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Stay Seventeen

Chapter 1: Stay Seventeen


Third Person POV


Lacey walked down the hall with her head down. She didn't need any negative or unwanted attention. It was her first day, as the new girl. No she wasn't a dork. The popular girls had actually asked her to join them. Lacey said yes, she'd dump them if she ever got real friends but for now she could settle for fake ones that want you for you stuff, looks, and potential popularity. Just as she was about to walk into math class, she bumps into someone.

-------------------Lacey's POV------------

I was walking down the hall., combat boots clicking against the floor. Suddenly I'm on the floor and a boy with shaggy brown hair is looking down on me.

"Uh. Are you okay?" he said. I suddenly got lost in his eyes. Big brown and so glossy that I could see myself.

"Oh uh yeah, I'm cool." I said quickly, I wanted the little awkward moment that we were stuck in to be over.

"I'm Alex, are you sure your all right?" he asked again.

"Uh I have a bit of a headache and I'm a little dizzy... Can you help me to the nurse?" I asked even though I wasn't too dizzy to need help. He was cute! Why not take the chance to get to know him! I mean, being the new girl requires meeting people, sorta. Well, quality people.

"Sure, a pretty girl like you can't be getting dizzy in the middle of the halls." he mused trying to hit on me. I liked it, but I'm not that easy. Why would he like me? I'm the newest loser here, or so I feel. That's all I'll ever be, but he thought I was pretty? I was just an outsider in disguise.

He helped me up off the ground and wrapped his arm around my waist. I looked at him and he just shot me a smile. Wow I could just look at him and those eyes of his forever!

"uh are you okay.... Um?" he asked not knowing my name.

"Lacey, Lacey Ames. Oh and uh yeah. I'm fine, just a bit spacey." I finally blurted out.

"Oh we'll, like I said before. I'm Alex. Are you new? I don't think I've seen you around?" he asked with a questioning expression.

"Yeah. I used to go to private school. Hated it, so I left and came here." I said wondering if he was another one of those kids who would just tell me I was hot. I hated those words, they were so defining.

"Oh cool! I used to go to a private school until a few years ago." he said actually interested.

"Cool. So what's your thing? You seem different, in a good way." I asked curious on what he's interested in. Weather it's art, music, acting, hell he's hot enough to be a mathlete and still have me.

"my thing? I'm different?" he asked confused.

"yeah, like do you write stories, paint pictures, play drums? You just seem different, I just sorta picked up on it." I explained. I'm an odd person, but I play the role of the normal poppy teenage girl next door.

"oh u-uh yeah, I-I'm in a band. I sing and play a bit of guitar." he said stammering in the beginning but gaining confidence as he spoke. We arrived at the nurses, him still holding my waist. His grip got a bit tighter as I turned to walk in the door. We stood in the doorway with his arm cemented around my waist. He didn't let it drop.

"Oh, here we go. So er-uh, do you wanna sit at lunch with me and some friends?" he asked me. Nervously looking towards the ground and mindlessly playing with his hands. I found it adorable that he seemed nervous around me.

"sure, just meet me by my locker so you can show me the way... #245" I said trying to sound confident. Oh lunch, How I couldn't wait for lunch.

"Actually I think I should stay. I erm-uh, need to make sure your okay?" he said, even though it sounded more like a question. He sounded like he was trying to convinvince himself of something, Lacey knew the look all to well.

"erm-uh, okay." I slightly mocked him. He laughed nervously.


Alex waited til the nurse gave me Tylenol and something to help with the dizziness. She gave Alex a bit of a lecture for knocking me over. After we were finished with the nurse (Convincing her I was fine.) we went off to lunch.

Alex grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes as if saying 'Is this okay?'. I just nodded smiling while we walked forward to a table.


Thank you for reading! Comment! Please! Even if you're reading this in like 2014 or something? idk, Comment, vote, fan! Thanks for reading!

XOXO, Baby Blue Eyes


This story is really cute. I just stumbled across it and decided to check it out, and I really love what you have of it so far.
It's a bit fast for only knowing each other a day (perhaps you could have even just mentioned a bit of time gap with just telling how they were friends for a bit before getting into it), but other than that factor being a bit far-fetched, Lacey and Alex are really cute together and I really love this story. :)
Bummed to see it hasn't been continued, though. If you ever find the inspiration to do so, I will be here to read. Would like to see how things go for these two. I think you're a really great writer. :)
Hoping this comment inspires you.

Nanook Nanook

this is soooooo cuuuttteeee

Valkyrie Valkyrie
Aww thank you so much!

@TheAllTimeLowSloth I'm really happy that your
Loving it! <3
I love this! I just read it today but I'm already a huge fan of the story!
AllTimeSloth AllTimeSloth
You have this on wattpad and its like my favorite on there
ladyyybearr ladyyybearr