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Summer Breeze Fade Away

The Longing

It was almost 4pm and I just couldn't wait for my class to be over today. Zack texted me yesterday night saying that he would have long enough free time today, so we can do video chat before he's going back on road. Zack and the rest of All Time Low boys are on tour, that's why it was a little bit hard for Zack and I to get free time to talk to each other. Plus our time zone is killing us and makes it even harder.

The professor in my class is a bit old and talks so slow. I even saw someone who sits in front of me was already sleeping since I could hear him snore. I played with my pencil and tap it onto the desk. My right foot couldn't stop thumping the floor and my mind kept thinking about the fact that I finally can see Zack's face again after all these days.

At the time the professor said the class is done, I jumped from my chair and I accidentally hit the one who sleep in front of me and made him wake up making a weird ninja pose. I laughed and said sorry to him, before rushing out to get out from there.


I slammed my apartment door and made some necklaces and shirts that I hang on the hook behind the door fell off. I grumbled and pick it up back to the hook, and easily throwing my bag to the bed when I remember I brought my camera inside. I jumped and checking my camera hoping nothing is broken and thank God it's as good as new.

My laptop that already opens on the desk right next to the window, facing the garden in my apartment area was calling me. Well not literary but it made me going crazy because in less than an hour I'll see Zack again. I already open up my Skype camera in case Zack suddenly showed up before the time.

I sat in front of it and smile appeared on my cheek. I just insanely couldn't wait. But when I look myself in the mirror, I look dull and cover in sweat, plus my hair was a mess and look like I just got up from bed. I look to the clock and I still got time before Zack goes online. I grab my towel and rush to the bathroom.


I finished shower and get out from my bathroom just with towel all over my body. I was looking at my closet when I hear someone giggling. I look back and forth across the room and nobody was in there. Stupid and creepy thoughts came across my head when I realized the voice of the giggle sounded like...

"JACK!" I shouted and hide from the side of my bed.

Jack was giggling from across the Skype. I know he was laughing at me for walking around with only towel wrapped my body.

"Fuck it Jack! Turn it off!"

The angrier I made the more Jack burst into laughter. He love making fun of me but this was a total embarrassment. Jack was laughing so hard when suddenly he fell off the chair because someone just jumped to him. It was a little chaotic, I couldn't see it from the screen but I was pretty sure both of them were wrestling right now.

"Dana? Are you there? Geez sweetheart I'm sorry. Jack is being a dick!" Zack showed up from under the table and his hair was messing around. "Dana? Are you there?" Zack look confused when he didn't see me on screen.

I waved my hand from behind the bed. He was about to talk again when I see Jack's hand wrap his neck and drag him to the floor again. I couldn't help myself not to laugh. Not long after that Alex appeared and join them wrestling. Rian showed up and he waved his hand to me before Alex pulled his leg and made him fell off.

"It's enough!" Zack finally got up and moved away from his laptop so the boys couldn't drag him back to the floor.

The rest of the three pop their faces to the screen and calling my name.

"Danarraaa we miss you so much!" I laughed when they did that and even Jack gave a kiss through the built in camera.

"Go away guys!" Zack pushed them away and I could hear them protested before the door finally closed and Zack locked his room.

"Dana? Baby I'm really sorry. You know them, they're are such a pain in the ass" Zack got up to his laptop, picked it up, and brought it to the bed where he was laying down facing it. "Why are you hiding?"

I slowly got up and walked to my desk. I could hear Zack blow a whistle and smirk rose on his face. "Zack!" My face started to heated up.

"What!?" He raised his eyebrow like nothing is wrong.

"I'm just going to go dress up" I turned around and about to get back to my closet.

"No!" Zack suddenly shouted and made me stop and turned my face back to the screen. "I think I like what I'm seeing right now" he continued.

"Zackkkkk!" I was throwing my pillow to the web cam and he laughed so hard.

"No Dana seriously, come here" he said and I walked closer and sat in the chair on my study desk. "Ehm... D-Dana... Don't you think we should do that?"

"Do what?" I frowned not knowing what Zack means.

"You know... I've been missing you for weeks and I... And I really need you baby" and he licked his upper lip.

"Oh!" My cheeks are heating up again. "You really need me, Zack?" I said in seductive tone as I can, while rest my head on my right shoulder and stroking my own jaw line.

Zack start to gulped and smirk came across his face. I giggled and bit my finger and it caused him to turn on a little. I got up from my chair and position myself so Zack can see my full figure while I slowly took away my towel, exposing my naked body. I've never done this before but Zack said he needs me so I have to do this to please him. Zack look at me with hungry eyes and it made me smile for knowing he loves what he sees.

"Climb to bed and torturing yourself baby. I want to see you stroking your own. Do it baby!" Zack ordered me to do that and somehow I do feel enjoy when he's dominating.

I hop onto my bed, position myself so I'm facing the web cam and spread my legs as far as I can. I slowly stroke my own and suddenly I felt the jolt all over my body. I moaned as I keep stroking and pinched my nipple with my other hand.

"Say my name baby! Say it!" Zack shouted from across the web cam and I could see Zack started to remove his shirt and his jeans.

"Owwhhh Zack! Zack yesss yesss! I wish you were here baby! Owwhhh...!" I moaned like a whore but I know Zack loves when I do it.

"Oh shit baby that was hot! Wait! Take your laptop to your bed so I can get to see you closer"

I jumped off from my bed in a rush and take my laptop onto the edge of my bed. I'm back laying around naked, and pinching my nipple. Zack removed his boxer brief and leaning to his pillows while his cock was exposed. He started stroking his glamorous length after he put his laptop on his thighs.

"Moan my name baby, come to me!" He said as he stroked his own.

I put my laptop under my thigh as I spread my legs so Zack can see my spot like he wanted to. I keep rubbing it and pinching my nipples again. It felt so good but not as good as Zack's touch. I make it inside and out as I keep moaning and watch Zack stroking his own.

"Zackkk Zack! Yesss baby yesss" And I could feel my juices spurt out and I see Zack also cum and he licked his web cam pretending he was licking mine.

"Damn baby that was great! I miss you and I hope you were here with me!" Said Zack as I collapsed and tried to catch my breath.


Theme Song: Jet Lag - Simple Plan feat. Natasha Bedingfield


Just a little insert before entering the drama in the next chapter, also Vic Fuentes is coming right up. Hope you all love it. Can I get a comment or two? Thanks and much appreciate :)



hehehehehe :D (that's all I can say right now) hehehehehe :D I'll bring Zack back to the scene ASAP and let's see what will happen hehehehehe :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Part of me wishes it was all a lie and she would go back to zack but on the other hand it's like what if it is true... then she should be with vic...DAMN YOU BRAIN MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! (FACE PALM)
all_time_paige all_time_paige
haha we got Team Vic already :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Omg, she should choose Vic, cause Vic is caring and he truely loves!!! And Zach lied to her... ♥♥
Shadow_Angel Shadow_Angel
thank you so much ♥
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr