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Thanks To You!

Chapter 1

*Alex’s P.O.V*

‘Melody, stop yelling. I am right here!’ I said to my daughter of 4 years. She looked up at me with an apologetic look and smiled softly.

‘I’m sorry daddy.’ She said, before hugging my leg. I bent down and picked her up and put her on my waist. She looked at me with sweet, big brown eyes. She closed them before leaning into my shoulder, resting her head on it.

I walked us to our room, my single room in America. Mum and I moved here once Melody was born. The mother of my gorgeous little girl, didn’t exactly want to be in the picture at all, seeing as we were both drunk and I messed up big time after leaving 7 years ago. 16-year-old me would have been better off staying in America.

After leaving America, I moved back to England and lived with my mother. My father, and step father both left us because of my mother’s drinking and my old ways. I was becoming a drug addict but luckily, I had got myself out of the situation when I found out Lisa, the girl who I slept with, told me she was pregnant and I was having the baby.

My mother, came to America for one reason only, to get over the alcohol. It was a very hard process to see her go through. There were times when Melody would cry and she would get so angry because she was so irritated and craving a drink she walked out.

I don’t have a job yet, I am hoping to hear back from a couple of big companies and a few smaller shops so that I can move out of home and move Melody and I into a nice apartment somewhere in the city. Hopefully close to a day care centre and work.

I have to admit, as soon as I left that room at Florey College, I had to stop myself from crying. It hurt so much to leave Jack and as much as I say that I wish I had stayed; I really don’t regret leaving. It had to be done. I do miss him on occasions but I think he is so much happier with his new boyfriend but I never really saw that coming... Of course, I have looked over his Instagram and Facebook, I was curious. He became what he wanted to. He succeeded in life and I am so happy that he did.

I put Melody on the bed and kissed her head before she snuggled into the pillow and blanket more. I smiled down to my angel before turning the night light on and turning the main light off. I semi closed the door and walked back down stairs where I went to check my emails.

Class of 08 – Reunion time.
Dear Mr Alex Gaskarth,

During the last year, we have been looking around and finding everyone’s email addresses so we could inform all of you that on the 17th of this month, we will be having a class reunion back at the school campus. You are more than welcome to bring a partner, but please, no children.

When: 17th February 2016
Time: 6pm onwards
Where: School auditorium.
RSVP: 10th February 2016 by emailing this email address back.

We look forward to seeing you Alex,
Joshua Jenkins, organizer.

I smiled and replied, saying that I was going to go and hopefully, Mum will watch Melody for me. I really do need a good night out.

*Jack’s P.O.V*

‘Honey, look. We have been invited back to school for a reunion.’ I said as I read from my laptop. I looked over my shoulder to see the man that I was so in love with walk into the room.

‘Oh, are you going to go?’ He replied.

‘Of course and you are coming with me. I wouldn’t have it any other way than having the pleasure to go with you.’ I said. He leaned over and kissed my lips sweetly.

‘I love you.’ He said.

‘I love you too darling.’ I said, looking into his brown eyes.

‘Well, I have work early tomorrow. I think I’m going to head to bed. Don’t stay up too long. The bed will get cold without in it.’ He said, smiling to me as he began to walk up the stairs.

‘Babe, I won’t be that long. Let me just reply to the message.’ I said as I watched him walk up the stairs.

Once he was out of sight, I turned back to the laptop and replied to the message. My mind drifted to when I was at school. I was 16 at the time when my heart got ripped out of my chest. But I guess, it was for the best. I wouldn’t have found the most perfect guy who was always right there. I didn’t see it all that time but once I did, it was the best time of my life.

I graduated and was valedictorian, speaking on behalf of the student body. I got perfect grades, allowing me to go to a law school and finally becoming a big time attorney. I have fought so many cases and have only lost about five. I work very hard to make my life a success and it is slowly starting to go my way.

I moved out of home once I had enough money to buy a house. My sweet boyfriend of nearly three years, helps me out with the mortgage and he is a great chef, so the food is always delicious. I was thinking about maybe popping the question soon but I am not too sure at the moment, I still am a bit cautious about things.

I still think about Alex to this day, I still have the picture of us in the forest. I really miss that place, I mean, I could go there and sit but I’d either look like a creep or in reality, I am at work. I go through his Instagram from time to time, seeing him with his little girl. It makes me start to wonder if he is with a girl, or still with that Lisa girl. I don’t know and I don’t know why I care. He is hardly in my thoughts.

Dear Josh,

I would like to conform my attendance to the reunion and I would like to add a plus one.
I look forward to seeing you again, I’m very excited and so is my date.

See you on the 17th,
Jack Barakat.

I replied and closed my laptop, getting up from the table, I turned the light off on my way to the stairs.

I saw a glow from my room and slowly walked to the door, making me look through the crack of the door, to see him fast asleep playing some music on the tv. I got changed, taking off my clothes, before hoping into bed, bringing my man closer to my chest. His hair was in his face and I couldn’t help but admire how adorable he looked. I kissed his head and got comfortable before turning off the tv.

‘Goodnight love.’ I said before closing my eyes to sleep.


So, I kind of went straight into things here... But we have a sequal!!

Who do you think Jack is dating?


I’m so glad you’re back! I love this story and was sad thinking it wasn’t coming back. Fingers crossed for Jack and his plan!

Alltimegabi Alltimegabi

Hello! I hope you are doing well! I miss this story so much!! I hope you update soon!

Alltimegabi Alltimegabi

Yay you're back! I haven't commented before (I don't think lol) but I loved the first story and this sequel! I definitely think it's worth continuing!!

Alltimegabi Alltimegabi

My mistake. Thank you very much. I should have researched it more but I wanted to get the chapter out as it was getting late!

lowtime-all lowtime-all

Hah, I knew it, stupid Jack still thinks he's in love with Vic! Why? On a side note, an Uber driver can't decide the price, its deducted from your credit card by Uber.

T-what T-what