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Make it through the Fall, Make it through it All/CONTEST ENTRY


*Note this has violence and talks about abuse and misery at points. If you are sensitive to that content or mild smut I'd advise you to not read.*

Jack's been bruised and broken since the day of his birth, people hated him, left him, hurt him and walked all over him.
Alex has felt battered, betrayed, alone and became a selective mute for quite sometime.
The two barely have any social skills but with each other so how will Alex live without Jack when his husband goes to jail?
Will he move on? Not survive? Or bail him out?



@Slender Ashleyosaurus Rex

That means a lot to me, it really does since my one-shots don't normally get the views and comments as my main stories do so seeing your comment means a lot to me. c:
@Sarah's Butterflies

I love how even after all the shit Alex went through his love for Jack is never ending and he bailed Jack out. And the wedding. :)
@Slender Ashleyosaurus Rex

Well thank you for reading! What did you like about it?
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG i love this one shot so much!
@Lovely Misery

Thank you!