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Drink Me Under, Pull Me In [BLOCKED]


I woke up in a foreign bed. I had no clue where I was or what time it was. I only knew that I was still in my sleazy outfit from Dillion's party and I was in desperate need to shower and get into my Sunday sweats. I sat up just as the door opened and Jack walked in with my Sunday sweats. He kept a spare key to my house if I ever needed to get into my house and got locked out or if I got stuck somewhere and needed something he could get it for me.
"I got you your sweats. Alex's shower is open for you to use. Be quick. He wants to talk to you and don't blow him off or be a bitch," he informed me that I was in fact in Alex's house. I hated him so much for taking so much of Jack's time that he could have spent with me that I now fill with one night stands or quickies. I sank so far down, I doubt I coud ever shower the dirty sins I've done off my skin and I could never slay my demons I've fallen so far.
I got out the shower, my skin completely raw from scrubbing my skin clean. I slipped into my sweat pants that were far to long for my tiny body, black t-shirt, and my oversized long sleece fleece shirt that could be a dress on me. Once I was clothed, I went downstairs to find the guys sitting in circle around a bar stool. Alex saw me first and rose from his seat, a scowl on his face. I knew he hated me since everyone hated me. He was jealous I got more action in a weekend then he could in a week.
"Sit. We have a lot to talk about," Alex said sternly as he pointed at the stool. I plopped down and I noticed that everyone had a similar expression as Alex. They all hated me, wel except for Jack. He had the "you kicked my puppy" look.
"Before you guys even start, I might as well get the scarlet letter A and sew it on all of my clothes. I'm a whore and I sleep around more than Alex. I'm not ashamed of what I do," I told them, trying to be a wise ass, but it failed.
"This is not some joke Mya. This is so serious shit you got yourself into. You are hurting everyone. Me included," Alex started.
"Why the fuck do you care. You stole my best friend from me so you should be pretty damn happy that after graduation I'll have nothing left to live for. I'll end up on the side of a milk carton and no one will care," I snapped at him.
"That'sa lie Mya. I care. I've always cared. You are my sandbox buddy. Now you're the girl the school loves to gossip about. I miss the old Mya. I miss my best friend," Jack yelled at me, he seriously yelled at me. His tears were falling down his cheeks.
"Well you are some best friend. You are always with him and never with me. We never hang out. It's always about the band. You never ask me about how things are at home. It's always, 'Hey you wanna come watch us play a show?' You never talk to me and see how I'm feeling. I deal with so much shit that I can't stand it anymore," I was on the verge of crying my eyes out in angry tears at how selfish he was being.
How dare she think that I steal him away. She never tries to see us play or ask to do something Jack seriously likes to do. She's a bitch and I was done with her shit.
"Mya you are being selfish," I snapped at her.
"I'm being selfish. How would you feel to have your dad walk out on you the same week your best friend moves across town? How would feel when you go from being hit by your dad to being hit by your mom? Or having to listen to her selling to the random guy she picks up in the red light district in Baltimore to screw while you're trying to do your homework? Try living my in hell hole of a home with a whoring mom and absent dad, and then tell me I'm selfish," she screamed at us.
"I've had to adjust to my new life in a America when I moved here from Essex when I was seven. I'm still trying to cope with my brother's suicide that happened six years ago. Mya I have it worse than you since my parent barely talk to me anymore. Your mom hitting you is a sign she knows you're there, mine sulks in Tom's room and never looks at me without tears in her eyes," I screamed back at her.
"I hate you," she yelled in my face and stormed off.
"Nice Alex. Now she'll never stop. She hates us now. Good job," Rian bitched as he grabbed his car keys and left.
"Jack," I looked up to my best friend once Zack had left to go home.
"Yeah Alex," he asked.
"How can we fix her," I asked.
"Maybe if you tell more about you, share what you are, or try to get her to talk to you about how terrible her life is, she might try to talk to us again," Jack offered.
"But we never got along to begin with," I told him.
"Bury the hatchet and save my friend. I can't save her. You can," he told me as he walked out of my house went home. God I was on mission impossible now.
When I got to the rough side of Towson, I heard a car pull up along side me. I looked over and found Alex behind the wheel. I said nothing to him and just kept walking. I ignored the fact that it just started to rain. I could care less about the world around me. It hated me anyway.
"Mya I'm sorry for my approach. Now get in the car before you catch something," he yelled so I could hear him over the rain.
"I might already have an STD killing me right. What makes you think I care abou the rain," I snapped at him.
"Mya get in the damn car. I want to talk to you. I don't want to fight you. I want to save your life before you do something stupid," he shouted over the rain.
"Fuck off Gaskarth," I snapped at him as I picked up my pace. Alex drove off and as I was about to cross the street he pulled up and blocked the cross walk.
"Get the fuck in my car Mya or I will get out and put you in," he growled at me. I rolled me eys and got in so he'd shut the fuck up.
"Why the hell do you care? Don't bullshit with me either," I sneered at him.
"I want to be friends with you Mya. I'm tired of hating you for what you do. I can tell it's not the real you. I mean come on what girl wants to ruin her life on purpose," he said in a civil tone.
"I do it as a charade to hide the real me. I can't afford to tear my walls down to let anyone in. If I do they can walk out on me like my dad did. Why the fuck am I telling you this," I was upset and I was not enjoying this heart to heart thing he was trying to do with me.
"Mya you need to let someone in. If you don't you'll end up alone and no one will come to help you out of trouble. I want to be here for you. I want to be your friend. Now stop pushing me away," he was getting more and upset with me by the minute.
"I really want to know why you care," I was persistent with him. I wanted to know why he was so invested in my lost cause.
"You want to know why I care? Well that's easy, you are the only girl in school that isn't fawning over me and you give me a hard time every day over somehting stupid. You constantly think I'm stealing Jack from you when I'm really trying to get close to you and try to get thorugh to you that I care so fucking much about I'm willing to risk everything I call my life for you Mya. Is that a good enough reason for your bitch ass to understand," I snapped at her. I had lost all control over keeping my cover that I allowed my fangs to show themselves. I was so furious with her and I was panting out of breath as I stared at the scared expression on her face.
"What the fuck are you Gaskarth," she whimpered, powerless now that I lost my cool.
"I'm a vampire. Jack's known for years. I never wanted to tell you what I am like this. I wanted to save you from yourself and then tell you, Mya. But you drive me crazy sometimes and I want to tear my fucking hair out whenever I fight with you. I care about you and I want to protect you, even if it means from yourself," I told her calmly.
"Why did you tell Jack first," she asked.
"He found out during a sleep over during our eighth grade year. If I could have, I'd have told him after I told you, but fate is a fickle bitch and I hate dealing with things not going the way I would like them too. Can we forgive each other and be civil now. I'd hate to wake up with a stake in my heart;" I looked at her and saw her crying.
"I'm sorry for being such a cold hearted bitch. I'm all for starting over, but my rep is going to make it hard," she confessed.
"We'll make it work out to be friends, Mya," I leaned over the counsle and pulled Mya into a warm hug. I felt her started to shake violently from her sobs.


A little soppy at the end, but it will get more teeth again. I promise this will be intense. But it'll be a rollercoaster ride. I hope you guys liked this one. :)


So I just found this and I really like what you have of this so far. I'm sad it was never continued, though. :(
I found another Alex vampire story on here (completely different from yours) so I just decided to look others up and found yours. Yours is definitely different and while I'm generally not a vampire fan (due to the clicheness that Twilight brought to it and the only one I can really respect is The Lost Boys, lol), but I really like what you have of this one.
If you ever find the inspiration to one day continue this, I will be here to read. I'm not sure how subscriptions work on this site, but I'm hoping it's similar to Mibba where I'll get an email notification or something? Idk. But I am subscribed. :)
You're a really great writer! I hope you're at least still writing. :)

Nanook Nanook
I will be updating soon. I have finals coming up, my first ATL concert ever in just over a week, and I have massive writer's block. I will work on the next chapter very soon. Just bare with me while I work on cracking this block. I'm trying to revisit my old stories too. But I promise to be up and running soon.
Please update!! SO GOOD!
Reckless Reckless
i was thinking more along te lines of why doesnt alex take the blood as a supply so he can drink from that instead of from mya because shes weak at the moment. but this plot twist was just as awesome 8D thanks for adding it in!!
earthtotiffie earthtotiffie
why doesnt lisa take the blood with her and give it to alex!!! omgerr1!! lol! frustration :( anyways, i still love this story.
earthtotiffie earthtotiffie