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Dear Maria Count Me In (Alex Gaskarth LS)


Clarity Hunters, meets the love of her life at warped tour but what will Alex do if he finds out his 'New Crush' is a stripper. What will he do?

Today was the day I don't want to be bothered, in has been a tough night. It was a bachelor party at the strip club, and let just leave it at that.

Yes I am a stripper, it was never my dream job but I it pay bills. On stage my name is Ruby, off-stage I am just me Clarity Hunters, normal nineteen year old, dropped out high school because I failed my last semester and I did not want to repeat it, my parents kicked me out the house and with that I packed my bags and moved to LA, here I met Jasmine. She offered me a job and I took it, that's actually her on and off stage name. She offered me a place to stay and food to eat, I was lucky, really lucky.

My full name is Clarity Isobel Hunters, I am nineteen years old. I am from Baltimore my dream, well my fantasy is to become the best writer there is, I love writing stories about all things life, love and hate.

I only love heavy metal and rock. Favourite bands? I have three; black veil brides, sleeping with sirens and the band I grew up with All time low, I am still a teenager so yes I do have a major crush on Alex from ATL, but come on, Alex will not even like a girl like me led alone date, I am a stripper.

I have long black hair that hangs down my shoulders, grey eyes and pouty lips, average body I guess.

Jasmine on the other hand, she has a sleek body with big blonde curls and big breasts, professional stripper, big personality big everything.


Alex Gaskarth

Alex Gaskarth

Alex here play rythum guitar and sing for all time low

Clarity Hunters

Clarity Hunters

droupout. stripper. ashamed of it

Jack Barakat

Jack Barakat

My name is boner, I mean Jack I play the electric guitar and love boobs

Jasmine Larnes

Jasmine Larnes

stripper, high heel queen love life, friends and co-workers with Clair



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