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Drink Me Under, Pull Me In [BLOCKED]


I woke up to find Mya sitting up with her right knee brought up close to her chest, her arms wrapped around her leg, and her chin resting on her knee. She was staring at me intently.
"What's up Mya," I asked her.
"You got dark circles again. Something's wrong with you. Before, you used to last a week between feeding, now it seems like you can go a day if we're lucky," she pointed out the problem. I got up and checked myself in the mirror in the bathroom. Sure enough, I had dark circles again even though I rested plenty. This wasn't going to be a good tour, I can tell.
"Well I probably didn't get enough back in Baltimore. I'll be fine for rehersals. When we get closer to the date, I'll feed again," I told her so she'd stop worrying.
"Alex if you go bestial on me, I will personally beat you up," she threatened playfully.
"I'm so scared of my ticklish human girlfriend," I teased as I started to tickle her, she threw her head back and started laughing so hard her face was turning a bright shade of red.
"Alex stop it," she whined as I contiued.
"What's the magic phrase," I asked.
"Alex is the coolest, most amazing person in the galaxy and he's fantastic in bed," she shreiked with laughter.
"Thank you," I said as I stopped tickling her.
"Now in all seriousness, please be careful these next couple days. If you feel yourself slipping, you find me, get me in the bathroom, and drink your fill. I don't care if I fall asleep afterwards, you need to be fully fed or you'll get weak on me and mean vampires will take me away," Mya looked me dead in my eyes, I knew she worried all the time about everything involving my world that she may never have the misfortune of joining, but she had a foot in and she was open game, regardless of the familiar rule.
"I promise to be careful. I never want to lose you, Mya. I will keep you safe," I kissed her softly.
Alex and I got ourselves ready for our day and headed over to the venue for the first day of the tour for rehearsals. I was going to help Vinny organize the merch set up while Alex practiced the set list. When we had to split up to do our work, I could tell he wanted me to stay in his line of sight.
"Alex don't worry, I'll be with Vinny. I doubt a vampire is going to weasel their way into the venue to find me," I told him.
"You aren't helping," he replied.
"Well I'm trying. Just go practice. The sooner you start practicing, the soon you can have me at your side again," I kissed him on his nose before his lips.
"Fine. Keep an eye out for anything weird and out of the ordinary," he caved and kissed me again before I walked off to the merch stand to help Vinny.
"Loverboy is quite the clinger," Vinny commented.
"You know why, Vinny," I replied.
"Tay promised to keep Jordan away from the venue when the guys were rehearsing since you won't be under Alex's protection. Plus Derek does a blood substitute so he won't be tempted to go after you," he explained.
"I know, but I like being close to him. I feel safe from everything when I'm with him," I told him.
"Well not entirely, my darling Mya," I stopped what I was doing when I heard that voice. I felt my blood run cold and I felt Vinny push me behind him.
"Lisa get the fuck out of here," he growled at her.
"Now Vinny, that's no way to treat a lady like myself," she teased.
"Leave me alone, Lisa. Alex is here and he's just a call way," I warned her.
"You are just tempting me into taking you now. I want to taste what it is about you that has kept you with him these last five years," Lisa taunted.
"Mya, you have to run to Alex, now," Vinny ordered. I obeyed and I booked it for the main floor of the venue so Alex could see me.
I was in the middle of the intro for Jasey Rae when I saw Mya run into the main floor area of the venue. Then I saw Lisa following after her. Before Lisa could touch Mya, I put my guitar down and ran and put Mya behind me.
"Lisa back off," I growled menacing at her.
"Alex, where would the fun of the hunt be if I backed off," she taunted me.
"Mya is not some little mouse you can chase," I growled at her again.
"Well you seem to be enjoying her rather well. I can tell by how protective you're being right now that you're protecting not only your girlfriend, but your familiar," Lisa continued to pester me.
"Leave now, Lisa," I threatened.
"How about no," she cocked her head to the side before she picked me up and threw me at Jack who had come ot try and help.
"Alex," Mya screamed as Lisa bit down on her neck.
"Mya," I screamed, getting up and running at Lisa, taking her off of Mya. Matt got to Mya just in time to catch her so she didn't hit her head on the concrete.
I began straight up punching Lisa in her face, and she just pushed me off of her and into the air. I landed on my feet, but Lisa grabbed me and slammed me down on the ground. I struggled under her grip, but she just smiled as she taunted the fact she was stronger than me.
"Let this be a lesson that you might as well get staked and become a full vampire in order to protect Mya. Face it, you are destined to be like me," Lisa taunted before she released me and disappeared.
"Mya," I ran over to Matt. Mya was on the ground, unconscious and barely breathing.
"She nearly drained her. She won't be able to drink from you. We have to give it to her through a transfusion," Matt explained.
"Fuck Lisa and her bullshit," I growled, hating myself for not acting soon against Lisa when she drank from Mya.
I woke up and saw that I had a tube feeding a red liquid into my arm. I was about to freak out when I saw Alex sitting in a dark corner of the room. When he showed himself to me, I saw that he had been crying. That's when it hit me like a train, Lisa nearly killed me this time.
"Alex," I called to him hoarsly.
"Shh, rest Mya. You've had it rough yesterday," he hushed me quietly.
"I've been out for a day. Alex I'm sorry I didn't try harder to fight her off," I was about to cry when he took hold of my face.
"This wasn't your fault. It was hers. Now I won't be able to fight her off or out run her. She's had your blood and can track you easier now. Mya you are in severe danger and I might not be strong enough to protect you like this," I knew he was hinting at getting staked to becoem just like Lisa.
"No, you won't do it. How can you be sure that you'll still be you when it happens," I was against the entire idea.
"Lisa said it herself. If I want to stand a chance, I have to do it. If I'm getting done, I want you to drive the stake into my heart. Only you. I want you to be my humanity. My reason to resist being a monster," I argued.
"I won't do it Alex. I can't. It's like murder. I'm killing you so the true vampire inside you can take over. I refuse to do it," she was dead set against it.
"Mya, everything I am will die inside of me if you are taken from me. I can't live with that. I need this if I want to stand a chance at protecting you," I was about to cry at the thought of Mya dyin because I wasn't strong enough to protect her from the demons of my world.
"Alex I can't do it. Everything you are is this version of you. I don't want you to lose this and live with regret of getting staked and becoming a monster. Being a monster will kill worse than if I were to taken away from you. Lisa is messing with your head. Don't let her tell you you're weak. You are stronger than her since you've kept me safe for five years," she forced me to look her in her eyes. I believed what she said. Lisa was toying with us. She was trying to break us apart so Mya was easy pickings. I was going to prove Lisa wrong.
"The next time I see that bitch, I'm ramming a stake into her black heart," I vowed to Mya before I kissed her passionately.


More intense dramatics to come, stay tuned darlings. :)


So I just found this and I really like what you have of this so far. I'm sad it was never continued, though. :(
I found another Alex vampire story on here (completely different from yours) so I just decided to look others up and found yours. Yours is definitely different and while I'm generally not a vampire fan (due to the clicheness that Twilight brought to it and the only one I can really respect is The Lost Boys, lol), but I really like what you have of this one.
If you ever find the inspiration to one day continue this, I will be here to read. I'm not sure how subscriptions work on this site, but I'm hoping it's similar to Mibba where I'll get an email notification or something? Idk. But I am subscribed. :)
You're a really great writer! I hope you're at least still writing. :)

Nanook Nanook
I will be updating soon. I have finals coming up, my first ATL concert ever in just over a week, and I have massive writer's block. I will work on the next chapter very soon. Just bare with me while I work on cracking this block. I'm trying to revisit my old stories too. But I promise to be up and running soon.
Please update!! SO GOOD!
Reckless Reckless
i was thinking more along te lines of why doesnt alex take the blood as a supply so he can drink from that instead of from mya because shes weak at the moment. but this plot twist was just as awesome 8D thanks for adding it in!!
earthtotiffie earthtotiffie
why doesnt lisa take the blood with her and give it to alex!!! omgerr1!! lol! frustration :( anyways, i still love this story.
earthtotiffie earthtotiffie