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Summer Breeze Fade Away

The Impingement

After I was crying like shit for a while and trying to gather my scattered souls, I rushed myself to the hotel where Vic stayed. It was so dark outside but I didn't care. I kept walking and straightforward to the 16th floor where Vic's room located.

I was waiting outside in front of the door after I pushed the bell button. I heard the sound of the bell covering Vic's hotel room and he responded as I heard his footsteps walking closer to the door. I didn't know how I end up being here in front of Vic's room. I couldn't think after Zack call me this midnight. All I need was talk to someone I know and the only person I think I could talk to is Vic.

"Dana?" He opened the door and a little shocked when he saw me standing there. "What happened? Are you okay?"

My mouth felt numb and I couldn't answer his question. Also my body was shaking and my teeth cracked making my upper teeth hitting the lower ones. I was trying to hold my tears but it was hard and my tears ran down to my cheeks.

"Geez, Dana come on in!"

I step inside and walked slowly until Vic took me to sit at the edge of his bed after he closed the door. I sat there still grabbed and squeezing my own hands, and Vic sat next to me. His big hands patted my back, tried to comfort me.

"What happened, Dana? Is everything alright?"

Vic kept asking me the same question but the tears made me hard to talk, even a little hard to breathe normally. He then moved, squat before me. He held my hands and brought it to his chin.

"Tell me Dana, are you alright?"

I finally raised my face and looked him in the eye, as I still biting my lips. He waited for me to tell him as he stroked my upper hands with his thumbs.

"It is t-true... W-what you said earlier is true, Vic! It's true!"

"What is true? What is it!?" He looked me with his warm consider eyes.

"Zack! He called me an hour ago and I could hear Alanora's voice. He's with her, Vic! Zack is with Alanora!" And I burst into tears again.

"Owhh Dana!" Vic then hugged me tight as I crying and crying on his shoulder.

"Why!? Why he did that to me? How could he do that to me?" I kept blubbering but Vic didn't answer me, but he still hugging me tightly as he stroked my back several times. "From thousand guys out there why Alanora choose Zack? Why, Vic? I thought she was my best friend. Why!? Am I that worthless? I am worthless, right?"

"Hey! Don't say that, don't you ever say that!" Vic released his hug on me and he cupped my cheeks with his two hands.

I was still crying and he wiped my tears away with his fingers. He looked me in the eyes and moved his head closer to mine so our forehead and nose touched to one another.

"You are so special, Dana. Only stupid dumb asshole person who will waste a beautiful girl like you" he said.

I shook my head and my eyes were wondering around trying to avoid eye contact with him.

"Look at me Dana! Believe me you're something. Maybe not to those people out there, screw them, but to me you're everything! You are everything to me, Dana!"

I was in shocked and it made me slowly looked him in the eye and I couldn't take my eyes off of him, as Vic did the same thing. My tears slowly gone away and I was trying to catch my breath, not because of me crying but because what Vic said to me a few seconds ago.

I didn't know what to say. I turned into stone but it didn't make Vic feel awkward, instead he kept looking me in the eyes. He slowly made his way closer to my face and he kissed my lips. It was gently and I felt the warm filled up my cheeks. I didn't know why but I didn't reject his kiss, instead I kiss him back.

Vic cupped one of my cheeks and his other hand is strangling to my neck. His fingers then wrapped on my hair, and he moved away and kissed my neck, inch-by-inch he trailed it with his soft kiss. After he reached my collarbone, he went back kissing my lips. I leaned back and laying down on his bed as he kept kissing me.

"I've been watching you since the first day I met you Dana" he said.

Our eyes connected to each other, and all I see now were Vic beautiful eyes. Eyes that showed me that he really care about me. Those eyes, which were longing for me. It's been a while since the last time I saw someone see me like Vic did to me right now.

I held my breath and it made Vic a little unsure about what he just did. I had the same thought like Vic, but tonight is the night that I feel someone needed me and I didn't want it to go. So I crash my lips to him and now his tongue swipe across trying to enter my mouth, and I let him do it. Our tongues were in each other mouth and I felt a little nervous about this.


"Ssttt... Don't say a word, Dana..." He said as he put one of his fingers in front of my mouth and then kiss me again.

My arms that a little tense and shaking slowly reduced as Vic kept stroking my arms to make me relax. I inhale exhale normally and I feel like I can now trusted Vic.

He smiled and reconnected our lips again. He then dragged himself down to my neck, my chest, and stop on my belly. I kept laying down on his bed but I raised my head a little to see what Vic doing. He peek to me and I give him a little smirk that made him slowly open up my grey sweatshirt over to my chest and stop before it uncovered my bra. He kissed the center of my tummy and moved to the side of my hips before finally get back to my lips. He kept doing the same thing, changed from my tummy, my neck, my hips, my arm, over and over again.

After a few times, Vic finally stopped and looked at me without saying anything. He just stroking my hair and rubbed my cheek, sometimes his thumb touching my lips and brought it back to his lips.

"God, Dana you are so beautiful!"

I love what he did to me now. I feel loved. The ached in my heart that I felt because of Zack was gone gradually. Vic helped me get through the hard time. Vision about Zack with Alanora in my head was fading away and now all I can think about is Vic.

When Vic stopped again and started to think, I pulled him closer by his collar and I kissed him again. I moaned at the side of my lips and it was a signal for Vic to do more than just a kiss. He got up and then pulled down my jeans. I gasped when his hand touch me over my panties. Vic immediately looked back at me and I looked back at him without giving him any hesitation.

"I've been waiting for this to happen"

He then keep doing what he was doing and stroke my sensitive part until my panties soaked wet. I got up and crash my lips back to him. Both of us sat on bed with my fingers trailing down inside his shorts and his hand cupped my clit.


Both of us kept pleasure each other’s parts and I bit his shoulder as the result of the feeling that I felt when Vic started to sneak inside my panties. I moaned and tugging myself to him. I put out my hands and wrapped around his neck while Vic still busy with my territory.

I lay back again and he then pulled off my panties. My lower body was exposed and I was shivering when the wind from the air conditioner blows and sweeping my bare skin. Vic spread opens my legs and he flicked his tongue inside me and I suddenly moaned in pleasure. I was already high so it didn't take much time until I hit my first climax. I was trying not to scream so loud, since it was still three o'clock in the morning.

"Did I make you happy, Dana?" Vic asked me as he looked at me from between my thighs. "Do you love what I did for you, Dana?"

I paused before I nodded slowly and bit my lower lip because I couldn't talk when my body was still shaking from the pleasure I've got. But suddenly I was crying. My tears kept running down my cheeks and I couldn't stop it.

"Danarra...?" Vic moved closer to my face after he saw me started to cry.

He lay down next to me with my back facing his chest. I snuggled and he brought his face closer to my ear. He whispered my name and tried to calm me down, and comforting me. He kept stroking my hair and sometimes rubbed the skin of my upper arm. My tears were still running and he hugged me while his fingers trailed my cheeks and wiped away the tears.

"It'll be okay... It'll be alright..." He whispered.

I turned around to face him and looked him in the eyes. Vic shushes me and rubbed my lips, after that he kissed me softly. I rest my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around him. Vic kept kissing my temple until I fell asleep because the tired I felt from crying.


Theme song: All Time Low - Remembering Sunday


Tadaaaaa... A new chapter is just updated. I hope you guys like it. Vic finally makes a move haha! You think Danarra should with Vic or still with Zack? Share me your thought, I wanna hear it! :D

Oh and I changed the rating to NC-17, because I don't know how to continue the chapter without inserted the scene. Hope you guys understand. Thanks before :)



hehehehehe :D (that's all I can say right now) hehehehehe :D I'll bring Zack back to the scene ASAP and let's see what will happen hehehehehe :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Part of me wishes it was all a lie and she would go back to zack but on the other hand it's like what if it is true... then she should be with vic...DAMN YOU BRAIN MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! (FACE PALM)
all_time_paige all_time_paige
haha we got Team Vic already :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Omg, she should choose Vic, cause Vic is caring and he truely loves!!! And Zach lied to her... ♥♥
Shadow_Angel Shadow_Angel
thank you so much ♥
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr