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You Burned Out

Chapter 3.

Jessie's POV

As the alarm blared I flopped over Alex and bashed the snooze button. Letting all my muscles relax I remained laying across him as the sun streamed in and upon our sleepy faces. I watched the dust dance around in the morning sunlight for a moment before smiling as Alex kissed my shoulder.
"You going to school today?" He asked groggily.
"Yeah, suppose so," I sighed as I rolled off of him and onto the floor. "My parents should be home soon so they'll force me to go anyway. Speaking of which, you should get out..." I glanced back up at him as he pouted at me. I grabbed his hand and attempted to pull him out of bed. As hard as I tried he somehow managed to pull me back up and on top of him. He kissed my neck and I knew either of us weren't going to leave this bedroom any time soon.


A car horn tooted and pulled me out of my daze. "Shit." I sat up and shoved Alex out of my bed. It was an hour since my alarm went off, we still had half an hour to get to school. "Go go go, Mom and Dad are back!"
Alex hurriedly pulled his clothes on and I could hear keys in the front door.
"Sorry!" I said as I pushed him towards the window, knowing he wasn't going to make it downstairs and out the back door in time.
"The things I do for you..." He chuckled as he quickly clambered out onto the roof.
"It's not too far to jump, I've done it a million times before," I with an apologetic look as I saw him disappear from view and heard a heavy thud accompanied by an "Ow, fuck."
I breathed a sigh of relief and decided to shower quickly before facing my parents.


Alex's POV

I chucked my bike into the bike racks just as the bell for first period rang. As I fumbled around at my locker looking for my books I could hear Jessie and her friends walking down the hall to class.
"Oh hang on a sec," I heard Jessie say. She appeared beside me with my Geography books I had forgotten to shove in by school bag before, you know, I jumped out her window this morning. I could see the confused looks on her friends faces as Jessie and I interacted.
"See you in Geography..." Our hands brushed as she turned to walk away.
"Ew, what the hell was that about Jess? Sounded like you two have something going on..." I heard Chelsea say quietly as she and her friends made their way to their first class of the day.
"Oh no, nothing, we have to do an assignment together for geog."
"I'm only fucking with him, don't worry..." Jessie piped up defensively as they rounded the corner.



Sooooooo yep it's been 5 years since I updated this story... Not sure if anyone who was following it is even still on here but HEEEEEY. Also hi to those who have just discovered this story because of this update!
No idea what brought me back to this website but I just really felt like writing and this was the best outlet I could think of.
Sorry if this is a short update, had no idea where this was going in the first place. Who knows, maybe I'll eventually update my other stories HAH.
All my love to whoever is reading this <3


You’re the best <3

hustle-r hustle-r

Okay, so, I'm amazed that you came back to your story. Because usually no one ever does after it's been so long.
Apologies it took me like over a month to comment on your new update; life has been kind of hectic for me. But, like I apparently commented two years ago, I'm still here, lol. It just might take me a while to comment sometimes. XD
I had to reread since it's been a minute, but thankfully it wasn't much to catch up with. I'm still interested in seeing where this story goes, if you find the inspiration to write more.
Glad to see you found some inspiration to write again, though, even if it was just for one update.
So, yeah. I'll be around if you still find yourself writing. :)

Nanook Nanook

Same with this story. I'll be here if you ever choose to pick it up again.
The plot line has me interested with just the two chapters you've posted. It would be awesome to one day see more. :)

Nanook Nanook
I really like this story and hope for another chapter soon.
@Billie Joe Gaskarth @earthtoleah I will try my best! xx
hustle-r hustle-r