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Stay Seventeen

Chapter 8: I'm Not Alone Tonight

When Alex and I got to Jacks house we heard music blasting yalready. I looked over at Alex, a little shock in my eyes. He was a bit .confused until he finally realized why I was 'worried' you could say.
"Yeah, Jacks mom allows his loud music. She's awesome! Come on! I want pizza! Jack said he had pizza!" Alex started to whine towards the end of his explanation. He could be like a five year old! That's another thing I learned about Alex today (I learned so much, I could write a book on the guy!)
We walked inside and the music suddenly cut off. I could hear mingling coming from the kitchen. I pulled Alex to follow me there. Jack welcomed us and told us the pizza would be there shortly. We all started to talk the guys were whispering about some party. The girls and I were talking about my new puppy, Jade. She wasn't at my house because she was to young to come home yet. We sat like this (divided, boys on the left. Girls on the right.) for a while until the doorbell rang.
Still sitting in Jack's kitchen, we were all talking and eating what was left of the pizza(Jack fought the pizza and Jack won!) I was still laughing at how the boys reacted to Alex's and my little prank earlier. We were only able to pull it off because Alex's parents had to leave town. Something about his moms sisters wedding. Adult occasion. Alex was cool with that. They were supposed to be gone till Sunday.
"so Lacey... Party this weekend! Wanna be my date!?"; Alex asked me enthusiasticly.
"Sure babe. Ready for an awesome weekend?!" I asked him with a small smirk and a quick wink. He caught what I was getting at.
"mmmmm, so ready." He said while wrapping his arms around my waist. I flashed him a smile and leaned into him. I rested my head in the curve of his neck. Alex knew the whole sexy smirk was just a joke.... I think he did at least.
"No, okay? Stop please guys! I get that you all wanna be lovey dovey but please stop! It's like your rubbing your couple stuff in my face!" Zack complained.
"Oh Zacky. It's okay how about I get Ashlyn to go with you as your date. Would that make it better?" I asked him, using the nickname he hated. He blushed and I took that as a yes. I told the guys I'd be right back and I went to call Ashlyn. I clicked her tag and called her.
"Hey girly." Ashlyn spoke into the phone after picking up.
"Hey I have a hot guy for you to go out with!!! His name is Zack, you might know him. He's gone to Wilton for a few years. So your gonna be his date to Alex's party." I explained over the phone.
"One. Who the hell is Alex? Two. When's the party? Three. What's his rating on the hotness scale?" Ashlyn asked frantically.
"Oops. Oh, yeah Alex is my u-uh boyfriend? And one sec...
ALEX WHEN IS THE PARTY???!!!" I help the phone is my hand while I screetched at Alex.
"BABE IT'S TOMORROW NIGHT! MY PLACE! FRIDAY AT 7. ALL NIGHT LONG!!" Alex yelled back and started to use a singsong voice for the last part.
"Sorry babes, Alex says its tomorrow at 7. Also, Zack is buff, sweet, shy, and like super hot. IF I WASN'T WITH ALEX I WOULD SOOOOOO GO FOR ZACK!" I yelled the last part do they would hear me in the kitchen. They all laughed and Zack just mumbled something like 'You don't get off the hook that easy...'
"Okay so can we hang at yours tomorrow to get ready?" she asked. I agreed after giving her some more details.
"okay, so meet at mine at 4:30 and we get caught up, you bond with Kara and Katie, and we get ready and then at 7 we leave my house." I finallized. I heard an 'Kay bye babes!' and she hung up.
When I walked into the kitchen the whole group was in a bit of a debate. Over what you might ask? It was about coco puffs and marshamallow fluff. Jack and Alex were fighting about how they go really great together. Rian was siding with the girls on how that would be weird. As soon as I walked in, Zack gave me the signal to not get involved. I walked around the battleground of there little debate and decided that this was a good time to tell Zack more about Ashlyn.
"Soooooo, Zack?" I sighed.
"Soooooo, Lacey?" he replied in a teasing manor.
"Excited about tomorrow?" I asked
"Sorta, not as much as you though." he replied.
"You will love her, and since you go to the same school, it's like easy"; I said
"Okay then..." Zack mused. We had all been at Jack's for 3 hours and I was tired. I told Alex I was leaving and I was tired.
We said our goodbyes and I filled Katie and Kara in on the plan to hang at mine after school. We hopped in Alex's car and he drove me home. Once we got there he was shocked from the size and state of my house. Like I said earlier. Big, white, clean, with perfectly manicured lawns. I got out of the car and pulled Alex out too. I didn't want to be by myself again, not when I could have him here. Once I got to the front door I fumbled with my keys. He stood there nervously. I grabbed his hands and led him to the couch in the lounge.
He sat himself down on the white leather and started to nervously play with his hands. I looked at him, he was adorable when he was shy. Like a little prerrie dog.
"Hey Alex?" I murmured barely about a whisper, I didn't think he would hear me. He did though.
"Yeah Lace?" he quietly said back.
"C-can you stay here tonight?"; I asked him shyly.
"Sure. You okay though?" He asked with worry clear on his face. I put on a sad smile and looked at him.
"I am as long as your here." I said while leaning into his chest. I thought about the day. It was a long, long day. I though about how I bumped into Alex, that was the thing that set the whole chain of events off. I was lucky to almost get a concussion. I never thought I'd really say those words.
"Good Lacey, 'cause I'm always here." He mused as I melted into his chest.


So. It's been a while! Sorry guys! I'll post another one later tonight, I'm on mobile so it's kinda hard. Sorry! Subscribe, vote, and friend me!

Xoxo, Baby Blue Eyes


This story is really cute. I just stumbled across it and decided to check it out, and I really love what you have of it so far.
It's a bit fast for only knowing each other a day (perhaps you could have even just mentioned a bit of time gap with just telling how they were friends for a bit before getting into it), but other than that factor being a bit far-fetched, Lacey and Alex are really cute together and I really love this story. :)
Bummed to see it hasn't been continued, though. If you ever find the inspiration to do so, I will be here to read. Would like to see how things go for these two. I think you're a really great writer. :)
Hoping this comment inspires you.

Nanook Nanook

this is soooooo cuuuttteeee

Valkyrie Valkyrie
Aww thank you so much!

@TheAllTimeLowSloth I'm really happy that your
Loving it! <3
I love this! I just read it today but I'm already a huge fan of the story!
AllTimeSloth AllTimeSloth
You have this on wattpad and its like my favorite on there
ladyyybearr ladyyybearr