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Highway to Nowhere

Prologue: When it all Falls Apart

Roxie’s POV

How do you know when everything’s going to fall apart?

Those moments leading up to the point of falling apart and breaking.

You feel it in your heart and everything inside hurts.

The tears are caught up inside of you but you fight to hold them back, not wanting to break down.

I choke on sobs and relive the moments of the last time I had seen him.

She had called him out on things that he had never done.

Forced things upon him, killing the spirits that lived inside him.

I saw everything she had done.

She had called him out on things that he had never done.

The shattered tears of his crashed upon the floor.

I couldn’t do anything though.

I couldn’t do anything as an eight year old.

I never realized it then, I didn’t know what to do.

There were days where I’d be cuddled into his chest as he took the beatings, shading me away
from the punches like bullets.

He was there when no one else was though.

I’m living in a present where the past comes back as nightmares.

The worst part is.

She was never a mother.

She didn’t do anything for my brother.

She was just there because we had lost everyone around us who could’ve taken care of us.

I watched him fall.

I watched the last time he walked through the front doors of the house.

I watched every waking moment of words shooting at him but I couldn't do a single damn thing.

I never did find out where he went, I’ve tried but the answers lead on a highway to nowhere.

So I sit on the front porch steps watching the cars pass by, hoping that maybe just one of them would stop.

Stop and come out to the man I once knew as my brother.

Alexander William Gaskarth.


Welcome to my new story, I hope to continue it!
Tell me how I can improve or what your thoughts on it are
Who's going to the Raleigh Future Hearts tour?
I'll be there with my badass friend who's getting Alex's pink hair done, and I'm getting purple or red hair done!
She's traveling from DC and I'm coming from strip club city
Till darkness completes us,
Sarah's Butterflies


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