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Senior Year, Biscuits and Alex Gaskarth As Told By Nelissa Brown

Jealousy, Mix Ups, Pens and Gaskarth

I am completely and utterly jealous of Cassadee Pope. It burns like a thousand suns. She's smart, funny and beautiful. Being beautiful isn't easy when you have as many freckles as her. Plus, she's nice to everyone. She's even being kind of nice to sweet Rian now. And she hates him with a passion on the basis of him accidentally feeling her right tit when he was in freshmen year.

Now it's not like I'm best buds with Cass. I'm not even her friend. We're acquaintances. But it's obvious that she's completely clueless. That girl could have her own army, so many people like her. She has everyone and their next door neighbour eating out of the palm of her hand. Wake up, girl.

I watch her as she scribbled down furiously in her note book. Now she isn't perfect. She works way too hard. If she doesn't I think her mother would string her up on a street light. My mother on the other hand is lucky if I even manage to scrape a B. A star student I am not.

"Nel!" B sang in my ear. Short for Becky if you're feeling brave. Rebecca if you're feeling suicidal. "Nel!" she repeated. I looked up and went back to my doodle. "Nelissa!" she hissed sang, a fairly amusing sound.

"What?" I eventually asked. I was being quiet. I don't know why. Mr Shuttle was far too interested in his boyfriend Pythagorus to pay me any attention.

"When's lesson over?" she asked, twirling her jet black hair around her pinky finger.

"We've been here ten minutes." I said and she looked at me like I was stupid. "Forty minutes." I added.

"Ugh!" she groaned loudly and very exaggeratedly.

"I'm bored, Nel." she complained. I nodded and carried on doodling in my book. "Listen to me complain." she huffed.
Then she took the pen I was doodling with and snatched it away. Without breaking eye contact from me or even stopping the nasal whining that had started to emit from her she threw the pen into the sea of badly dressed seniors, hitting Alex Gaskarth right in the back of the head.

"Nelissa Brown!" B exclaimed rather loudly just as Zack, Alex and Rian turned around in their seats. Oh dear.

Zack whispered something to Rian who whispered something to Alex. Then Alex took my pen and launched it forwards, hitting Mr Shuttle. Mr Shuttle picked up the pen from where it had bounced at his feet and gave it a dirty look. "Who's is this?" he asked the room. Nobody said anything. "Well?" he urged.

"Um." I muttered and reluctantly raised my hand.

"Wait outside for the remainder of the lesson." he snapped.

"But there's over thirty minutes left!" I exclaimed.

"Out." he snapped. I sighed and got up. I grabbed my things and made my way to the table where Alex and his friends were sitting. I bent down in front of them and picked up my pen. I obviously didn't think this through. When I reappeared they were whispering about my ass. I tried I walk away and out of the room with as much dignity I could muster. That apparently isn't a lot because I fell over B's table leg and went flying.

I heard laughter all around the room. With red cheeks I got to my feet and hurried out of the class. Why now? I've just completely embarrassed myself. Its not something that happens every day. I've been found guilty for a crime I didn't commit, gotten on Alex Gaskarth's naughty list and I think my head is bleeding. That only happens every other week.

I leant up against the wall and sighed dramatically. Looks like I'll have to play how many bricks make a wall again. But as I reached twenty the door opened. Much to my dismay it wasn't Mr Shuttle apologising and offering me a place back in his classroom. It was Alex.

"Expecting someone else?" he asked lightly.

"No." I muttered.

"So you were expecting me?"

"No." I repeated, making him smile.

I ignored him and decided to sit down on the floor. But he copied me. He sat closer to me. I moved away. We were almost touching, only an elbow away. I looked at him and realised he is in fact a rather good looking and dashing guy. He looked at me and probably realised that my hair does in fact look like a bird nest. Then I poked him in the cheek.

"What are you doing?" he asked like I was insane.

"Sorry." I blushed and realised my finger was still lightly pressing his cheek. I quickly removed it and shuffled away from him.

"Why do you keep trying to hurt me?" Alex asked me quite seriously.

"I didn't throw the pen! It was Rebecca!" I defended.

"Hmm..." he murmured in disbelief.

"And poking you just sort of happened, okay?"

"Okay." he shrugged.

"And you got me sent out! I've never been sent out before, you know. It'll probably go on my permanent record."

"I doubt it." Alex laughed lightly.

"You're such a... Fuck Nugget!" I exclaimed, it being the first thing that came into my head.

"I'm a fuck nugget?" he asked, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

"Yes!" I said rather proudly. Alex was laughing at me.

I decided to ignore this too and reached into my bag. I pulled out a pack of biscuits and set them down on the floor. I started to eat and Alex stopped laughing to look at me like I was completely crazy again.

"Why are you eating biscuits?" he asked.

"Why not? They're from Germany. My dad sends me over two packs every two weeks." I explained. I felt the need to add the last bit. I don't know why. "Do you want one?" I felt the need to ask, hoping he'd say no.

"Thanks," Alex said, taking three. Three! "These are amazing!" he declared. I watched as he devoured them and took two more. They're only plain German digestives.

"Haven't you ever had them before?" I asked.

"Duh, of course I have. Just not these type of biscuits." he replied. Alex lives in a nice house, I remember from his tenth birthday party. His dad has a good job. Alex is probably used to more than a plain digestive biscuit. He probably has ones with chocolate on them. Fancy.

I got out the book I brought yesterday. I started reading but saw Alex leaning down to read the title. "How to win your man," he snorted. "Girls don't actually read this rubbish, do they?"

"Obviously. Am I not a girl?" I asked.

"I think you are." Oh, he's ever so charming.

"It's interesting." I told him.

"Let me see," he said and snatched it away. "This is rubbish. This entire book basically tells you to not be yourself. But when you bag the guy he's going to want the person you pretended to be. So it's not going to last. You'll either break up or have a breakdown," Alex explained. "And just a tip, no guys like when you put that tar on your lips. How are we supposed to make out?"

"What are you doing out here?" I asked.

"I came to visit you. I said I needed the bathroom," he told me. "Anyway, have fun out here. I'm going back. You should burn your book." Alex smiled widely at me before he stole a few biscuits and bid me farewell.

I threw the book down and frowned. Stupid jerk.


Hey! This is something new I'm putting up. Let me know what you think! What's your face line in this? Do you want more? xo


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