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I'll Paint You Wings.



I walked into my one room apartment and locked the door. Kicking off my checkered Vans, I flopped onto my bed, not even bothering to change my clothes or turn the bed down. Honestly, I was too drunk to really care. I think I was probably the drunkest out of everyone. Blame my low tolerance. My last thought before I drifted off to sleep is how perfect things were turning out.


When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was how unnaturally bright my room was. The second was the bitch of a headache I had. The memory of the night came flooding back to me. Drinking, riding in the bus with Jack and Alex, and Jack helping me to my apartment. I grinned at the pleasant memory, then remembered I had given him my number. I grabbed my iPhone from the table next to my bed. I unlocked it to find a text from "Jack Makes My Dick Hard". That dumbass. I felt the corners of my lips turn up involuntarily.

The text read, "Hey, you're prob still sleeping, but you should call me later!(:"

I tapped into the box, "I'm awake. I feel like death. No calling.XD"


"Understood. Head hurt?"

"Not at all. It's peachy!(;"


"Wanna get some food in half an hour? I know a place that makes awesome some kick ass pizza."

"Sure! I'll ttyl."

Pizza? What time is it? I looked at the clock. 11:45. Holy shit, I slept late!

By noon, I had managed to shower, put my hair in a knot, and put on makeup. I just threw on some shorts and a GK tank, but I really didn't care how I looked. My only concern was Jack and food. I grabbed my purse and some dark sunglasses and headed to the lobby to meet him.


I stood in the lobby of Kay's building. I was taking her to Cicero's, a restaurant close by. The guys and I discovered it the first time we played here. They had great pizza. The elevator pinged and I looked up to see Kay walking towards me. She had massive shades on.

"Nice glasses. Dark enough?" I smirked.

"Shut up." She grinned, playfully.

I grabbed her hand and we walked up the street. Thankfully, Kay's apartment was close to it, because I had no mode of transit.

"You know, I've lived here for years and I've never actually been to Cicero's." Kay said.

"I love it. The guys and I go almost every time we play here."

We got a table in the corner, so Kay took her glasses off. For the first time, I noticed how beautiful her eyes were. They were a honey color, with flecks of green and brown, giving them the illusion of being golden. There was also a dark ring around the iris. They were striking. She caught me staring and cleared her throat.

"Oh, sorry. Your eyes are just really pretty." I felt myself blush. Smooth.

"Oh," She smiled. "Thanks."

Needless to say, awkward silence ensued.

"Well," I said in a desperate attempt to break it. "What should we get? Its on me"

"Oh, you don't have to do that!"

"Its my pleasure." I grinned at her. "The House Special is really good."


Our pizza arrived and we dug in. It was pretty good. I love food. Especially the pizza type of food. I couldn't enjoy it, though. I had this question nagging me in the back of my head.

"Jack, can I ask you something serious?"

"Oh, yeah. What's on your mind?" He grinned.

"What is...this?" I gestured between the two of us.

"I figured you would ask that sooner or later." He sighed. "I don't know how to explain it. I like you a lot. I feel like I want to get to know you. Like I want to hear your story."

He likes me alot. Squee.

"I think I kinda feel the same..."


Is anyone reading this? If you are, post a comment! I feel like I'm kinda writing for nothing, at this point. I have some good ideas for future chapters and where I want to go with this, so bear with me if you are reading! Oh, I don't own Cicero's. I wish I did. Again..if you're ever in Louie.(:




Jack throwing rocks at her window and yelling to her to come with him is like my favorite thing to ever happen in a fic. now i'm jealous because the plans i have for mine could never be so cute!

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@Barakat's Slut
Thanks! :D
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This is perfect
Maybe sometime today I will.(:
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