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All I Can Give You [CONTEST ENTRY]


I watched as she walked down the isle. The love of my life and the happiest day of my life. My Olivia. I could never imagine a day without her, and with my tour life I have to. I know she hates being away from me and the separation But It's how it works I guess. I need to make money so that I can give her the best life possible, and I know she won't ever give up on me. My Via will always be by my side, even if she's miles away.

This is based off of the song All I Can Give You by Jason Lancaster

This is my contest entry! I hope you all like it! I only wish I had more time to edit it, so it may be rough but I think it'll get me some points :P

Thank you so much to SaraBethGaskarth for judging and hosting this event.
And my asshole ex boyfriend for making me know what it's like to be rejected and help me translate it into this story (Rot in hell assfuck.) I know I'm bitter.

I made my own banner, and if you'd like to maybe help me get some practice and have me design yours, or if you would like a particular photo to be made into a transparency, I got your back.


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Oh gosh my feels what did you do

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