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The Morticians Daughter Black Veil Brides

Chapter 2

“Alex! Bear! Hurry up!” I call from in the kitchen. I pull his Ravens jersey back on my shoulder. Damn boy taking forever to pack. I guess its understandable, He’s getting ready to go on tour in Europe and Asia. Plus my fashion-forward boyfriend can’t ever seem to be able to fit everything he needs. Matt and I have joked about how we should start buying hairspray in bulk then just pack a suitcase of the stuff for Alex and Jack.
I can hear him run down the stairs and into the kitchen, I stand facing away from him making sandwiches for him and the guys. That is assuming that Jack being who he is won’t be able to stay away from our boyfriend. Might as well be both of ours the pictures circulating the internet ‘Jalex caught in the act!’ Alex wraps his arms around my stomach.
“Hey Beautiful.” I feel his warm lips press against my neck. I wrap my arms around myself resting mine on top of his.
“Hey Handsome.” I smile and crane my neck around to look at him. He leans in and pecks my lips “You ready to go to Europe?” I fake a smile.
“I think I’m good. But I’m considering just forgetting something important and make you come over an give it to me in person.” He smiles and laughs a little devilishly.
“Mmmmmmm I think I’ll pass on that one. I’ll check your bags for you.” I run my fingers through his hair on the back of his hand.
“I love you.” He whispers into my neck
“I love you more.” I smile to myself
“I love you most.” He chuckles
“Forever and Always.” I turn to look at him
“ ‘Till Death do us part.” His smile softens.
“I love it when you say that.” I sigh and reach forward to take his hand loosely in mine. He frowns and looks down at our hands.
“Are you absolutely sure you don’t want to come with us?” I sigh and run my finger along the lines of his rose tattoo.
“I have to stay here. My brother needs a place to stay for a week. Maybe we can see about me meeting you guys in Germany, but I can’t promise you love.” I sigh because I really wanted to go with him and I hate telling him no like this. “But I promise we’ll call every day and Skype as often as we can.” I turn to look up at him
“If you spend a night in a hotel we can set up our laptops and we can fall asleep together through video chat.” I take my hand from the back of his and move it up to his cheek “Remember? Like when I lived with my mom while I was in college and we’d do that?” He sighs and nods
“You’re right. And we’ll do it every night if I can. Even on the bus. I don’t care if I keep the guys awake.” I step forward and hug him tightly.
“Just don’t let your boyfriend get too jealous.” I laugh into his shoulder.
“Eh Jack’ll live.” He smiles down at me and pushes my hair back. I get on my toes for another kiss. His hand rests on the small of my back holding me close to him. I curl my fingers into his chest. I hold it, and he holds me. His touches make me feel safe. Like nothing bad could ever happen in this world. Not as long as he was there to keep me strong.
“Just promise me one thing…” I say as soon as he pulls from our kiss away for a breath “… Avoid doing that with Jack.” I smirk, He chuckles and shakes his head. He grabs my hips and pulls me back against the counter so my entire body presses against his.
“You really don’t have to worry about that.” He grins, I cock my head to the side.
“I don’t know, some of your fans seem convinced Jalex is more legitimate then Halex.” I raise my eyebrows teasingly.
“I guess my fans have been mislead in their view of mine and Jacks relationship.” He beams down at me and pulls my lips back up to his.
“I guess so.” I blush, His hands slide to my hips and run up my figure into the shirt until his hands reach my waist. I chew on the inside of my lip and look up at him trying to keep my facial expression soft. I get on my toes to kiss him again. He holds it for a moment then yanks himself away pulling the jersey over my head swiftly. He turns and runs down the hall to the stairs
“HEY!” I call, running after him.
“NO! MINE!” He shouts back at me as he sprints up the stairs. I follow him close behind, and he runs into our music room. Where we keep our guitars. Well, my two guitars and his guitars. I run in and pounce at him. I manage to wrap my legs around his hips and hold onto his back.
“You just got yourself into a terrible position.” He laughs and runs back out of the room into our bedroom sprinting to the bed. I laugh loudly clutching onto his back as tightly as I can, he jumps at the bed and aims for me to land first.
“OOF” I laugh as he falls on top of me. I let go of him, He throws the jersey by his suitcase. I smile a bit “Just going to steal my clothes and pin me down?” He rolls over and looks at me.
“What are you suggesting?” He smiles at me devilishly. I laugh and roll over to straddle him.
“Don’t play dumb.” I laugh and lean down to kiss him. His hands slide up my legs to my thighs.


I lay across his chest my forehead in the nape of his neck, his finger runs circles on my bare back, I close my eyes relaxed enjoying being so close to him, at least one last time before he has to leave.
“You shouldn’t have done that Hanna.” Alex laments, “I really don’t want to leave right now.” I smile and bite my lip leaning in for another soft kiss trying to change his expression from grief.
“We both know you don’t mean that. Your fans are too important to you.” I smirk. He smiles at me and hugs my waist
“You’re right of course.” He forces another smile and takes a deep breath. “But I want to try and beg you to come with me again.” I groan and lay my head back on his chest.
“You’ll be away from me for a month. And I’ll come see you.” I smile abit allowing him the compromise he’d been working to try to get me to agree to.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.” I smile and close my eyes
“I LOVE YOU BOTH BUT GET YOUR ASSES DOWN HERE!” I moan when I hear Jacks familiar voice.
“How did he get in here?” I sigh and look up at Alex who laughs.
“I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he has gotten a key made.” Alex chuckles and starts to try to get up from under me, I hold onto him tighter.
“No.” I insist, Alex snickers under me.
“Come on lets go before all our food vanishes into the black hole inside of Jacks stomach.” He pushes my hair back. I try to pull my best puppy-dog face.
“I guess I was just hoping we could use today for you and me. Just before you have to leave.” I half smile “See if we can get sick of each other before you have to leave, Just to make it a little easier watching your bus pull away.” He frowns down at me.
“I know babe. But we just have to set the child up with a movie or something and then it’ll just be you and me.” I nod and roll off his chest figuring I wont be getting much of a better response then that. Its not surprising Jack just shows up at free will butting himself into our life. I mean, he’s currently single and Alex and I are some of his best friends along with Zack and Rian.
Alex gets up out of bed walking over picking his clothes up off the floor, I get up and do the same finishing before him and leaving him to have a short second to slightly fix his hair. I take his Ravens jersey and hide it in my shirts. I walk downstairs in black skinny jeans and a Merrickan burger tee.
“Hey Kat.” I smile at Jack
“Hey future Karth.” Jack grins widely at me. I laugh, seeing the plate I had filled with sandwich slices almost completely empty, Jack holds a beer firmly in his hand.
“Making that happen is really up to Alex.” I smile and look back at Alex who is just walking into the kitchen. Behind me Jack tosses him a beer casually.
“You ready to go?” Alex looks at his friend expectantly.
“Yeah. I think so at least, but are we ever truly ready?” Jack laughs, “Its almost guaranteed someone will forget something fundamental and we’ll have to spend forty bucks on it.” Alex nods and shrugs.
“This time it’ll probably be Gaskarth here.” I smirk “He admitted it as his master plan to get me to join you guys.” Alex comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my shoulders.
“Is that really a bad thing though?” He smiles and kisses my cheek.
“Wow you guys probably have weird sex conversations.” Jack says with an unwavering blank expression watching us.
“What makes you even say that?” Alex gives him a weird look
“Personally I just think Jack gets uncomfortable when things aren’t sexual somehow.” I shrug
“Well everything here is a product of sex so how is that not sexual?” Jack frowns and throws his arms in the air sarcastically.
“How is everything in here product of sex? Did a Mama oven and a Papa oven have a little baby oven that we installed into a wall?” I smirk at Jack.
“People made it and they’re products of sex.” Jack sticks his tongue out at me. Alex groans and hits his forehead to my shoulder.
“These are the people I spend my life with.” He chuckles. I smile and raise my hand up to stroke his hair gently.


This made me cry. Thanks so much for entering!(:
SammyKay97 SammyKay97
Sammy & I just talked about it. You're fine. (:

Hey thanks for reminding me I fixed the problem .-. Hopefully no points were docked XD
Your story wasn't supposed to be any longer than four chapters, that was made clear in the rules. HOWEVER, since you have so many short chapters, I think we can let it slide. I just have to talk it over with Sammy.
On another note, I absoutely LOVED this. You almost had me tears. From the first chapter you caught my attention. Good work!! <3.
You made me cry. I listened to Mortician's while I read along. I love it.