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Drink Me Under, Pull Me In [BLOCKED]


For centuries, my kind have lived in the shadows of the world, hiding away to keep our monsterous nature away from the human population. But when my mom decides to have us move from Essex to Baltimore when I was seven, I knew nothing would come of it. Sure enough, when I got to my first day of eight grade and met my best friend, Jack, I also met the girl that would drive my senses insane, Mya Branson.

I was getting out of private school and I was finally joining my old neighbor and sandbox buddy best friend, Jack Barakat. I've been a trouble child for my mom since I had really bad ADHD and I couldn't stay out of trouble and for the fact that my dad wasn't the nicest guy ever and he'd hit us. I hated him when he got drunk, because that's when he'd hit us, well mainly me since I can't keep still and I drive him crazy. Now my life is a shit hole since he's decided to leave my mom without warning and now she drinks heavily and hits me. When I thought nothing could get worse, Alex Gaskarth pops up into my life and changes everything.


Alex Gaskarth

Alex Gaskarth

The vampire that gets involved in Mya's problems; her new beau

Jack Barakat

Jack Barakat

Mya's best friend and sandbox buddy

Lisa Ruocco

Lisa Ruocco

Alex's bitch vampire ex-girlfriend; Mya's constant tormentor

Mya Branson

Mya Branson

The girl with some many problems, and Alex adds to the pile; Alex's vulnerable girlfriend; Alex's familiar


  1. One

    First Bite

  2. Two

    Wake Up Call

  3. Three

    Prom Sabotage

  4. Four

    Turning over a new leaf

  5. Five

    Not Out of the Woods Yet

  6. Six

    You Take My Breath Away

  7. Seven

    You're Destined for This

  8. Eight

    Darkside of the Dancefloor

  9. Nine

    I Will Find You

  10. Ten

    Rescue Me

  11. Eleven


  12. Twelve

    Waiting Out the Storm


So I just found this and I really like what you have of this so far. I'm sad it was never continued, though. :(
I found another Alex vampire story on here (completely different from yours) so I just decided to look others up and found yours. Yours is definitely different and while I'm generally not a vampire fan (due to the clicheness that Twilight brought to it and the only one I can really respect is The Lost Boys, lol), but I really like what you have of this one.
If you ever find the inspiration to one day continue this, I will be here to read. I'm not sure how subscriptions work on this site, but I'm hoping it's similar to Mibba where I'll get an email notification or something? Idk. But I am subscribed. :)
You're a really great writer! I hope you're at least still writing. :)

Nanook Nanook
I will be updating soon. I have finals coming up, my first ATL concert ever in just over a week, and I have massive writer's block. I will work on the next chapter very soon. Just bare with me while I work on cracking this block. I'm trying to revisit my old stories too. But I promise to be up and running soon.
Please update!! SO GOOD!
Reckless Reckless
i was thinking more along te lines of why doesnt alex take the blood as a supply so he can drink from that instead of from mya because shes weak at the moment. but this plot twist was just as awesome 8D thanks for adding it in!!
earthtotiffie earthtotiffie
why doesnt lisa take the blood with her and give it to alex!!! omgerr1!! lol! frustration :( anyways, i still love this story.
earthtotiffie earthtotiffie