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A Tongue Like a Nightmare That Cut Like a Blade

“So are you on a mission now?”

Aurora sat on the couch in the backroom of the tour bus that was a nursery for little Jasmine. Jasmine was currently in the mute girl’s arms. She was the only one awake at the moment. It was late at night, and the bus was on it’s way to it’s first stop. Aurora couldn’t sleep, so she came in the room to help Jasmine fall asleep.
A sigh falls from her lips as she puts the sleeping baby back in it’s crib which is connected to the floor. Aurora didn’t like the idea that Alesia came up with. She may have been a smart girl, but her idea was stupid. Since when was it ok to take a baby on tour? She may be there to help out but still. Luckily Jasmine was one of those babies that never cried. If she did, all they had to do was put music on and that would cause her to be content. They were lucky.
As the autumn haired girl sat back down, she thought about everything. That was what she did after all. She thought. It’s not like she was going to let a word out of her mouth and socialize. She made a promise, and she was going to keep it. There was no way that she was going to break it. It didn’t matter if she was being attacked or scared. Not even a whimper was going to leave her mouth as long as she was in front of someone.
The thing is is that Alesia wasn’t the only one with a tragic past. It seemed like their family was cursed or something. There was always someone hurting. It may be their grandmother, or Alesia’s story, or even Aurora’s. Of course, she wasn’t going to tell anyone what happened. Her family was the only one that knew, and it was going to stay that way.
When a yawn escaped her mouth, Aurora figured that it was time to try to fall asleep again. Her feet shuffled their way out of the room to get to her bunk above Jack and Alesia’s. As she exited the room, she decided that her phone needed to be charged, so she grabbed that out of her bunk and went out to the front lounge. Aurora wasn’t expecting for someone else to be out there.
“You can’t sleep either?” the man with the napoleon hair asked. She nodded. “Are you going to go to sleep now?” She shrugged. “Would you like to sit with me?” Another shrugged, but she did so. “So why can’t you sleep?”
“Just can’t,” she signed. “You.”
“Just thinking. I was thinking about writing another song.” Aurora nodded to know she was listening. “Do you mind keeping me company?”
Even though Alex didn’t know her very well, there was something about her that just fascinated him. She was like a mystery novel that you just wanted to skip to the end but couldn’t. He wanted to know why she didn’t talk, but he never asked her. Alex didn’t want to make her upset and want to stay away from him. Aurora may never show emotion, but Alex could tell that she was just bottling it up. She just had that look in her eyes that told him so.
Eventually, Aurora went to her bunk and laid down. The only thing was that she didn’t go to sleep. Instead, she started to write down all of her feelings in the book that she kept hidden in her pillowcase. Without being able to share her feelings to people because she knew they would try to help her, the only way to get them out was the same way she did when she was younger. This act reminded her of the event that caused her to hurt herself though.
She eventually did fall asleep and woke up the same time that everyone else did. Aurora was used to having a lack of sleep. It was barely considered a lack anymore. She went out to everyone to see her cousin and husband with their child. Jack was giving her a bottle, and Alesia was giving him a kiss on the cheek.
Aurora was jealous of them. They were able to be so happy even through pain. She wished that she was as strong as her cousin, but she wasn’t. She would need someone to be there for her, but there was no way that she was going to find someone for her. She was a broken girl without a voice. Who could ever love her?
She went over to the refrigerator to get herself some water before sitting down next to her relative. “Good morning,” Aurora signed.
“Morning,” Alesia smiled. “Are you going to go see their first show? I was going to stay here with Jasmine because I can’t hear them play.”
“I’ll stay. You should go.” Aurora looked over at Jack. “Jack wants you to go. I can tell.”
“It’s true,” Jack told Alesia. “I would like you to come.”
“You’re so good at reading people. How to you do it?”
Aurora shrugged. “I just am.”
“Thank you for taking care of Jasmine and coming on the tour.”
“Don’t mention it.”
“I know that it reminds you of what happened, so I’m really grateful.”
“Everything reminds me of what happened.Trust me. I’m fine. I can tell that you’re worried about me.”
“I know. I can’t help it. You’re my best friend.”
“You’re my best friend too.”
The eldest of the band came over to the small family. “Can I talk to you Jack?”
“Sure.” He handed his little girl to his wife and then got up to follow Alex to the nursery. “What is it?”
“Has Alesia ever told you what happened to Aurora?”
“No. Why do you want to know?”
“Just curious.”
“What? Do you like her or something?” That goofy grin appeared on the Lebanese man’s face.
“No. It’s more like a fascinating.”
“Whatever you say. Um, I do know that it involved her mom too. Their grandma was saying it when she was trying to get Aunt Lauren to leave her alone.”
“Oh. Was that all?”
“I think so. Sorry that I couldn’t help. Maybe you should sleep with her. That’s how Alesia told me.” He laughed at his own joke.
“Well, you scared her to death.”
“I know. I’ll never forgive myself for it.”
“Well, you got your girl, so everything is good.”
“It is. I want to know about Aurora too, but she won’t tell anyone. Alesia told me that it’s pretty bad. She hates herself for whatever happened.”
“Well, when I find out, I’ll ask her if I can tell you.”
“So are you on a mission now?”
“Yep, but it’s not just a mission for that. I have another mission in mind too.”
“What would that be?”
“It will be hard.” Alex was in his own thoughts right now.
“Alex. Alex. Alex!”
“What? Oh yeah. I didn’t tell you. I wanted to get her to talk.”
“You what?”
“I want to get her to talk.”
“She hasn’t talked in years.”
“I know, but I have this feeling like she might if I try hard enough.”
“Alesia has tried to get her to talk. You’re not going to be able to do it.”
“That’s why I’m going to have to try to find out why she doesn’t. I don’t know why, but I want to help this girl, and I’ll do whatever it takes.”


Sorry I didn't put this up yesterday. I had a little over a third done, but I fell asleep when I took a break. I'm over at my nana's. I had to help her make an account because she wants to start printing off my stories. She doesn't really like the idea of me writing stories that I can't publish on here. I keep telling her that it's good because I can get my name out and entertain people, and I have ideas for other stories and a book series I'm going to write.
Thanks to everyone that commented and subscribed and recommended. That means a lot. I'll start putting up thank yous in the next chapter.


The Experts Say I'm Delirious

The Experts Say I'm Delirious

NC-17 Romance

Jack Barakat/OC. Mental Disorder, Deaf


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When I first put my stories up, there was an option when creating a story. I've been asked this before, but when I looked to find it, it wasn't there anymore. As far as I know, they don't have the option anymore. It would be nice if it was there again since this story and another of mine need it, but sadly, it's not there.
QueenDes QueenDes
how do you put the prequel/ sequel thing there?
Rae.Barakitten Rae.Barakitten
@Billie Joe Gaskarth
Thanks! That's one of the best comments that I've ever gotten. As I say in real life because I'm a Japan loving anime freak. Arigatou gozaimasu!
QueenDes QueenDes
This is so heartbreakingly perfect
I'm happy you found it cute. I didn't know if it was going to be too cheesy because I'm a hopeless romantic that loves that stuff, and sometimes I think of really cheesy stuff.
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