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Summer Breeze Fade Away

The Goodbye

"Our tour will be dull without you Dana! I can't joke around at you and make Zack gone mad anymore!" Jack pouted like a little boy as he holding my hands and swinging it back and fourth.

"Shut up Barakat!" Zack punched Jack on his upper arm. Jack made an awww expression and it made him stop. He released my hands so he can stroke his arm.

"We're going to miss you Dana! You already like my own sister," said Rian as he hugged me.

"I'm going to miss you too Rian" I said to him as I give him another hug.

"Only Rian? Don't you gonna miss me too Dana?" Now Alex also make a pouty face like Jack did.

"I-daaa-line..." I whisper one of my friend's names.

"Sssttt... Don't tell her I tease you or Idaline will gone mad at me" Alex is panicking as he wondering, checking Idaline who stood behind Grieco and pretty sure she doesn't hear anything about Alex teasing me.

I laughed but I also give Alex a hug. "You guys can still meet me when you visit Belgium. Beside we have the internet, right?" I glanced at Zack when I said that.

Zack face isn't amused. The fact that All Time Low probably won't be able to visit Belgium meaning we can't see each other for about two years. I don't want to stay far from Zack but I don't want to lose this good opportunity. Zack and I already made a promise that we have to support each other, that's why he let me go to Belgium even though deep in his heart he doesn't want me to leave.

My best friends, Iriana, Alanora and Idaline stood behind me. I turned around and I can see their faces look so sad. Idaline seems wanted to cry so I walked toward them and we made a group hug. Idaline burst into tears and buried her face on my shoulder. I patted her back, while Iriana kept saying to Idaline that I didn't go far and we still can communicate to each other. Alanora tried to be strong. She is wearing sunglasses so I couldn't see her but I heard she sobbed a little, so I hugged her tight.

I can hear Zack sighed from behind my back and his eyes kept rolling. He walked away a couple of feet from the group. I walk closer to him and wrapped my arms around his neck, tried to calm him.

"I'm going to miss you so bad!" I whispered on his ear and I tip toe and hugged him.

"I'm going to miss you even more!" He said as he kissed my temple. "Why do you have to go and leave me here?"

"Baby no matter where I am, I'm always be here with you" I said to him as I pointed his chest.

Zack give a very big smirk, "but there's only one place that I want you to be"

I'm confused, "and where is it?" I asked him.

Zack grinned and he looked down to the gap between him and I. I also look down still didn’t understand what he was talking about. I look back to him and now Zack give me his signature smirk and this time I get what he meant.

"Hey... Uhm... Guys, I need to go to restroom. Wait a second ok!" I said to my group of friends and they nodded.

"Want me to come with you, Dana?" Iriana offered me to go with her.

"No, it's okay. Zack will company me" I answered her as I took Zack hand and jogged a little to find a quite and empty spot.

I'm looking from one restroom to another one to find an empty one. My legs already shaking and I can feel my stomach is full with butterflies. I can't wait any longer. This is had to be happening before my flight. I finally reach the last restroom we can find as I enter it nobody is in there. I immediately pulled Zack by his t-shirt to come inside.

Zack put the big trash bin behind the door just to hold it close and he suddenly crash his lips into mine. Our lips move in dominance and I can feel his tongue is trying to enter my mouth. I let him slip in and our tongue wrestled and caused me moaned from the end of my lips. His right hand is stroking, going under, lift up my skirt and finally grabbed my ass, while his left hand is cupping my cheek and move to my neck to bring me closer to him.

He lifted me up and made me cross my legs around his hips. Our kiss is never broke until he pinned me against the wall. I put back my legs to the floor and his right hand is slipping under my skirt follow to my already wet panties. He started to stroke my clitoris as his left hand pulled down my panties, and it making me moan like crazy.

"Owhhh Zack... Aaahhh"

He inserted one finger and caused me to scream but he made me stop with his kiss, and then he inserted his second finger. I closed my eyes and look up to the ceiling while Zack keep kissing my neck and making me moan again. Zack finally inserted his third finger and I can't help myself not to moan so hard and released my cum.

"Aahhh Zackkk...! Aahhh! Oowwwh"

"Do you love it baby girl?" He asked me as he took out his fingers and put it into my mouth. I licked it and I can taste my own juice.

"Just do it Zack!"

"Not so fast baby. We still have time until your flight. I'm going to take you to Neverland. Be patience"

He slowly crawling down after he takes off my tank top as his hands sneaking to the back and come stroking my belly. Our lips reconnected and his fingers playfully released my bra and now exposing my upper body. It makes me shivering and my legs are trembling the way he started to lick, kiss, and suck my nipples, and to my belly, and to the side of my hips, and then slowly going down and buried his head under my skirt, where my panties is already being thrown away by him earlier.

I can feel his thick tongue is licking mine and the jolt inside my tummy is striking back. He kept licking my clit while his hands going up, stroking and pinching my nipples. I can't stop moaning and grabbing his hand to make him squeeze my breasts even harder. My legs are shaking again so Zack put my one of my legs to his shoulder to support me standing still.

"Yesss yesss eat me alive Zack! Owwhhhh! Ahhh!"

He chuckled and burying his face and eating me and I just need something to hold on to, so I grab his hair and it caused him to buried even deeper. One last lick and I hit another climax.

"Owwhhh! Goddammit Zack!"

I tried as hard as I can to catch my breath, but Zack already going up and kiss me again. I can feel my juice in his mouth. He then grabbed my ass and lifted me up to sit on the washing stand. The stone cold of it touch my ass and I jumped a little but Zack kiss me again and make me leaned back against the mirror. He then made his way down as he discover my whole body. He once again sucking my perky nipples, I moaned and I see he smirk while keep tugging my nipple between his teeth.

"Zack I can't wait any longer. Just fuck me already!"

"As you wish baby girl!"

He then quickly unbuttons his jeans, taking out his glamorous length and spread my legs. He position himself before me and in just second he slip it into my vag. I groaned as he pounding me hard. My whole body is tingling and I cross my legs wrapping up his hips as my right hand grab his ass and the other one tugging to his back.

"Owhh aahhh Zack harder! Faster baby!"

Zack’s face was buried into my shoulder as he groaned and bit my neck skin. It is a little hurt yet so sexy. He keep pounding me up and down and I see him is getting out of me just to get back in a moment later.

"Geez Dana you're so fucking tight!"

My breasts are bobbing upside down and it caused Zack even hungry to have me. I wrapped my legs tighter when I know Zack moves are getting sloppy.

"Don't stop baby just don't! Aahhh!"

I kiss him and wrestle my tongue inside his mouth and don't know how but Zack is back to his rhythm. He moves inside me harder and faster while sucking my nipples and I arched my back, moaned as hard as I can. Zack finally find my spot and I groaned again.

"That's it Zack! Aahhh owwhhh! Yes that's it!"

"Goddammit Dana cum to me! Scream my name!"

"Zack! Zack owwhh yesss Zack!"

He moves even faster and kept hitting my spot until I finally climax and reach my final orgasm.
We are sweating and tired. I'm kind of sure I can't move my legs or even walk. Zack face is still laying down on between my breasts, try to catch his breath as he sometimes kiss it. I chuckled and stroking his hair. I don't want this moment to be end. I want to be with Zack forever every single time.

"I love you Dana" he said as he kiss my nipple again and then move to my lips.

"I love you too Zack"

We are trying to recover ourselves when suddenly someone is trying to get inside the restroom. That person keep trying to open the door but it was useless because Zack already jammed it with that big trash bin.

"Oh shit!" I jumped off the stonewashing stand and gathered my tank top and panties.

I throw Zack's jeans and his t-shirt. He immediately put on his clothes and we stumble a bit while trying to get dressed in a hurry. That person behind the door is banging and made me more nervous. I try to make my hair right with my fingers and wash my face to get rid of the sweat that cover it.

"How do we get out!?" I whispered to Zack and he just shake his head not knowing what to do. That person banged the door one more time and this time is even louder and harder.

"Dana! Danarra are you inside?"

I heard Matt voice calling my name from behind the door. I look at Zack and he walk slowly to open the door, and I see my friends, Zack band mates and the rest of the crew are standing in front of the door.

"Dude do you really have to bang her before her flight!?" Vinny teased Zack and the rest of them were laughing.

My face is getting hotter and my cheeks feel like it was burn because of this embarrassment. I hide my face to Zack chest while he moving his hands like crazy to get rid off of our friends.

"You know what? You guys are just jealous at me because I have the most beautiful girl in the planet!" Said Zack followed by teased from the boys.

"Knock it off guys!" Iriana snap and she grab my hand to stay away from them.

Evan instantly stopped teasing Zack when he heard that Iriana is getting annoyed. As you can see before, Evan Kirkendall and my friend Iriana are lovers. Alanora and Idaline are following us, leaving Zack alone with the boys who can't stop joking around at him. I laughed when I see his face is red and don't know what to defense himself with all those words being given and asking to him.

Zack struggle to get out from the circle the boys made and he walk toward me and tapped my back after he heard the voice in the speaker said that my flight will up. I said bye to my best friends and waved at Alex, Rian, Jack and the rest of All Time Low crew. Zack took me to the entrance gate.

"I love you!" We said it in union.

"You'll be okay, right?" I asked him and he nodded slowly.

"I'll see you soon then," Zack gave me a passionate kiss before I entered the entrance to go inside and leave America.

I entered the gate and jumped in to the airplane. I was looking for my seat at the middle of the cabin and then put my bag on the top when I found it. I was comforting myself with a mini pillow and a sweater when suddenly my cellphone buzzed and made me got a glared look from an old man next to me for not turn off my phone immediately. I gave him a sorry-look and check my phone in a hurry. It was from Zack.

*I miss you already...*

I smiled and type back as fast as I can.

*I miss you too! I'll call when I get there*

And then I turned off my phone before the old man grab my phone because he was getting pissed when I'm still texting.


Theme song: Goodbye - Avril Lavigne


Hello again guys! :) I decide to put Vic Fuentes in this one, he probably won't appears until chapter 4. The drama is coming soon. If you have anything to say, opinion, or anything, I would love to hear it.



hehehehehe :D (that's all I can say right now) hehehehehe :D I'll bring Zack back to the scene ASAP and let's see what will happen hehehehehe :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Part of me wishes it was all a lie and she would go back to zack but on the other hand it's like what if it is true... then she should be with vic...DAMN YOU BRAIN MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! (FACE PALM)
all_time_paige all_time_paige
haha we got Team Vic already :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Omg, she should choose Vic, cause Vic is caring and he truely loves!!! And Zach lied to her... ♥♥
Shadow_Angel Shadow_Angel
thank you so much ♥
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr