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Oneshot for Laura

One out of One

Alex’s POV

“Jacky go away! You’re gonna get sick from me!” I try to yell but my throat says otherwise and I whine in pain, clutching my throat in pain as if it would do something.

“Well Mr. Gaskarth, I can’t. As your husband it is my job to stay home and to make sure you get better.” He responds, tucking the down comfoter close to me as if I was a small child getting tucked into their bed by their parents.

I pout with my lip jutted out and Jack places the back of his hand over my forehead, testing if I’m warm or cold, then getting the nearby thermometer on the bed side table and telling me to open my mouth so he can put it under my tounge.

It beeps a minute later and he tells me it’s 101.3.

“Sir, you need to stay in bed, you are most deffinatly sick. Your job is to stay in bed and get cuddled by me.” He tells me, getting in the bed with me and trying to bring me close to him, but I shove him away.

“Stop it! Do you want my sickness?” I tell him, getting a cough drop from the nightstand before giving up and letting him cuddle me as I start to feel freezing, despite with a hoodie and three warm blankets covering me.

“You’re too cute.”

“And contagious.”

“But adorable.”

“I’m in-” I start to say but then end up sneezing really loud, getting snot all around my nose...and on Jack.

“Little sneezy boy, let me go get something to clean your nose up.” Jack rushes off to go get tissues from the en-suite bathroom.

He comes back a few moments later with the box of lavender scented tissues and wipes my nose.

“I can handle wiping away my boogers myself.” I say in annoyance.

“And I can happily do it for you. My job was to take care of you, not for you to take care of yourself.” He responds back to me.


“No buts, now blow.” He orders me and I blow my nose loudly as he puts a new tissue to my

“I hate you.” I tell him as he throws away my boogery tissues into the trash.

“Aww Lexy boo, I love you too! Now it’s been a few hours since you’ve had your medication. I best go get it, we don’t need you anymore sick.”

“Fuck you Barakat.”

“You know when you married me last year, you got the name so your saying to go fuck yourself.”

“You’re too smart for your own good.”

“Hence why I went to John Hopkins University.”

“Go get my damn medicine and you know Razor’s mother went to that University. Fucker she got you in.”

“I’ll be right back”

So Jack leaves to get my medication and after doing what he wants me to do to get better, I eventually do and then everythings alright.

A little cold doesn’t stop an Alex Barakat.


Oneshot for Laura, it was for The Unknown Writers Contest.
Don't have much to say but to check her out and me out as well :)
Note I'm going to the A Love Like Tour, March 29th date. I'm going with my friend Tony, I'll give you info if you want to meet up with me before the concert.
Remember I'm also @Jalex_Lover on Instagram well 1/2.
I'll give you pictures of what I'm wearing when the date comes closer.
Till darkness completes us,
Sarah's Butterflies


@Sarah's Butterflies
my keyboard and fingers messed up :')

laura laura

Ohhh ookay, I thought it was an acronym for something

that was supposed to be me gushing like ndklbvfafjbjadbjlnakvl but no

laura laura

No probs! I had fun writing it!


I loved the part where Jack was like “You know when you married me last year, you got the name so your saying to go fuck yourself.”
thank you so much!!! c:

laura laura