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Living With The Guilt... (Jalex/TWIST)

"Im coming for you Alex..."

(Jack`s POV)

I loved Alex I really did.That was until he betrayed me.Grabbed my arms as his friend Zack grabbed my legs and tossed me in the river.Staging a suicide like I drowned myself in the river.Now I am seeking my revenge.

"Im coming for you Alex." I spoke in this tone of voice that sounded far from my own.A look of complete fear spreading over Alex's features.

Of course I made sure he knew I was coming.You see the pleasure of being dead? I can do unspeakable things to others.Alex's little friend Zack? He was "killed" in a car accident a week ago.I made him suffer for just standing and watching as I breathed my last breath pleading for Alex to stop and for him to help me.That was a sign for Alex.He knew he was in for the worst and I was coming for him...


So a little short filler again there shall be a little more maybe 2-5 more chapters than an epilogue maybe but this story isn't to be long :) love you guys and sorry for the lack of writing


:) thank you so much for reading/commenting!!
O my gish! The ending was perfect!
Dear_Maria Dear_Maria
Thank you! <33

Thanks so much!!!!!!! <333333

:D Thank you!
ooooooooooh god it was just a nightmare thank gerard way!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved it
JagkBarakitten JagkBarakitten
Good because even though jacks ghost trying to kill alex is an amazing twist it was so creepy :D
longliveatl longliveatl