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Where The Pink Glitter Falls

Where The Pink Glitter Falls

The faint rustling of the grass around me was relaxing. The way each individual blade scraped against each other softly; it was like some kind of strange song that I couldn't stop listening to.

The waves crashed below the cliff. Another addition to this excellent masterpiece of nature music. I loved it.

I had spent most of my days contemplating my life's decisions up on that cliff. Just sitting there. watching the sunset and listening to the various noises of the world around me.

Occassionally a couple would stroll the beach. Or a group of kids and their dog would play in the water.

All the while, I sat up there, my legs to my chest, in the deep prairie grass and I stared at the horizon while my mind drifted like the pieces of wood upon the ocean.

Every thought I had came back to...someone. A person I couldn't place. A person that I absolutely needed in my life and I just couldn't find.

Yet, I knew exactly who they were. Every aspect. But where were they? This was the question I always asked myself.

I couldn't answer it. Not even once.

Until one day, when I was sitting upon that very cliff, my legs dangling over the side and a piece of grass sticking out of my mouth. I chewed on the end, causing it to bob up and down. That was the night I had observed the beautiful sounds of the grasses behind me and ocean below as a type of music.

I could feel that persons presence behind me. In front of me. Next to me. All around me. They were surrounding me with their love. Yet we didn't even know who each other was.

I could smell them. It was a crisp scent. A lovely scent. I wanted to bury my head in their neck and just sleep next to them. It was that kind of scent.

I could practically feel them wrap their arms around me. Their warmth was unbelievable. The love in felt in that hold was...unreal.

Not only did I crave the love they were willing to give...but I needed it.

When I opened my eyes, however, I found darkness. That my head was buried in my elbows and that my arms were wrapped around me. And I was smelling myself.

Me. It was I. I was the one I had been searching for.

Could it be? I was my own soulmate?

Yes. It very well could've been.

It explained how I had known them from every angle. Every bit of them. Just not physically. But then, I realized, I did. I did know them from a physical aspect as well.

And I loved what I saw.

I was perfection.

After all the time wasted, searching the crowds for the One...I had been standing right with them all along.

My name is Rian Dawson.

And I am my own true love.


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