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Fridays at Stacy's


"I don't even get why you fucking try anymore Angela." Derek groans as he watches me.
"It's just another application for a job. Don't think of it as any different then the others." I fold my letter up and smile a bit.
"You've 'applied' at lest ten times." Derek mutters under his breath as I walk to the door, headed to the post office to send my letter to Hopeless Records.

"Wait really?" I raise an eyebrow at him, shocked really.
"Yeah. We're dry out of friends to suck into tour life so we've resolved to our label Giving us recommendations to check out." Alex shrugs, "We were going to give you a call but we got your super who said to find you here." He smiles.
"I just wanna see what kind of person she is drunk before we take her on tour." Rian breathes into his drink.
"Like you'd have a chance." I laugh at him, Rian looks up at me innocently,
"I don't know what you're talking about. I got a girlfriend." He smirks a bit, "we had a tour with PTV and they had a person on their crew who was an angry drunk and damn..." He dramatically shivers.
I let out a laugh as Alex goes off on a story about a guy named Tony Perry trying to car-surf on their tour bus.

I wake up the next morning laying in bed. Derek's arms wrapped protectively around my waist as I lay across his chest. His nice smell fills my nose as I let my hand run down his bare chest,
"Good morning Angel." He smiles and kisses my cheek,
"Have you been awake?" I yawn as I look up at him, Derek watches me a half smile on his face,
"Yeah. I didn't want to wake you." He smiles, "in fact I really wanted to apologize about.. Yeah." A small shiver runs down my spine,
"Yeah..." I mutter out uncomfortably, starting to get up.
"I love you." He whispers and sits up with me.
"I love you too." I submit as he kisses me deeply. His strong hands on my back, pulling me into him. I smile slightly against his lips.
"Make me breakfast?" He smiles as he pulls away.
"Of course." I smile and slip out of his grasp, I pull down the shirt I wear as I walk out of the room, I look down at my phone which lays haphazardly on the counter where I must have thrown it. A list of texts from Alex G. Runs down the front of the screen. I unlock the iPhone and look down at the messages.

< Hey so the rest of the band wants to meet you.

< Can I pick you up sometime today? I'll give you a ride to work if you need it.

< your boyfriend is invited too, I guess.

< not preferred though.

I look down at the words trying to decide, not only do I really want this job but I need the money, the good money.

When can you be here?>

I respond and set my phone down, turning anarbor on my radio. I start to fry eggs for Derek, the way he likes them, scrambles with chives and sausage.

< Can I pick you up in 10?

I look down as the message pops up on the screen.
"Hey there babe." Derek walks in, slipping his arms around me from behind. "Whose texting?"
"Remember the guys at the bar I was talking to yesterday?" I mutter as I type in my response.

I'll ask>

"Why would they have your number?" Derek frowns, "what are you asking?"
"They're from hopeless." I look back at him, "it's a job opportunity. They want me in to interview with the band I might help manage." I smile a bit.

< Who do you need to ask? You're a grown ass woman.

I grimace a bit at the text as Derek reads it.
"Yeah whatever go ahead." He mutters under his breath angrily.
"Hey." I sigh at the sad expression on his face, I turn in his arms and put my hand on his cheek.
"Hey." He frowns.
"I love you." I mutter, loving the bubbly feeling in my stomach as his arms tighten around me gently.
"I love you too Angela." He let's a slight smile slip his lips, I lean forward and kiss his lips briefly,
"Eat breakfast, I'll keep in touch with you. I promise." I smile and step back, jogging to the bedroom, I dress myself into torn jeans and a space kitty tank top that is torn up in the back. I pull on one of my shitty old sweaters on over it, before I walk into the bathroom, doing my makeup as I listen to Derek doing the dishes in the room next to me.
"Hey babe..." He walks into the bathroom, watching me while he leans against the doorway, clearly trying to show off the muscles in his chest and arms. "We're all good right?" I look over at him, his expression resembling that of a lost child.
"Yeah of course babe." I sigh a bit and smile, walking over to him I put my hand on his cheek, kissing the other.
"I just feel bad after the argument we had..." He mutters and turns to face me, "I didn't mean to hurt you Angel."
"I know babe." I mutter as I look back into his eyes.
"Go hang out with your new bosses, I'll come get a drink at the bar tonight." He smiles and taps my ass playfully.
"If you insist." I laugh as I walk back up to the counter, wanting to finish what I started.
"You know you're beautiful right?" He sighs and walks up behind me, putting his hands on my hips as I brush my eyelashes. "I don't say it enough." He sighs and brushes my hair off of my neck, kissing me there gently.
"I know baby." I smile

< I'm at stacy's I don't know exactly where you live.

I look down at my phone as it buzzes again.
"Duty calls." Derek smiles.
"Right." I laugh and step out of his arms. "I'll text you when I get there babe."
"Thank you." He sighs as I turn around the corner, leaving him there I start to go downstairs as I text Alex directions to my place, by the time the elevator touches ground a Volvo is sitting outside the doors, Alex leaning on the passengers side door, smiling at me.
"Hey there." I smile as I step out of the building,
"G'morning M'lady." He grins goofily and opens up the passengers side door for me, "you're alone?" He asks and raises an eyebrow at me.
"Well yeah." I laugh a bit as I slip into the car.
"Sweet." I hear him mutter under his breath as I duck into the car. I laugh a bit and shake my head as I look out the window,
"Thank you by the way for this opportunity." I smile over at him, "it's been a dream of mine to tour almost all of my life." I laugh a bit uncomfortably.
"It's all good. I mean you're like, super overqualified anyway. You graduated college already right?"
"Well no, but I am this summer." I add quickly, "I mean if I can pay for my last few classes."
Alex nods, seemingly thoughtfully as he looks out the front window, driving through this town that has never looked the same as it does today to me. A feeling of anticipation builds over me.
"Any notes on how to win favor of you and your friends?" I look over at him trying to make conversation.
"Uhm." Alex shrugs, his arms cross as he turns the wheel making a sharp turn, I notice a few scabs on his nuckles. "Not really, just be chill." He smiles over at me as we drive downtown to where the buildings are taller and apartments are more expensive.
The town of Baltimore has plenty of coatlines, we pull up to a tall building that is right on the edge of one. "Welcome to my place." Alex laughs a bit as he parks out front.


Hey you guys, thanks so much for reading? PLEASE tell me what you think so far! Even if you hate it... that might make me a little sad.

Oh, and the title of this chapter, had no idea what to call it so I just said 'Complexes' Like apartment complexes. Yeah I know, kinda weak.

I'm also wondering, with what you know of our friend Angela, who should she frickle frackle with and make pancakes with? Alex, Zack or Rian?
I just don't think she and Jack would be too compatable.



I really like this story so far! Keep it up! :)

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