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We Say Summer

Between The Right And The Real

“You’re kidding us, right Danarra?” shouted Iriana when we were in our campus cafeteria.

“Unfortunately it isn’t a joke! I can’t believe it either but it happened to me last night”

“Waaaaaaaaaa…” now Idaline started to freak out and she got up from her seat. It made some people who sat near us looked to us with annoyed face.

“Idaline stop!” I took her hand and dragged her back to the chair.

“Ehhee… sorry” she said and stuck out her tongue.

“See! I told you Danarra! I’m sure he was looking for you! Remember when we said that he looked at you at the hotel. Oh my God this isn’t real!” Alanoracouldn’t stop exaggerating it.

“Are you going to meet him again Dana?” asked Idaline.

“I don’t know. I mean he’s already go to another town for touring. I think it’s kind of impossible to me to meet him again even though he gave me his number”

“He gave you his number!?!?” Alanora stood up eventually and it made her chair rolled back.

“Seriously Dana? Oh my God you’re one lucky girl!” said Iriana as she holding her own hand like someone who touched.

“You’re one lucky bitch!” shouted Alanaro and she jumped to me and caused me stumbled out of my chair.

My friends laugh because of this. Alanora and Idaline couldn’t stop talking while I still sat on the floor with mouth wide open because my friends forgot to help me. Iriana was the one who helped me but she giggled first.

“Irineeeee…” I pouted.

“I just can’t help myself not to laugh because of this Dana, sorry” and she burst into laughter.

I was about to protested when I heard my phone rang. My friends went silent when they heard it. I put out my phone from my bag and my friends gathered around me, waiting for me to pick it up. It was unknown number. I usually never pick up unknown number but this time I just feel that I should do it.


“Hey Dana!”

“Zack?” I couldn’t believe Zack called me and my friends started to whisper to each other like crazy.

“Do you free today?” he asked and it made me couldn’t breathe.

“Yeah… My class just finishes but…” I didn’t finish with my words but Zack already interrupted me.

“Great! I’m at your campus gate now, can you come out?”

“What? You’re at the gate!?” three of my friends suddenly gasped and made an O gesture with their mouth.

“Yeah! And don’t give me a reason that you’re in class or whatever because I can see you from here” and I heard he was chuckling.

“You can see me?” I started to wonder around looking for his figure. My friends did the same as me when they heard that Zack could see us. Well my campus’s cafeteria is located in front near the gate so no wonder Zack could see me right now.

“I stand near the biggest tree” he gave me a clue. And there was only one tree that so big in the front yard so I immediately search for that tree and yes I could see Zack with his skateboard in his right leg, waving at me. “I’m waiting, Dana” and then he turned off his phone.

I turned off my phone too and I was still looking at him. I could see his smirked. He enfolded his arms as he leaned against the tree and the he put on his hoodie. I turned back and now I was facing my friends who wanted to get hyper but they were trying to behave just because they knew Zack could see us.

“You guys need to come to with me. I can’t face Zack alone. You know that I’ll be dead!”

I go grabbed my bag from my seat and then walked out from the cafeteria. My friends kind of confused and looked to one another, but in just second they grabbed their bags too and followed me. I was shaking every time my feet brought me closer to where Zack was standing. My friends walked behind me and they giggled when they saw me toddled. I kept walking to the tree with my friends still walking near me.

“Danarra!” Zack opened up his hoodie and he said my name when he saw me walked closer to him. “and? Ehm…” Zack was a little surprised when he saw my friends kept following me like little ducks to its mother.

“Oh! They’re my best friends. That’s Iriana, Alanora and Idaline” I introduced them to Zack.

“Hey girls” and he waved at them shyly.

“What brings you here? I thought you’re already go tour to the next town and how can you know my campus?”

“First we’re off today and I came to your dorm and the security said where your campus located. So I’m come here just to see you” he smirked to me. “Do you have time? I want to ask you to hanging around”

“Ehm… I… well…” stupid me, I was stuttering.

“Of course she has time and she’d love to go with you, Zack!” Iriana grabbed my shoulder and talked to Zack. Oh man, she’s always the one who helped me in this kind of situation.

“Cool! Ok guys, sorry I must borrow your friend” Zack grabbed my hand and now he was holding it so tight.

“You can take her anytime Zack. She’s yours today!” said Alanora.

“Ally!” I feel ashamed when Alanora said that.

“Thanks!” he did high-fived with Alanora. ”Come on Dana!”

Zack took and carried his skateboard so he could walk beside me. We kept walking in the sidewalk and we were chatting. I still couldn’t believe that Zack standing so close next to me. He’s so nice and every time I saw him, it feels like all my worries were disappeared.

He took me to an ice-cream parlor and I agreed. We chose the same flavor and said it to the waiter at the same time and it made him laughed because of this coincidence. Zack chose a table in the inside near the aquarium.

“Tell me something about you” asked him.

“About me?” and he nodded

“Yeah maybe about your name. I mean your name is unfamiliar for us, Americans. Also your friends have exotic names too like you do” I laughed a little when he said ‘exotic’

“Well, Danarra means ‘bright day’ in Danish. And the reasons why my friends have exotic names” I air-quoted the exotic word, “it’s because they’re from the other side of the globe. Idaline from Teutonic, Alanora come from Scotland and Iriana is a Greek. We’re exchanged students”

“Oh I see that. That’s cool!”

“Thanks!” I chuckled.

“And they’re your bestfriends?” he asked me as he licked his ice-cream.

“Yes, they’re the best girls ever! Even though Idaline so childish sometimes, Alanora couldn’t take off her sarcasm thing from her soul and Iriana is like the mature from among us, but I love them”

“Sweet! That reminds me with my dudes” Zack laughed. I bet he was thinking about Jack, Alex and Rian. “Anyways, tell me something about Iriana”

“About Irine?” and he nodded several times.

“Well Irine is the mature one. She’s the one who always help me every time I get into trouble. She’s also a nice place to talk to and she’s so creative. Oh and she adore you, as you know!”

“Really? Wow she’s a great girl then” a big smiled come to Zack face after I talked about Iriana.

“Is she nice to you? Is she always there for you?” asked Zack with enthusiasm.

“Yeah she’s like the nicest girl that I’ve ever know” and it made Zack smiled widening.

I was about to asked him why he wanted to know about Iriana but suddenly Zack’s phone rang. He answered it and I was waiting after he finished his phone called.

“Oh sorry Dana, I have to go. Matt just called and he needs me to come to the rehearsal”, said Zack as he got up from his seat.

“Oh okay then. I can go home alone” I rose from my seat too.

“I’m truly sorry Dana. I wish I could take you home but Matt…”

“It’s ok Zack. I don’t want you get into trouble because of me”

“I’ll make it up to you. I promise!” he kissed my cheek and walked to the front door. “Oh and thanks for everything Dana and thanks for telling me about you and about Iriana too!” He gave me a smile and then he left.

But I didn’t leave after that. I went back to my chair and kept thinking about it. There was something bugging my mind. Why? I’m asking, why Zack wanted to know about Iriana? Is he liked her? Oh my God, I couldn’t think straight now…


Here it goes! Let me hear your opinion guys
Thank you and cheers,
Fasya :)


why does it have to be a cliffhanger </3
@WriterVsPoet nawww it's okay. I bet tons of other stories have same name, as long as the plot is different I'm okay with that. Cheers! :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
@ForgottenJoker thank you, hope you like it until the end of the story :)
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Oh my God, did we just upload a story with the same name at like, the same time.
Sorry! I didn't mean to take your title or anything :)
If you want me to, I can rename my story, and again, sorry about that ;)
WriterVsPoet WriterVsPoet
aaaw this is so cute, keep writing! :3
ForgottenJoker ForgottenJoker