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Return the Favor


Zack broke Laura. When she walked in on him cheating with Lisa, her world finally collapsed. Now she doesn't live, she exists. Using alcohol and blades to keep herself functioning, you'd think All Time Low was destroyed. But no, they're still a band. Every damn day, Laura sees the man she hates the most and is still desparately in love with.

Zack's not faring much better. He was only using Lisa, but that doesn't matter. It doesn't change the fact that he hurt beyond repair the one person he's ever completely loved.

Can they be fixed?


  1. Some Nights

    Title cred goes to fun.

  2. Bulletproof Love

    Title cred to Pierce the Veil

  3. Don't Leave Me

    Title credit: Blink-182

  4. (Just Like) Starting Over

    Title Credit - John Lennon

  5. Time of Your Life

    Title credit: Green Day

  6. Right Before My Eyes

    Title credit: Cage the Elephant

  7. All I Want

    Title Credit: A Day to Remember

  8. A Lesson Never Learned

    Title Credit to Asking Alexandria

  9. Safer to Hate Her

    You Me At Six (Title credit)

  10. Forever

    Title Credit: Papa Roach

  11. Leave Out All The Rest

    Title Credit: Linkin Park

  12. So Long and Thanks for All the Booze

    EPILOUGE. And if you don't know the title credit, get out of here.




PG-13 Romance Drama Teen

The guys decide that they need a pianist/keyboard player, and Laura is all to eager to audition. What nobody realizes is how much life is gonna change.


Completed ✓
8.1 11 Votes


Aww thank you so much! <3
I just read newbie and then this, and wow. I laughed and cried. It's an amazing story, I loved it <3
AllTimeSloth AllTimeSloth
@gamble with desire.
<3 Love forever.
I'm glad you like it :)
you love me? I LOVE YOU TOO.
and i love the chapter title <333 and of course i know where it came from!
ommmmfffffffgggggggggg cuties!!!! i can't even do.
also just the mental image of alex being a flower girl that's perfect.