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Break Out


Blake avoided complication, involvement, and the opposite sex at any cost. Period.

...That is, until she lands her dream job and is forced to face all three of those things, especially the guy part. It was irritating, but the way Blake saw it, just because she has to work with them doesn't mean she has to like it... or pretend like she does.

Now if only these new guys could take a fucking hint.

{Alex |Blake}

***I don't own anything/anyone connected to All Time Low or any other famous people/names in the story. I DO, however, own the original characters and the plot so please don't steal!!!



Yay! I'm soooo glad you updated this, I've read the first two about 100 times because I loooove it so far! Please update again soon!
Astar Astar
ahh im so glad you updated, i love this!
you're a babe ;) thanks for being lovely.
<3 ahh I'm so glad you updated because this story is amazing and so are you! :)
hey guys! sorry i've been such a little fuck and haven't updated this in so long :( part of it's because i'm a slacker and part is because mibba wouldn't let me log into the website for the past week and a half. i'm working on the next chapter right this very moment so it should be uploaded soon. sorry again! @Astar @TheAllTimeLowSloth @BabyBlueEyes71199 @ironi1234 @SomewhereInNeverland84 @alltimelowlover03