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Stay Seventeen

Chapter 7: A Sunrise On The East Side

-------------------------Lacey's POV. -------------------------

"You guys done now?!" Jack said, you could hear the exclamation marks at the end of his sentence. Rian smacked the back of his head.

"They weren't really screwing, Jack!" Rian grumbled. Someone's not a prankster.

"No, but we have news." Alex said. I leaned up towards Alex. He planted a gentle kiss on my lips. The girls let out soft 'aww's and the guys looked pleased. With the exception of Jack, who seemed a bit overjoyed. More than me and Alex actually.

"I was waiting for this, another couple! Yay! Yay! Yay!" Jack squealed as he jumped up and down. I laughed and smiled while Jack continued to have his little moment.

"Hey babe," Katie called out, Jack looked over. " Done yet?" She asked him. He just shook it off. Walked over and spoke an octave lower than usual. Trying to sound manly;

"Better" he spoke. We all burst into laughter.

"Great, just me who doesn't have a girlfriend... As usual." Zack spoke up.

"Hey Zack? What school do you go to?" I asked him, he seemed familiar earlier and I had shrugged it off earlier. The guys said Zack went to a private school because of his parents. He seems to have a vaguely recognizable face.

"Wilton Acadamy, why?" Zack asked.

"I KNEW IT! OH I KNEW YOU SEEMED FAMILIAR!" I started to shout at the top of my lungs. They all stared at me like I had was a unicorn from outer space. I quickly composed myself and started to explain for myself.

"Oh sorry guys. So let me explain, Alex you know how I said I went to private school until now? Yeah well, I went to Wilton. It was a pretty small school, so I'm a bit surprised we were never friends, but I knew his face was familiar! Okay so Zack, your single. Right? My friend Ashlyn is single. I think you guys would get along swimmingly! I'll call her later and I'll sent the whole thing up. You guys can double date with me and Alex. And it won't be awkward because we all know each other someway or another!" I raced through my little monologue without taking input from others. Oh this was gonna be fun.

"Uh, yeah sure. Wait, um, is her name Ashlyn Briars?" He asked shyly. I nodded and he continued to speak (rare occasion.) "okay she is the most popular person in school. I wouldn't have a shot with her! I also think she's dating the captain of the lacrosse team." Zack spat out. I shook my head laughing under my breath.

"She uses those guys as a front, the football team, soccer team, and baseball team all hit on her. The captain's her brothers best friend. She's single, she just needs to find the right guy. And you good sir, are the right guy!" I shouted excitedly.

"Okay I have no idea what you have done with my girlfriend! 'Swimmingly?', 'Good Sir?'! What the hell are you?!?!" Alex cut in. I started to laugh.

"Sorta got carried away with the whole 'fancy' girl thing!" I said. Alex just laughed.

"Hey guys, we're gonna go. Pizza at mine later." Jack cut in.

"Kay byes! oh and Zack, I'll have her call you!" They all said their goodbyes. Alex looked over at me.

"Can I show you something?" He asked. I nodded. He took my hand and led me back into his room. I giggled and shook my head when he looked back at me and said

"No, it's not what you think." He said. He was right. I thought he wanted to make out again... Nope! He led me to his window and opened it. He stepped out onto the roof. He led me to the tip of the rooftop. He sat down and pulled me into his lap. I squirmed to get comfy. He groaned.

"I thought we said no teasing." He whined. I giggled. I ground myself into him more.

"Lace, please!" He moaned. I giggled, knowing the power I have over him. He whined for me to stop. I laughed and agreed. He started to tickled me.

"Stop, Lex! Please, please stop!" I laughed. He smiled maliciously above me. I smiled back. He wanted me to beg. Yeah, I don't do that. The words he's probably wanting me to say are most likely something along the lines of 'please stop, I'll do anything if you stop!'. No Jack told me a story about him telling Alex that once. It was funny to me, not to Jack. I started to say

"I'll make you a deal." His eyes widened and he said go on. He pause tickling me and seemed interested. I quickly flipped him over, straddled him and started to tickle him. He started to squirm.

"Stay still and take your tickling like a good boy!" I playfully scolded. He kept laughing while I tickled his sides. I stopped tickling him and sat up, landing in his lap again. We stared at the sunset for what felt like hours. Until his phone started to ring with an annoying ringtone. He picked it up and started to speak. He talked for 3 minutes while I continued to gaze at the sun falling into the trees. I started to space out. I was brought back down to earth with a kiss.

"Hey um, yeah!" I said hoping that was the answer he was looking for.

"You totally zoned out didn't you!" He said. I just nodded.

"We'll be on our way to Jacks then! To the bat mobile! " Alex said. Abruptly standing up, and almost making me fall off the roof. He leapt through his window and suddenly realized I didn't follow him.




There was only one word to describe this girl, and her mother already used it... Lacey.

Yeah I know that's cheesy, but that's who I am. A cheesy dork.(quote Jack.)

I took her out on the roof, I haven't brought anyone up here in a long time. The last time I did it was Jack, and I didn't bring him, he followed me. This time though, I was bringing her willingly. She got lost in the sunset, I always did that too. With the exception of today. I got lost in her.


Hi guys yeah, I know that the last chapter was heated for a moment... Hehe did anyone believe for even a moment they were actually having sex... I didn't, but that's because I was writing it! I love you guys that have commented. . Now don't be confused, this story takes place in 2003. Before they got really big. When they were a high school known name. Not city, not country, but high school/town.

XOXO, Kennedy <3


This story is really cute. I just stumbled across it and decided to check it out, and I really love what you have of it so far.
It's a bit fast for only knowing each other a day (perhaps you could have even just mentioned a bit of time gap with just telling how they were friends for a bit before getting into it), but other than that factor being a bit far-fetched, Lacey and Alex are really cute together and I really love this story. :)
Bummed to see it hasn't been continued, though. If you ever find the inspiration to do so, I will be here to read. Would like to see how things go for these two. I think you're a really great writer. :)
Hoping this comment inspires you.

Nanook Nanook

this is soooooo cuuuttteeee

Valkyrie Valkyrie
Aww thank you so much!

@TheAllTimeLowSloth I'm really happy that your
Loving it! <3
I love this! I just read it today but I'm already a huge fan of the story!
AllTimeSloth AllTimeSloth
You have this on wattpad and its like my favorite on there
ladyyybearr ladyyybearr