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Thanks To You!

Chapter 12

It has been nearly a month since Jack and I almost became a couple again until he chose Vic over me and I could feel my head beginning to cover in a black mist. It was slowly flowing around my head.

Jack and I have kind of drifted a little bit. We don’t hang out as much but we are always texting, our friendship is more an online friendship. I moved departments and started working with Zack seeing as I got a promotion. So now I am earning a little more money to support Melody and I a little more.

Things between Jack and Vic have been very private lately. He has been coming into work late and leaving early and sometimes he doesn’t even show up.

I have never been in a proper relationship since Jack. I had never loved someone as much as him. I have never felt a connection like that before and haven’t since I was 17. I was hoping that he would pick me. And he didn’t.

This morning dragged on, while I was waiting for Melody to eat her breakfast. The tv creating background sound.

‘When is Mr. Jack coming back?’ She questioned. She has been wanting to see Jack for ages, she really looks up to him.

‘I don’t know sweetie. I can tell him you say hi at work today.’ I replied, looking to her.

She nodded her head as she put a spoonful of cereal in her mouth. It was scary how fast she was growing up. She placed her bowl in the sink before she grabbed her bag and started walking to the door. I put my cup in the sink and grabbed my stuff before we walked out and I drove Melody to day care.

As I pulled away from the day care centre, Melody waved at me through the glass door. I waved back before heading into work. I parked up the car and hopped out, staring at the floor below me. The colour of the pavement was pretty much how I was feeling. A faded grey.

I walked into the building and didn’t raise my head as I waited for the elevator to arrive. While I was waiting, I heard someone clear their throat behind me and when I turned, I saw Jack smiling to me.

I sighed to myself before I turned back to the elevator doors.

‘How are this morning Alex?’ He questioned as he moved next to me.

‘Tired. Didn’t sleep much last night.’ I replied, playing off my mood.

‘Melody have another nightmare?’ He asked, concerned.

‘Yeah, I am not sure what to do. I might have to do some research.’ I said.

‘Well, if you need any help, I will be there!’ Jack assured me. I smiled and nodded my head before a silence fell upon us. The door dung, opening as people started to leave. It was just the two of us in the elevator and as the door closed, my whole body tensed up.

‘Vic and I are having a barbeque dinner tonight and we have some friends coming over and I thought that maybe you could join us. Zack and Rian will be there.’ He said to break the silence.

‘I have to look after Melody.’ I replied, getting out of it.

‘Couldn’t your mum look after her tonight? I haven’t hung out with you in ages and I miss it.’ He said.

‘I have to think about it. I’ll let you know at lunch. Oh, and Melody misses you and says hi.’ I replied. The doors opened and I walked out. I didn’t look back as I heard Jack sigh to himself.

I walked into my office before I sat down at my little desk. I pulled out all my papers and fixed the pens on my desk before realising that I had at least two meetings with Jack and the board to talk ideas for the company.

I had to draw a new design for the company logo and retouch the website before finding a good advertising strategy to bring customers to the company.

I was getting ready for my first meeting when Zack walked into my office. We were both assigned to the projects so we have been hanging out a lot.

‘Hey man. Ready for the meeting. I am thinking we should really do the logo first then talk about the website. Your ideas are really great and I know they will all love them.’ Zack said, he was never one to really talk so much.

‘Are you nervous? You just spoke so much.’ I replied as I looked up to him. He laughed and shook his head.

‘No, okay maybe a little. Plus, we will be talking in front of Jack and we all know what he is like, never serious.’ He replied.

‘I see your point.’ I said. I grabbed the papers off my desk and stood up before walking to the meeting room with Zack by my side.

We arrived a bit earlier, so we could hand out some little notes for everyone to look over while we presented. Zack set up the laptop and connected it to the projector. We were ready and as we were chatting at the front of the room, people began to walk in and make themselves comfortable at the table. Jack was yet to walk in.

The noise in the room settled down as soon as it got to 9 o’clock and all the attention was on Zack and me.

‘Hum, good morning everyone. Thank you for coming in this morning. Okay so in front of you is just a little run down of all the changers Zack and I have come up with to revamp the website and the logo. Mr Barakat informed me that it needed a new look to try and draw in new customers.’ I explained.

‘As you can see, we changed the colour and the shape of the letters as well as the size. The GB, G being a dark shade of blue and the G being a black, becoming bigger than the Global. We have decided to go with a basic looking sphere, the outlines of the shape showing. The words have been moved over the sphere. We made the sphere blue also.’ Zack explained as he pointed to the picture on the screen.

‘If you flip the page over, you can see a graph that shows the downfall of the company. We need to find ways in which we can create a way to bring people to us. But let’s not get into that much as we have another meeting about it later today. What people look for first is a website most of the time. as the world is evolving, we need to be evolving with it. Our website needs to capture people’s eyes.’ I said.

‘As you can see here, we have changed most of the layout. The colours have been changed to much the logo but it also includes bright colours so it draws people’s attention to it. We need to add pictures and create a slogan to go along with the website, to stop people from just looking at us for less than a second.’

‘We need to keep their attention and make it as if they can trust us with any issues. We need…’ I was interrupted by Jack walking into the office, tucking his shirt in as he did.

‘Sorry I am late.’ He said as he took a seat.

‘That’s fine, anyway. As I was saying, we need to keep the attention of our audience. We need to pass us on to others, we need to be the number one googled company. And to start that, we need to upgrade the website.’ I spoke. As I turned my head to Zack, I saw Vic walk past the office, hair messy and red faced.

I zoned out for the rest of the meeting as Zack talk about the changes and what should happen. Our ideas look like they might become reality.

‘Zack, Alex. This is brilliant. I will need you guys to talk to the IT department so they can start on this ASAP. I think I will come to you for creative ideas.’ The boss said. He walked out and Jack walked up to us.

‘You guys did amazingly. Sorry I was late, had to do some paperwork and lost track of time.; Jack tried to pay off.

‘Oh, of course. It’s fine. We completely understand. Don’t sweat it.’ I said, smiling nicely to him.

‘Well, I will see you tonight. I have to go home early today.’ Jack said, nodding to us before turning his back.

‘We will see you tonight!’ Zack said before looking to me.

‘You really don’t expect me to go tonight, do you?’ I asked.

‘I mean, yes. This will be our first night out together in for ages.’ Zack said.

‘So, is Jasmine coming tonight? Because if she is, I guess I can come.’ I questioned.

‘Yeah, she will be joining us. I need you to help me pick out a ring soon. I have the date and plan all set out.’ He said as he placed the papers in a pile on the far end of the table.

‘How about we go have a look tomorrow. That way you have it ready and you can try and relax.’ I said. we collected everything before we walked out and headed to our offices to collect lunch.



I’m so glad you’re back! I love this story and was sad thinking it wasn’t coming back. Fingers crossed for Jack and his plan!

Alltimegabi Alltimegabi

Hello! I hope you are doing well! I miss this story so much!! I hope you update soon!

Alltimegabi Alltimegabi

Yay you're back! I haven't commented before (I don't think lol) but I loved the first story and this sequel! I definitely think it's worth continuing!!

Alltimegabi Alltimegabi

My mistake. Thank you very much. I should have researched it more but I wanted to get the chapter out as it was getting late!

lowtime-all lowtime-all

Hah, I knew it, stupid Jack still thinks he's in love with Vic! Why? On a side note, an Uber driver can't decide the price, its deducted from your credit card by Uber.

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