleaning up ourselves and Vic let me use one of his plaid shirts since I didn't bring any clothes when I came to his hotel room last night. I sat on the edge of his bed with my arms wrapped my legs as I watch TV.

Vic was making a cup of tea and gave it to me. I took it and see that it was already added with milk. "How did you know I love milk tea?" I asked him as I sipped it.

"You mentioned it when All Time Low and my band went to a cafe after we finished at the recording studio" he smirked and took a sit next to me.

"B-but it was a few months ago..."

"Like I said, I've already watching you and remember all the things that you like"

The heat was covering my cheeks and looked away because the shy I felt when he said that. He chuckled, probably because my face was red like a boiled shrimp right now.

"Don't be shy, Dana... Look at me..." He took my teacup and put onto the table next to his bed, and he held my hands. "Dana, I really mean it. Please let me..."

His words were cut when suddenly I heard my phone buzzing. I immediately was searching for my cellphone, which accidentally dropped to the floor when we were busy with ourselves. I grabbed it and see who was calling me. I was stunned when I see Zack was the one who call me. I was starring at my cellphone and it made Vic want to know who caught my attention.

"Who is it?" Vic got up from his bed and walked closer to me who is now sitting on a chair.

"It is... It's Zack..."

Vic went quite before he scoffed and his frowned. I was pretty sure he didn't like this situation.

"Are you gonna pick it up!?" Asked him, and there was a little anger in his tone.

I didn't answer him and just starring at my cellphone screen. The buzzed stop for a couple of seconds just to buzz again a moment later. Zack didn't stop calling me but I didn't know rather I should pick it up or no. After three times of trying, Zack finally gave up and he stopped calling me. I checked my miscall box and he already calling for twenty three times after I had a fight with him last midnight. He also sent me tons of texts telling me to pick up his phone call.

"Dana!?" Vic tried to grab my hand but I walked away.

"I t-think I have to go now"


"I have class in an hour" I rushed myself grabbing my stuff and walked to the front door.

"Y-you want me to drop you off?" Asked Vic when he saw me walking inside her hotel room in a rush.

"No! You don't need to. T-thanks!" And I ran myself trough the corridor and get out from this hotel.

I went straight to my apartment after I got out from Vic's hotel room the other day. I lied to him when I said I have class. I locked myself up, and doing nothing for the rest of the day.


Theme song: Pierce The Veil - Bulletproof Love


Updated June 18th, 2013

Another new chapter :) You think Danarra is stupid or what? You think she's going to come back to Zack or no? Let me hear your thoughts, I'd love to know hehe!

Thank you so very much readers and subscribers *send you all e-cupcake*

Fasya! :D


hehehehehe :D (that's all I can say right now) hehehehehe :D I'll bring Zack back to the scene ASAP and let's see what will happen hehehehehe :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Part of me wishes it was all a lie and she would go back to zack but on the other hand it's like what if it is true... then she should be with vic...DAMN YOU BRAIN MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! (FACE PALM)
all_time_paige all_time_paige
haha we got Team Vic already :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Omg, she should choose Vic, cause Vic is caring and he truely loves!!! And Zach lied to her... ♥♥
Shadow_Angel Shadow_Angel
thank you so much ♥
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr