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You & My Big Dreams

Part One

I smirked when I heard the girl sitting on the van bench in front of me curse loudly after we hit a pothole. I leaned forward to peer over her shoulder and my suspicions were confirmed when I saw a streak of green nail polish swiped across the top of her hand.

“A van isn’t the best place to paint your nails, princess.” I taunted, leaning back and crossing my arms over my chest.

“I was bored.” She defended, turning to glare at me.

Since we had picked her up along with Zack three days ago, I had known that Lynn would suffer on tour with us. But Zack had insisted that she should come along and Alex and Jack of course had accepted the idea with enthusiasm. I was trying to reserve judgement, but the prissy girl was quickly getting on my nerves.

This was All Time Low’s first tour out of high school, which meant no parents. So of course we were all pumped and I was mostly concerned that Zack’s cousin would only hold us back.

“Guys, quit arguing. I can’t concentrate.” Zack barked from the front seat.

I glanced out the window and noticed that the traffic had picked up considerably as we neared Detroit. I reached up to run a hand over my newly shaved head, trying to block out the sounds of Alex and Jack giggling behind me from my mind as I felt the familiar butterflies creep into my stomach at the thought of performing later.

It was so strange to know that this was all real now. It wasn’t just a game we were playing anymore. This was our life now.


I huffed in frustration, screwing the lid back on my nail polish and wiping my accidental swipe onto the fabric of the seat I was curled up on. I pulled my long strawberry blonde hair back away from my face and pulled my glasses off my face, wiping them clean on my tshirt.

I had fought my mom for weeks about coming with my cousin Zack on tour with his band. I was ready to get out of Canada and live life out from under my mother’s thumb. When my mother finally agreed, I had called Zack immediately and made plans to be at his house a week later to leave with him and his friends.

For the most part everything had been alright, Alex and Jack had accepted my presence with smiles and hugs and I had quickly become friends with the both of them. Rian, however, was a different story. He had smiled and shook my hand in greeting, but had done nothing but heckle me since we had started our journey. It was obvious he didn’t think I belonged here on the road and I was determined to prove him wrong.


I grunted, lifting one of my drums over my shoulder and pushing a guitar amp with my other hand. I finally made it up the ramp and quickly navigated through the backstage area, dodging unfamiliar faces to get to the stage.

We were opening for some popular local Detroit bands so I started setting my kit up right away. Once I was done, I stood, wiping my hands on my shorts. I gazed out across the small venue and saw Lynn in the back, struggling with the wire cages we used for our merch. I smirked and hopped off the front of the stage, making my way to the back wall.

“Need some help, princess?” I asked, leaning my palms on the folding table.

She peered over her shoulder and glared when she saw me.

“No thanks. I can handle it.” She grumbled, flipping her hair over her shoulder before resuming her struggle.

“Suit yourself.” I snickered, pulling down a folding chair and plopping down in it to watch.

It took her about five minutes but she finally got the partitions stable and began hanging the screen-printed shirts that we had ordered a couple of months previous. Although the girl was annoying as hell, I couldn’t help but appreciate how nice her ass looked in her cutoff denim shorts when she was bent over rummaging in the plastic totes for shirts.

I pulled my phone out when I felt it buzz in the pocket of my cargo shorts and flipped it open, seeing a text from Zack.

‘Stop checking out my cousin.’

I glanced around and saw Zack sitting on the edge of the stage, smirking in my direction. I flipped him the bird before standing up and stretching and heading backstage.


I pulled my headphones out of my ears and tucked my iPod away in my shorts pocket when the venue manager announced two minutes to doors.

I stood up from my chair and straightened the CDs that were stacked on the table, preparing myself for the people that would soon fill the venue. Although many people stopped at my table to look at our merchandise, none of them purchased anything. I didn’t let it dampen my spirits, if the first three nights had been any indication of how sales would go, I would be mobbed as soon as the guys left the stage.


“You can go get a shower. We can handle this.” Zack said as he and Rian squeezed behind the table to stand next to me.

“Oh thank god. I smell horrible.” I sighed in relief, leaving the table.

I walked out the side door, heading out to the van to get my toiletry bag before knocking on the back door of the venue to be granted access by a security man after flashing my pass.

I found the women’s bathroom and stepped into the shower stall once I had the water as hot as it would get. At first I hadn’t thought this whole tour thing would be too hard, but I was starting to miss being able to take as long as I wanted in the shower.


So here's part one! Please let me know if you like it! I can't decide if this is going to be a full series or a mini series. It will probably depend on the response I get from the first few parts.
Sorry this part is a bit short. I will try to make the next parts a bit longer.


The way the other one is set up, there are no spoilers, really. So you could read the one shot first, since I released it first. This whole story is leading up to the one shot :)
Thank you!
blasttyrant blasttyrant
This is so great so far, I'm reading this one first I think, or should I read this part after the other one? Idk ._.
Rae.barakittn2 Rae.barakittn2
Thanks so much! Hopefully part two will be out today or tomorrow
blasttyrant blasttyrant
I'm so happy that this is going to be a series!!! I like it so far!
cassie cassie