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Drink Me Under, Pull Me In [BLOCKED]


"Jack are you seriously ditching me again to hang with Alex. You promised to help me get the right dress," I bitched at my best friend while we were at our lockers.
"I have band practice tonight. I'm sorry Mya. I promise to go with you Saturday," he reasoned.
"Jack I'm getting it tonight since I'm going to Dillon's party. You know that," I told him.
"Let me know what you pick so I can make sure Jenna gets a different dress color than you," he told me.
"Fine. Have fun with your lovers. I hope Jenna won't mind sharing you," I teased as I walked off to head home.
The entire walk home was terrible. The weather got nice so I wore barely anything. This made the college guys that were home for the summer that drove past me whistle and do cat calls after me. I hated being in my own skin but I dressed this way since it wasn't the real me and it was the mask I hid behind. The real isn't a slut or a whore, but is a girl with so many fucking problems that dressing sleazy and banging any guy I find at a party as my escape.
Once I'm finally home, I find my mom already getting into her liquor stash, wasting her pathetic life away. She is a reason I act the way I do. Her constant dependence on alcohol has made her useless to me. I can't talk to her about my friends getting ready to leave me behind, or how my own father used to beat me before he up a left. I certainly can't talk to her about her constant feeling the need to smack my head around too. My only escape has been the random sex at parties and listening to my music in my room with it blaring to keep my mom and her drunk fucking out of my ears. She's a whore too, pimped out on the streets of the redlight district of Baltimore, but she brings her business home. I want this to be over so I can be happy or so I can lay in peace in a pine box six feet under, which ever came first I couldn't give a shit.
"She's such a slut now. I miss my best friend, Alex," Jack complained as I drove us out to Rian's house for band practice.
"Well Mya has yet to realize that she needs to grow the fuck up and stop being such a cunt bitch to you," I somewhat growled. Being what I am, I find it hard to deal with my anger, especially towards Mya. She was such a good kid when I met her, and now nearly five years later she's a total whore that is ruining her life slowly.
"Don't say that about her. Mya comes from a broken home. She's got the fucked life and we're going to be the rockstar friends she'll envy. We get to leave Towson while she faces the fact that she'll have to be a waitress or a bartender because she has no prospects," Jack was nearly crying. Him and Mya used to live down the street from each other as kids. When Mya's father left when she was seven, Jack's family had moved to the other side of Towson near where I lived.
"Jack face it, the old Mya is gone. She won't come back unless someone gives her a reality check," I told him.
"Alex you are being a total dick right now. Plus your fangs are showing," Jack knew my secret. He found out during a sleepover he had when we first met. Luckily, Jack wasn't scared and he promised to keep my secret.
"Mya just gets under my skin. I want to just slap her so hard across the face that she wakes the fuck up and fixes her life before it's too late," I told him, calming myself down so my fangs went away. God I hate what that bitch can do to me.
It was the night of the party and I got myself into the slutiest outfit I could muster. I was ready to fuck some hot Jock ass and I didn't give a fuck.
"I'm leaving, Mom. Don't burnt the house down or die on your vomit," I yelled at my mom.
"You watch your mouth you little shit or I will have to smash your wiseass mouth in," she threatened.
I go to the party and Dillion handed me a drink the moment I walked up. I downed the solo cup of shitty beer and proceeded into the party. I scouted around for my target and found it in one of the lacross players.
"Hey," I flirted with him.
"Hey Mya," he replied.
"Care to get me drunk and have some fun," I proposed to him.
"Hell yeah," he led me to the bar and got me started on getting shitfaced and ready to fuck him.
Jack and I arrived at the party with Zack and Rian in tow. JAck told me Mya was here, and I was going to save my best friend's best friend's life. I was tired of her being a bitch to him and everyone else.
"Split up. You find you, take her to my car and text everyone else," I told the guys and we divided to conquer.
I looked around and concluded that she had to up in one of the rooms by now, in the process of getting her action. I wrote "The Girl's A Straight Up Hustler" about her because she had more one night stands than me and I was not pleased with her doing it and bragging about it. I don't brag about it, they just happen.
I was pulled out of my angry thoughts by moans coming from behind one of the doors. I could tell that Mya was in there. I barged in and I found the lacross team goalie eating her out. I grabbed him by his shoulder and pulled him off of her. I grabbed Mya's panties and shorts from her ankles and pulled them up, redressing her. I picked her drunken ass off the bed and threw her over my shoulder.
"Alex put me down you ass wipe," she screamed at me as she pounded on my back and kicked her feet in the air.
"Mya I am sick of your shit. You need an intervention and I'm dealing it out," I yelled at her.
"You are not my dad, Alex. Now let me fuck up own life, not like you give a real shit. You're only doing this for Jack," she yelled back at me.
"I'm doing this because I care about you, Mya. You are ruining everything and you're hurting everyone. Including yourself," I yelled at her. I got to my car and I set her down. She went to run, but I tackled her down into the grass, pinning her there as I got out my phone to text the guys.
"Get off of me you dick," she started to hit me, and she hit hard. Once I had the text sent, I grabbed her wrists to hold her hands down to stop her hitting me.
"Mya stop fighting me," I growled in frustration. She somehow got her mouth close to my hand and bit down on my hand, and she bit down hard. I slapped her a little too hard and knocked her out cold.
"Alex...Oh shit," Jack stopped when he saw me pick up Mya's limp body from the lawn and saw her bloodied lip and my bloodied hand since she drew blood.


This will be a graphic fic to be warned. If you are not comfortable with, done read any more. I'm sorry. I really want to write a story of Alex and a girl being at each other's throats befoe they realize they actually don't hate each other really.


So I just found this and I really like what you have of this so far. I'm sad it was never continued, though. :(
I found another Alex vampire story on here (completely different from yours) so I just decided to look others up and found yours. Yours is definitely different and while I'm generally not a vampire fan (due to the clicheness that Twilight brought to it and the only one I can really respect is The Lost Boys, lol), but I really like what you have of this one.
If you ever find the inspiration to one day continue this, I will be here to read. I'm not sure how subscriptions work on this site, but I'm hoping it's similar to Mibba where I'll get an email notification or something? Idk. But I am subscribed. :)
You're a really great writer! I hope you're at least still writing. :)

Nanook Nanook
I will be updating soon. I have finals coming up, my first ATL concert ever in just over a week, and I have massive writer's block. I will work on the next chapter very soon. Just bare with me while I work on cracking this block. I'm trying to revisit my old stories too. But I promise to be up and running soon.
Please update!! SO GOOD!
Reckless Reckless
i was thinking more along te lines of why doesnt alex take the blood as a supply so he can drink from that instead of from mya because shes weak at the moment. but this plot twist was just as awesome 8D thanks for adding it in!!
earthtotiffie earthtotiffie
why doesnt lisa take the blood with her and give it to alex!!! omgerr1!! lol! frustration :( anyways, i still love this story.
earthtotiffie earthtotiffie