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Let's Live Like Jack & Sally


Me and Jack…Jack and I…what can I say? My consumer of the night and day time sloth...he didn't have a fighting chance...in the end I don't think either of us did. But that doesn't mean he had to take himself away from us. It doesn't mean that the end of All Time Low meant the end of him. He tried...he really did try. But I guess it all became too much.
I buried him. His friends were there, they tried to talk to me, but I had nothing to say to them. Why? Because only days before Jack had killed himself I'd started getting sick in the mornings, I'd gone to the doctors the day he'd killed himself...it was my call to the house that informed me of his death. A police officer told me my husband...the love of my life...was gone. The day I found out about the life we were bringing to the world.



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