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The Morticians Daughter Black Veil Brides


Alex and Hanna have been together for almost two and a Half years when he has to go on tour in Asia and Europe. Hanna stays behind, giving him some time to himself. They plan to meet in Germany and finish the tour together when Alex calls her at the wrong time and everything falls apart.

Sorry I'm not very good at summarys,


  1. Chapter 1

    Alex POV

  2. Chapter 2

    Hannas POV

  3. Chapter 3

    Hanna POV

  4. Chapter 4

    Alex POV


This made me cry. Thanks so much for entering!(:
SammyKay97 SammyKay97
Sammy & I just talked about it. You're fine. (:

Hey thanks for reminding me I fixed the problem .-. Hopefully no points were docked XD
Your story wasn't supposed to be any longer than four chapters, that was made clear in the rules. HOWEVER, since you have so many short chapters, I think we can let it slide. I just have to talk it over with Sammy.
On another note, I absoutely LOVED this. You almost had me tears. From the first chapter you caught my attention. Good work!! <3.
You made me cry. I listened to Mortician's while I read along. I love it.