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Drink Me Under, Pull Me In [BLOCKED]


I woke up the next morning, full of new energy and I was ready to party. After all, tonight is the tour launch party since We Are The In Crowd and Mayday Parade finally arrived last night. I got up and started bouncing on the bed and hitting Alex's dead-to-the-world body with my pillow. He finally opened his eyes and saw me jumping on the bed.
"Mya take it easy you were nearly drained yesterday. You have enough of my blood in you to trigger a transition," he whined, "Plus it's too early."
"No it's not. I need a nice dress for the party. I only brought casual ones. Come on, wake up," I begged as I continued to hit him.
He grabbed hold of the pillow and pulled it down, pulling me with it. I landed on top of him. I moved to straddle his hips so I could get open game on tickling him. He thinks he's tickle-proof, but I beg to differ. I slammed my fingers into his ribs and started to squirm under me. He twisted his face, trying to hide his smile and giggles from me. He went vampire speed fast and rolled us over on the bed so he was on top.
"Surrender, you are never going to win a tickle war with me," he smiled as I squirmed under him trying to stop him from tickling me.
"Never," I laughed.
"Surrender," he repeated.
"No" I stuck my tongue out and he took at invite to start kissing me deeply.
The tickle fight became a whole thing entirely. I kissed Mya deeply, tracing her lips with my tongue to ask for permission to enter. Once she opened her mouth, I shot my tongue in hungrily exploring her mouth. I rolled us over so she laid on top of me and I entangled my fingers in her hair with one hand and held onto her by the low of her back with the other. Mya's left hand rested on my chest while her right hand got lost in my hair. We parted moments later for air.
“I love you, Mya. Now we have to go shopping so we can have my girl looking fine tonight,” I smiled before kissing her nose.
“Thank you Alex. I love you too,” she smiled and kissed me quickly before she ran off to change.
Alex and I finally got out into the city and found a dress boutique. I went roaming through the racks upon racks of dresses, looking for the right one. When I found a couple dresses that I liked, I took them to the back to the changing rooms. Alex followed behind me and sat down on the couch, waiting to see the selection I had to choose from.
“Alright here’s the first one,” I walked out in a deep purple skater dress with a black lace overlay and a black ribbon sash. I spun around in and I saw Alex was all smiles with it.
“Try the other ones on too. But I like this one,” he told me.
“Okay,” I went back into my stall and changed into a white A-line sundress with a red and black swirly design.
“White is not your color yet, babe,” Alex shot it down as soon as I stepped out.
“Okay, one more to go,” I went back in and tried on the last dress. It was a burgundy empire waist cocktail dress that fell just above my knees and flowed freely. It had a rose on the one shoulder strap to add a bit of flare.
“I’m still dead set on the first dress. However, I think we can get that one too, for a different party in the future,” Alex told me.
“Okay. Now I’m getting back into my pants. Be back in a bit,” I ran back into the dressing room and redressed before I grabbed the dresses I was buying.
Finally it was time to get ready for the party tonight. I just showered and I was shaving to clean up a bit. I straightened my hair to make sure not a curl would show. Once I was done, I slipped into my skinny fit slacks and my grey undershirt. I stepped out of the bathroom to find Mya struggling with her zipped on her dress. I came up behind her and helped her out and pulled it up for her before I kissed the side of her neck.
“Do you want to feed now or later,” she asked.
“Later. I’d hate to ruin your dress before the party,” I told her.
“You could take from my arm this time. Just a snack to keep your bags from coming back,” she offered.
“I’ll be fine,” I kissed her cheek before she went into the bathroom to do her hair and makeup for tonight.
While Mya was in the bathroom, I threw on my grey button up shirt and tucked it in so it looked nice. I wrapped my dark purple tie that matched her dress around my neck. I put on my now cleaned black boots, waiting for Mya to finish her primping so she can tie my tie since I’m terrible at it.
“Alright all done,” Mya said as she came out of the bathroom with her hair curled loosely and her makeup done on a low scale, just enough to accent her dress and make her eyes pop.
“Can you tie this for me after you slip your heels on, babe,” I asked as she bent down to get out the black heels she picked to wear tonight.
“Yeah, of course,” she agreed and came over to me and tie my tie for me. She then used my tie to pull me in for a kiss.
“You’re going to have using my tie to pull me in aren’t you,” I asked, smiling.
“You know it baby,” she smiled wide.
When Alex and I got to the party, I noticed Jordan started to stare at me. I ignored him and walked around with Alex saying hi to all of our friends in the other bands that finally joined us to start the tour with the first show tomorrow night.
“I’m going to get us something to drink. You can stay out of trouble, right,” Alex said in my ear so I could hear him over Danny’s music.
“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I’ll stay by Jack,” I told him before he left.
I waited for Alex to come back, dancing with Jack to kill time. But then Jordan asked to cut in and started to dance with me.
“Hi Mya,” he flirted.
“You know Alex will kill you if try anything,” I warned him as he slipped his hands down my body.
“What Alex doesn’t know, won’t kill him,” Jordan tried to dismiss my warning.
“Jordan, seriously stop,” I turned around to face him.
“Loosen up Mya,” he said to me.
That’s when he pulled me closer to him and his head went into the crook of my neck. I felt his breath against my skin and my blood ran cold. I was so scared in that moment. I didn’t want anyone to bite me but Alex. Now Jordan was about to bite me. He never got his chance. Alex had pulled him off me and held onto me.
“Did he bite you,” Alex asked.
“No,” I shook my head as my sight was blurred by the tears building up in my eyes.
“Don’t be scared anymore, Mya. I got you now. You’re okay now. You’re safe,” Alex cooed as he held me to his chest tightly.
“He almost bit me. He almost had me. Oh Alex, I’m so scared,” I sobbed into his chest.
“He won’t touch you ever again, Mya. Tay is keeping him on a short leash now. He won’t be allowed in the venues when you’re inside with me. When I can’t be with you, you have to stay close to either Matt or Vinny, and to stay on the bus when Jordan has to be in the venues. I want you safe, and I will keep you safe,” Alex rubbed my back as we swayed to whatever song Danny had playing.
“I love you, Alex,” I sniffled.
“I love you too Mya,” he replied before kissing my hair softly.
“Can we go back to the hotel? The party isn’t fun anymore and I don’t want to be near Jordan,” I asked.
“Of course we can go back,” Alex broke our embrace and took my hand into his, lacing his fingers with mine. He and I went back to our hotel room and changed into our sleepwear before went to sleep in each other’s arms, saying goodbye to this awful night. Hopefully the rest of the tour will be better than this.


So it took me a while to draft this baby out. I will be posting a little bit over the weekend. If I keep up the fast pace of updates, writer's block will murder this story and I love this one very much. Thank you to my loving readers and subscribers. Thank you to Im_Weird_K and TheAllTimeLowSloth for your comments. When I hear that you guys love this, it makes me smile and happy to post new chapters. Stay tuned, darlings. :)


So I just found this and I really like what you have of this so far. I'm sad it was never continued, though. :(
I found another Alex vampire story on here (completely different from yours) so I just decided to look others up and found yours. Yours is definitely different and while I'm generally not a vampire fan (due to the clicheness that Twilight brought to it and the only one I can really respect is The Lost Boys, lol), but I really like what you have of this one.
If you ever find the inspiration to one day continue this, I will be here to read. I'm not sure how subscriptions work on this site, but I'm hoping it's similar to Mibba where I'll get an email notification or something? Idk. But I am subscribed. :)
You're a really great writer! I hope you're at least still writing. :)

Nanook Nanook
I will be updating soon. I have finals coming up, my first ATL concert ever in just over a week, and I have massive writer's block. I will work on the next chapter very soon. Just bare with me while I work on cracking this block. I'm trying to revisit my old stories too. But I promise to be up and running soon.
Please update!! SO GOOD!
Reckless Reckless
i was thinking more along te lines of why doesnt alex take the blood as a supply so he can drink from that instead of from mya because shes weak at the moment. but this plot twist was just as awesome 8D thanks for adding it in!!
earthtotiffie earthtotiffie
why doesnt lisa take the blood with her and give it to alex!!! omgerr1!! lol! frustration :( anyways, i still love this story.
earthtotiffie earthtotiffie