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So... Friday at noon?

It's a date

Jack paced his living room carpet, one hand wrapped round his phone while the other was tangled in his perfect, messy hair. His black skinny jeans rode low on his tiny hips and bright blue converse covered his feet. A shirt hung off his thin torso, matching his converse, and a black leather jacket clung to his sides like a second skin. He looked hot, not that he didn't know that though. The white numbers on Jack's phone read 7:15. He smiled as he glanced at his wallpaper, it was a picture of him and Matt at a party the other night that someone had taken on his phone without him noticing. They were both laughing, Matt pushing Jack away from him and Jack drew all over his face in sharpie. You could still see the lines faintly now.
“Matt! What do I do?! Who am I? Jack the teacher or Jack the awesome dude?”
Matt laughed at his best friend's stressing and shook his head.
“Definitely neither of those people. Just be yourself! The kid's a college student anyway, he's five years younger than you. And he's only a year older than some of the kids you teach, if that. If he was a little younger this would be against the law.”
“But it's not, because he's a friend. Hell he's not even a friend, he's an acquaintance! Can I call him that? Is he even that yet?”
The other male sighed and shook his head, a grin on his face. Jack was so cute and childlike. He was a fully grown baby. Matt used to have a huge crush on him actually, but as they both went to college Matt's feeling slowly started to fade away. They'd been best friends for years, Jack used to play guitar in Matt's band, but then he'd gone on to teaching. Jack had always wanted to teach, he's hated school. Jack was the class clown, and sort of a little ADD. He couldn't focus properly and he found his classes and teachers boring. Jack wanted to be a teacher because he understood what the kids wanted to do, he understood that school was the most horrible thing ever, so he made it interesting. His classes had the best results through out the whole school and his form was on top every single week. To say Jack was proud of himself would be an understatement.
“Why do you have such a huge crush on this kid anyway?”
“I don't! He's just so hot and fuckable!”
Matt laughed at his best friend's child like whining and smiled as he went on,
“I mean you have to see him Matt. His ass is perfect and he's so damn-”
A knock on the door interrupted Jack's rambling and he cursed under his breath.
“That's them! OhmygodOhmygodOhmygod.”
Jack rushed around the apartment, skidding in to his bedroom.
“Answer the door!”
Matt chuckled and shook his head with embarrassment.
Like he said, a fully grown baby.
His jaw went slack when he saw the stunning boy in the hallway and he smirked to himself.
I totally see why now.
The older man stuck out a hand and smiled.
“I'm Matt Flyzik, Jack's room mate and best friend. I'm guessing you're Alex?
“That's me, Alex Gaskarth. It's nice to meet you.”
“Same to you. Where's the kid?”
Alex chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.
“He saw some of his friends on the way here and ditched me, said he'd call me when he was on his way. I gave him directions and everything.”
Matt nodded and smirked, knowing he should do the good thing here and leave.
“Well I was on my way out anyway. HEY JACK! I'm going out! Have a good concert man.”
Jack franticly ran towards the door, his face flustered, and smiled.
“By Matt!”
Jack looked Alex over and smirked.
The boy wore a plain black shirt, a black leather jacket over it. His caramel brown hair was swept messily across his forehead and ruffled up at the top. Alex's skinny jeans clung his long, thin legs and rode low on his ass. His hands were stuck in his back pockets and he smiled. Alex's jeans were a dark grey, stars on one thigh and stripes on the other in light grey. Boots covered his feet, sort of like the shoes builders wear but more tasteful. Jack smirked as Alex turned round to close the door behind him, his white boxers showing above the rim of his jeans without his hands to cover them up. Alex spun round and blushed, wiggling his favourite jeans higher up his ass.
“Sorry about Rian, he never really gets to talk to his friends outside of school so when he saw them I didn't want to not let him talk to them.”
Jack stuttered, nodding, and blushed. He felt so guilty, he hadn't even noticed Rian wasn't with Alex and the kid was the only reason they were going.
Jack made a note to self in his head: If me and Alex hook up, remember to thank Rian.
The younger boy smiled and kicked his chunky shoes off, bending down half to tuck him laces in to the boot and half for an excuse to show Jack his ass again. Alex knew he was looking, he could tell.
“You're flat's really nice. It's so.... clean.”
Jack chuckled and plopped down on his sofa, patting the space next to him and smiling at an awkward Alex.
“That's Matt, who I'm sure you've met. He like things in order, I guess it comes from organising his band.”
“He's in a band? Wait he sings right?”
“Yeah, how'd you know?”
“I knew I'd seen him before! I saw him at a local band show a couple of months ago. His band's amazing.”
Jack smiled proudly, he's always loved Matt's band, before, during and after the time he was in it. Matt was the most talented person he knew.
“They're called Underscore right?”
“Yeah. I used to play guitar with them, I think I played guitar at that show actually.”
“I didn't see you backstage.”
“My band performed too. We're not a band any more though.”
Jack smiled and spun round to face his student's big brother. Alex was a musician.
“What do you play?”
“Sing for me.”
Alex blushed at Jack's demand and looked in to his lap.
“I-I'm a little bit... I mean.. This is....”
Jack looked around the apartment warily, as if someone would see, before hesitantly placing two fingers under Alex's chin and pushing his head up so the boy would look at him.
“If it makes you feel better Ill sing first, and you can't get much worse than me.”
The younger boy laughed and nodded.
“Ok.... But you go first.”
The teacher smiled before opening his mouth and letting out the most terrible, tone deaf voice Alex had ever heard. It was adorable.
“I thought of all the lines, all the right ones I used at all the wrong times. But that's alright, depression's just a sarcastic state of mind. What have you said, reach out your hand. There's a black shadow on my wall, but as I look in to my mind, I can see that girls are a waste of time.”
Alex laughed at Jack's terrible singing and the older man smiled.
“Your turn.”
“Ok, but don't laugh at me if I mess up, I'm a little awkward.”
“I won’t laugh, I promise.”
Jack's jaw went slack at the amazing voice that passed through the boy's lips, a melody the teacher didn't recognise filling up the air round his ears.
“Mayday situation overload, I'm restless, obsessed with your future. And all my worries they don't bother you, collected you render me useless. But I carry on. Right now I think that you think that I'm half drunk. Searching for something substance, casually dropping a line designed to keep you next to me. I can't awkwardly craft an advance, I know that you wouldn't fall for that, you say“shut up and take my hand”, and we carry on.
I don't wanna say goodnight. The city comes alive, when we're together. Why can't Thursday last forever? I don't wanna say goodnight. I've never been so sure. Just do it for the memories, do it for Baltimore. Do it for me.”
Jack broke in to a clap and whistled.
“You're amazing Alex!”
A dark pink blush spread across the younger boy's cheeks and a shaky breath passed his lips.
“I never really sing that much, I'm sort of really awkward.”
“Well I think you're amazing.”
Alex looked in to Jack's eyes and smiled softly, the pink etched on his cheeks getting a little darker as Jack shuffled further towards him.
Oh my god is he moving in? Kiss him. Kiss that teacher.
Jack took a deep breath.
Just kiss him Jack! Why can't you kiss him? Kiss him!
Alex's ring tone blasted out from his skinny jeans pocket, making both men jump and scoot away from each other.
“That'll be Rian.”
The younger boy cleared his throat awkwardly and pushed his phone against his ear.
“Hey douche bag, where are you?”
“I'm outside the flat. I heard you singing and I didn't want to interrupt. Can I ask you a favour?”
“Go ahead.”
“Could you please not date my teacher? I have to deal with that at school. You can fuck him, I don't mind that, but please don't date him.”
“I can't promise that. If that opportunity comes up I'm going to take it.”
Alex chuckled at Jack's confused face and spoke again.
“Anyway, there's a huge chance that's never going to happen anyway. Come in man.”
The dial tone rang through the speaker of Alex's phone and Rian walked in straight after.
“Hey, ready to go?”
Jack's black, small car pulled up outside the arena and Rian smiled.
“Mr Barakat you're the best teacher ever.”
The eldest man chuckled and spun round to look at the youngest boy.
“Just for tonight, call me Jack.”
Rian nodded and hopped out of the car.
“Well, you guys have fun, I'll meet you back here after the show.”
Alex chuckled and shook his head.
“That kid's insane.”
“So.... I guess it's just me and you, unless you wanna ditch me too.”
Jack smiled at Alex's statement and nodded.
“Oh yeah, I was just gonna drive you here and then leave you all alone in the cold. That was my plan. But I guess I've been foiled, I'm gonna have to stay with you now aren't I?”
“Yes. And I'm never going to let you leave Mr. Barakat.”
Jack chuckled and opened Alex's door.
“After you Mr. Gaskarth.”
The younger man stepped out of the old car, blushing slightly, and smiled.
“Thanks for this by the way, you could have just brought Rian though.”
Jack chuckled and shook his head
“No way. I'd loose my job, he has to have a parent/carer with him. And that's you! I'm glad you decided to come though, I'd have been all alone.”
Alex cooed at Jack's false pout and smiled.
“Well, we better get inside then.”
After queuing and eventually being let in, the two men were almost at the front. As the crowd filled in they got closer until Jack was pressed up against Alex's back, but he didn't mind.
Through out the concert Jack occasionally ground against the younger boy, smirking as Alex sneakily leaned back in to his touch. Oh it was on. The men sang their hearts out, reciting every line of every song off by heart as loud as they could.
Two and half hours later and the three boy's were leant against Jack's car, a sheen of swear lightly covering their skin while matching grins spread across their face.
“That. Was. Awesome!”
The two older men chuckled at Rian's excited statement and both nodded in agreement.
“Could you go get us all a drink or something Ri?”
Alex handed his little brother all the change he had in his skinny jeans pocket and smiled as the young teen jogged across the road and in to a shop. Both men stood in silence for a while, back's against the cold metal of Jack's car, until the younger boy awkwardly cleared his throat.
“So... Tonight was the most fun I've had in years.”
The teacher chuckled and nodded,
“I was just wondering if.... I mean....”
Jack turned on his side to face Alex and smiled as the boy chuckled and looked at his feet.
“Come on Lex, grow a pair.”
Alex liked that nickname. He liked it a lot. He only allowed Zack, Rian and his mum to call it him because for some reason it was his way of telling someone he completely trusted them. Alex felt it sounded right in Jack's mouth.
“Would you possibly maybe like to go to dinner with me sometime?”
The elder man chuckled and nodded.
“I would love to. I'm off work on Friday.”
“Friday it is then. It's probably best we walk so you don't laugh at my horrible car.”
The teacher nodded and smiled.
“Friday when?”
“In the morning. Probably noon.”
“Friday at noon. It's a date.”
Both boy's blushed as Rian popped up between them with three cans of monster in his hands.
“I'm back.”




7th of December is my birthday and..
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