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Fridays at Stacy's

The First Day at Stacy's

My phone alarm wakes me, my back aches from the position I sleep in. I crawl forward and pull my pants over to me from where they lay on the floor.


Flashes across the screen reminding me that I have my first day of work today. I pad through the kitchen, holding my phone to my chest as I approach the door to the bedroom. I hear the low rumbling snores of Derek sleeping. I push the door open to see the uniform tank top I'm supposed to wear to work thrown across the armchair in the corner. I step carefully, avoiding the spots on the ground I know creak the loudest as I make my way to the closet. Push up bra, thong, and shorts. Derek was right. If I was to get money to finish my management and music production degrees, get my car back from the repo man and afford rent I needed tips and a whole lot of them. I may as well milk (figuratively) the gift I was given of big breasts and a large butt. The only pain of having both of those are the love handles that jut out from my sides and the gut on my front. I walk out to the bathroom and dress myself before pulling my practically untamable blonde hair up in a bun. The snores quiet and cease. I look down at my phone and finish in the bathroom quickly, wanting to get out of the building as fast as possible. I hear muttering and groans as Derek lifts himself out of bed. My feet carry me just fast enough out the door after I snatch my boots from the front hall along with my keys and winter coat. I lean against the wall in the elevator and slip my feet in the chunky boots I assigned myself to wear after I saw another bartender working who couldn't have been any less then six feet tall. The doors open to a front lobby with a wall of glass showing off the falling snow crystals. I look down at my bare legs and then out the window. Taking a deep breath before stepping out into the strong wind my head vowed as I walk directly towards the bar known as "Stacy's" I feel my legs turn pink making me quicken my pace to a jog until I shove through the front doors opening me up into a large room, dark Chestnut colored tables match the bar which has wine glasses hung upside down ornamentally all along it. The whole room seems empty excluding the man I see behind the counter that sticks out in the middle of the room like a peninsula.
"Hey!" The guy shouts and nods at me from behind the counter, "you the new girl?" He walks around so that he's leaning over the counter looking at me.
"Yeah. You must be..." I raise an eyebrow as I walk over, I pull my coat off.
"Peter." He smiles and holds a hand over the bar for me to shake. The boy looks barely over 21 with messy brown hair and brown eyes that look out from under his bangs.
"Angela." I smile back at him and take his hand shaking it.
"I think I'll be training you in." Peter nods at me to follow him around the island. "Let's get started."
Peter shows me how to make countless numbers of drinks. I hardly know how I'm supposed to remember them but a lot of the technical stuff is relatively easy. Throughout the afternoon I make several mixtures of sodas, citrus juices, tequilas, beers and my best friend Jack.
"So." Peter stops after I attempt a pitiful White Russian that I put too much cream in. "You want to try to work tonight?" I look back to see the boy lean against the counter, polishing a beer glass that's already perfectly clean.
"Could I?" I raise an eyebrow at him and smile a bit.
"Yeah. Stacy's gunna be here sometime soon. She'll want to see you in action." He shrugs.
"I'd love to." I take a sip of the drink and sputter a bit, not enjoying the taste.
"You a lightweight?" A smirk plays at Peters lips.
"Please." I laugh and roll my eyes at him, "I can handle myself."
"You better. Expect to be getting a few shots tonight." He smiles. "Go wipe the tables, the rush'll start soon."
The night started out just like that. I was leaning over the tables wiping off drips of vodka and Budweiser off of tables when the first big group came into the bar and Peter had me on tap duty and nachos while he threw together piƱa coladas like no shit in ten seconds. Then another group came in and a girl showed up in uniform to work tonight and help us out Friday night and people seemed to want to wash away the weekend. Particularly kids from the university across town.
As soon as the bar begins to quiet again, people moving on from the neighborhood bar onto clubs or more lively venues as the night goes on. I kneel down behind the bar for a break to catch a breath and a glass of water, pathetic attempts to sober myself up slightly from the plethora of drinks I've consumed.
"Hey." I hear a male voice above me, I groan and stretch standing up, I glance at the clock 12:30.
"Hey," I laugh, "sorry I was getting a drink, what can I get you?" The man sits down on a stool with another guy.
"Just Gin&tonic, Joeys Drink and one of whatever you were sneaking yourself down there." He winks and chuckles
"You interested in a nice glass of water then?" I smile at him and pull out three glasses.
"If that's what is takes." He smirks
"Dude calm it." The second guy laughs and bumps the first.
"Alex." The first man nods at me,
"Excuse me?" I raise an eyebrow at him.
"It's my name." Alex smiles, "I know you were wondering."
"Angela." I laugh and push the Gin & Tonic over to the second guy, "You are?"
"Rian." He smiles and salutes me awkwardly.
"What brings the two of you here?" I smile and mix the stoli and tonic, sliding the drink over to Rian.
"Meeting some guys." Alex nods, I look around the bar,
"I don't mean to involve myself but that guy over there," I no pointedly in the direction of a business man who I overheard drunkenly hitting on another guy earlier, "I think he might be into you." I look back at Alex who groans. Rian laughs hardily.
"Why does everyone think I'm gay?" Alex groans.
"Well you did say you're here to meet guys." Rian stifles his laughter with his wrist.
"We're meeting our crew." Alex rolls his eyes,
"Well now you sound like a douche bag." Rian raises an eyebrow at his friend. "We're casually meeting our potential new manager and light technician." He corrects.
"What makes the two of you so fancy that you need a manager?" I lean on the bar with my hands spread out.
"We're in a band." Alex smiles, "ever heard of All Time Low?"
"Yeah." I nod, the name rings a bell to my brothers thirteen year old daughter. I introduced her to Blink-182 not too long ago and I sent her in a downward spiral into the beginnings of a band whore. "I think my niece listens to you."
"She has good taste." Rian takes a drink.
"So you guys are from Baltimore then?" I look over at Peter who is shamelessly flirting with a girl at the other side of the bar.
"Yeah." Alex nods, "we're actually pretty regular here."
"Here as in the bar?" I smile.
"Yeah. I'm guessing that means you're new here." Alex cocks his head to the side and smirks.
"Wow, smarts and good looks." I smirk back at him sarcastically, "do you still want to buy me that drink? Because I have a feeling ill need it." I laugh,
"Abso-fucking-lutely." Alex grins and leans forward close to me, the distance stereo out faces feels smaller then I know it really is. I smile and lean back, throwing together a rum and cola. Not caring much the degree of rum/cola.
"Hey Angel!" Peter calls over to me from the other side of the room,
"What?" I laugh and lean back against the bar.
"I need your opinion on something!" He waves me over.
"One minute boys." I laugh and take a long drink.
"You said you swing both ways right?" Peter asks as I walk over. I feel Alex and Rian's eyes on my back in curious interest.
"I have to admit I do." I raise an eyebrow at him and lean a hand against the counter.
"Could you do a test for this lady and I?" Peter looks over at the woman giving him sex eyes.
"Oh dear what are you getting me into?" I laugh
"I need you to tell me who the best kisser is." Peter leans his head back, challenging me.
"Whoa!" I hear Alex from across the room, "can I get in on this?"
"Cass can be so right about you." Rian mutters.
"Wait what?" Alex frowns
"Fine." I smile at Peter, I need this guys respect and if kissing a girl will help I'm not going to say no. Not going to lie, being with boys leaves something wanting in terms of lady love.
"Wait really?" The girl laughs and raises an eyebrow, I glance back at the door as a tall built man walks into the bar and walks over in the direction of Alex and Rian.
"What? He didn't just call me over here without you agreeing to it?" I raise an eyebrow at her and shoot a glare at Peter.
"I did, I'm just surprised you agree'd to it." She smiles.
"Okay, as a judge, I'm setting ground rules." I smile at the two of them, "you get a count of three Mississippi. No tongue or otherwise touching." I nod between the two of them.
"Deal." The woman smirks and holds a hand out to me, motioning me forward, I take the steps closer to her and lean over, connecting her lips to mine. One Mississippi I count in my head. Her soft lips press against mine, I breathe in her sweet scent and her lips part slightly, two Mississippi, her teeth pull back at my lip, three Mississippi, I sigh as she pulls away and licks her lip,
"Wow babe." Derek grins at me from across the room, "why don't you hop over that bar and give me some I that action?" He smirks and walks up to the bar.
"I'm on the clock babe." I smile falsely and walk over to meet him.
"You can jump out from behind the bar." Peter shrugs,
"Come on then." Derek hold his arms out to help lift me over.
"Alright." I sigh and let him drag me over the bar, like a child's rag doll onto his lap.
"Making money babe?" He pushes my hair back gently,
"Fifty eight dollars in tips." I smile widely at him, hoping he'd be proud of my achievement. His smile wavers slightly,
"Wow only two hundred to go to get your car back." He presses his lips together in a tight line. I look over his shoulder, self conscious of all the other people in the room. Alex's eyes bore into me from across the room a frown playing at his lips while Rian whispers to the new guy who walked in. The bulky one who I've now noticed has tattoo sleeves.
"I'll work harder tomorrow." I mutter, "I promise." I feel a strong hand grab my cheek,
"You fucking better whore." He growls and shoves my head back, giving me minor whiplash.
"I will." I mutter and grab the back of my neck,
"Go see if you can get a decent tip from those assholes." He mutters and pushes me off of his lap smacking my ass when I turn to walk away, "I expect you to be home by 2:15." He mutters I walk back around the bar awkwardly stepping around Peter while he mixes Derek a drink.
"Hey, sorry for the wait." I mutter, trying my best to level my breath.
"I'm Angela, what can I get for you?" I look at the new guy,
"Julep." He nods to me.
"This is Zack." Alex introduces him, followed by an awkward wave from Zack while I start to mix his drink. "Was that your boyfriend?" Alex raises an eyebrow at me.
"That's a way of putting it." I laugh and push my hair back.
"How do you put it?" Zack asks me and takes a seat. I hand Zack his drink,
"Boyfriend." I mutter and look down.
"Sure looked like it." Rian laughs under his breath.
"Shouldn't the two of you be interviewing this guy or something?" I nod over at Zack.
"No that's our Bassist." Alex nods at Zack and holds his empty glass out to me, "any way I can get a refill?" I take the glass and mix another for him,
"Well I don't know how much time you'll have to meet your potential manager, were probably closing up in an hour."
"Is that what you told her?" Zack looks at the two of them and laughs.
"Wow man, bust our cover." Rian chuckles with him. I pick up a glass and begin to wipe it down,
"I am missing something huge here aren't I?" I raise an eyebrow at the three of them.
"These two assholes are liars is all." Zack smiles and leans against the bar.
"TWO FIFTEEN!" I look over to see Derek leaving the bar.
"Well what's the truth?" I laugh and raise an eyebrow at them.
"Our label sent us over here to check you out. Said you had some degrees that might prove useful to us." Zack smiles.


Chapter two! Tell me what you think?
I've been holding onto this fic for a while now and I can't wait for you all to read the whole thing. I'm trying to dive back into my fanfiction. I love you guys thanks so much!


I really like this story so far! Keep it up! :)

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