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Thanks To You!

Chapter 13

It was time for the party and Zack was picking me up before we headed over. We needed to pick Jasmine up from her house afterwards before I finally got to see Jack’s house for the first time.

I was dressing myself, changing top to top before deciding on a nice dark blue button up shirt with the sleeves rolled to my elbows. I had some black skinny jeans and a pair of fresh new converses. I had just finished styling my hair before I heard a honk from out the front.

I double checked myself in the mirror before grabbing my keys and phone and walking out, locking the door behind me. I waved to Zack as he watched me walk to the car. He smiled as I opened the car door.

‘Ready to go?’ He questioned?

‘As ready as I could be.’ I replied, buckling up my seatbelt.

We drove to Jasmines and when she came out, I offered her the front seat and I jumped into the back.

‘Thank you again Alex, you didn’t have to.’ She said as we began driving away.

‘Well, it wouldn’t have been gentlemen like if I just let you sit in the back.’ I stated.

Zack pulled up to Jack’s house and it wasn’t what I was expecting. It was your simple two story house with a balcony at the front. There was one car in the driveway but that was it. I thought Zack said the party at 9 and it was 9:30.

‘Where is everyone?’ I asked as we hoped out the car.

‘Jack wanted pre-drinks. Everyone else will show up at like 10:30’ He replied as we walked into the house.

We walked in as the door was unlocked and walked in to music playing loudly. We walked to the kitchen and saw Vic, Jack, Rian and Cass in there, already having a drink.

‘Hey guys, thanks for coming.’ Jack said as he went around greeting us. He shook Zack and I’s hand before he greeted Jasmine with a kiss on the cheek and a hug. He treated us with beers before he walked back over to stand next to Vic.

We all just had a chit chat before Zack asked about Vic and Jack.

‘So how long has it been?’ He questioned.

‘Ah, nearly 2 months or something. I try to keep it at the back of my head.’ He said.

‘If you went into rehab for drinking, why are you drinking now?’ I questioned.

‘The doctor said I could have at least two drinks. This is weak stuff anyway so it doesn’t matter. I can drink a lot more.’ Vic said.

‘Ah, no. You are only having two.’ Jack stated.

‘Jack, you don’t have any control over this.’ Vic fought back.

‘But if you drink, you know what happens.’ Jack replied nicely.

‘Look Jack. Shut up. You don’t know anything.’ Vic said as he placed his beer on the counter.
I decided that this was enough and walked between them.

‘I think you both need a time out.’ I said, looking to them both.

‘I think you need to mind your own business Alex. You aren’t wanted here.’ Vic said.

‘Fine, but if you touch him, look out.’ I said quietly before walking out the room, everyone else following me.

The house was beginning to fill up and I knew hardly anyone. I tried sticking with Zack and Jasmine but I had lost them. I entered the kitchen for another drink when I saw Jack grabbing one for himself.

‘Get one for me?’ I asked as I moved next to him.

‘Sure.’ He replied as he looked up to me with a smile on his face. he moved back down and grabbed out two beers before he handed me one. He cracked open his and took a massive drink from it.

I opened mine and took a drink before I looked to him with a smile on my face.

‘How are you?’ I questioned.

‘I have been better. Things aren’t going so well.’ He replied.

‘What’s been happening?’ I asked.

‘Mum is really sick and it’s not looking good at all. They aren’t quite sure what cancer it is but they don’t think she has much time left. Oh god, I wasn't going to tell anyone. I haven't even told Vic.’ He said.

‘Oh Jack.’ I replied. I moved closer before embracing him. He returned the hug before he pulled out quickly.

‘Vic has sensed that something isn't right so he is just trying to get in my pants all the time, thinking that is a solution to everything. It just takes my mind of it, you know.’ Jack said. I mean, no, I didn't know, considering I haven't been with anyone for about 5 years.

‘Jack, you shouldn’t be with him. Look at how he makes you feel!’ I said.

‘I can’t do that, I love him.’ He replied.

‘The main question is do you love yourself?’ I asked. ‘find me when you know the answer.’

I walked off and left Jack in awe as he watched me walk. I had decided that I needed to find the toilet and on my adventure through drunken bodies and vomit, I stumbled up the stairs, avoiding passed out bodies on the way.

I walked to the first room I found and opened the door, seeing people making out on the bed before I turned away and walked to the next room. This was closet and I frowned as I closed the door once again.

As I reached the next room, the light was on and what I saw made me sick to the stomach. I also didn’t need to use the bathroom anymore. Vic was on top of a man, as they messily kissed in their drunken state, unaware of my presence.

I turned around in a hurry, leaving the door opened and raced back downstairs to find Jack. I had to tell him about his, I couldn’t let Vic hurt him again. I saw that he hadn’t moved from his previous spot.

‘Jack.’ I said as I walked up to him.

‘I still don’t have an answer to your question yet Alex.’ He replied.

‘No, okay, I know this is going to sound crazy and that it seems like I am just trying to make you mad but I swear on my life that I just saw Vic making out with another man. I don’t know who it was but..’ I said.

‘Enough Alex. I know you are just jealous and you want me but I didn’t pick you. I choose Vic and you are just going to have to accept that. I love him and he loves me. Whatever you just said didn’t happen, I don’t believe it did.’ Jack argued.

‘Fine, don’t come crying to me when Vic breaks your heart again.’ I replied before walking away.

I grabbed a beer off the counter and began to head for the door. i finally bumped into Zack and Jasmine and mentioned to them that I was going to catch a Uber home. I asked Zack to keep an eye on Jack for me because I didn’t mean what I said or did I?

I walked out and onto the street and called an uber. As I waited, I was watching all the people walk in and out of the house, going in drunk and walking out drunk. It was a state I was glad not to be in.

My Uber arrived 10 minutes after and I jumped in, realising who was driving the car.

‘Hey Josh. Didn’t know you were an Uber driver?’ I said as I smiled to him. He looked over to me and nodded.

‘Yeah, need the extra cash so driving at night is the right job.’ He replied.

‘So, how have you been?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, I have been good. How have you been?’ He asked.

‘Here and there but coping.’ I replied.

‘Okay, so where am I taking you?’ He questioned.

’45 Melbourne Street.’ I replied.

The ride home became rather awkward, running out of things to talk about. He pulled up at the front of the apartment block and smiled to me.

‘Well, here we are. That will be $20.’ He said.

‘I thought it was going to be a lot more expensive.’ I replied, handing him over the money.

‘This will go towards petrol and to Uber itself but I am not going to charge you because you are a friend.’ He said.

‘I appreciate that a lot.’ I replied.

‘See you later Alex.’ He said as I got out the car.

‘Bye Josh.’ I said as I shut the door. I walked to the apartment and unlocked the door. I walked in and walked to my bedroom straight away.

My phone went off and I looked to a message from Zack. ‘Jack had way too much to drink and passed out massively and now he is just sleeping in the corner of his living room.’ I didn’t bother replying.

My mind was so cluttered with words and feelings that the best thing for me to do was write. And that was what I did. I wrote so much down that it was starting to form some sort of song which I haven’t done in so long.

As the lyrics started to flow, the rhythm and melody started to form and I could see the song forming. After about 4 hours fiddling with my guitar and fixing lyrics here and there, I think I finally had a song formed.

As I played the tune, the words just slipped out my mouth.

Don’t you go and carry on with your life, it was a one night stand ‘til I woke up next to you, don’t you go, saying all your goodbyes, I want a one night stand just one more time with you so give me one more night with you.



I’m so glad you’re back! I love this story and was sad thinking it wasn’t coming back. Fingers crossed for Jack and his plan!

Alltimegabi Alltimegabi

Hello! I hope you are doing well! I miss this story so much!! I hope you update soon!

Alltimegabi Alltimegabi

Yay you're back! I haven't commented before (I don't think lol) but I loved the first story and this sequel! I definitely think it's worth continuing!!

Alltimegabi Alltimegabi

My mistake. Thank you very much. I should have researched it more but I wanted to get the chapter out as it was getting late!

lowtime-all lowtime-all

Hah, I knew it, stupid Jack still thinks he's in love with Vic! Why? On a side note, an Uber driver can't decide the price, its deducted from your credit card by Uber.

T-what T-what