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Coffee's For Closers


Dylan Clark moved to Baltimore to get a fresh start. Cleaning tables and taking orders, she gets a job at a small coffee shop in hopes to get by in her new life.

Alex Gaskarth was the lead singer of a well-known band. What happened to the band, why they fell apart, is a complete mystery to the world. All the fans know for sure is that the band no longer exists and Alex took up a job at a small coffee shop in Baltimore.

When their paths cross, will Dylan be the one to solve the mystery, or will both of their attempts to start over prove to be nothing more than a new way to fall apart?

A/N: I started this story three years ago on my Mibba account. My computer crashed with all of my saved chapters before I could post them. In attempt to get my creative juices flowing again, I've decided to take it back up and see if I can finish it. Only two chapters have been posted on Mibba, therefore anything after that will be brand new. The name of the lead OC has been changed and minor edits will be made. Enjoy!



This idea intrigues me. Even though you only ever got two chapters up, I really like what you have of it so far. Is that odd to say?
If you ever find yourself coming back to this, I will be here to read. It would be interesting to find out why Alex left the band, and just to know more of Dylan's backstory. I have a feeling she has her own story to tell.
But yeah, just wanted to leave a comment letting you know you would have a reader. :)

Nanook Nanook

@Miss Sarah Louise
Thank you so much! I just felt so DRAINED from my other fics that I decided to dig this oldie up and bring it back to life. I'm going to try to stick with the way my writing style was in 2011 (when those two chapters were first published) but it's honestly going to be a task, haha! I'm going to start working on the next update tonight. And again, thank you! <3.

This is one of the best AU fics I've ever read, its devoid of the cliches that plague most other fics like this. Please continue, I'm hooked! And any time you need writing help please feel free to message me :D

Thank you! <3.

I love this so far :D