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Living With The Guilt... (Jalex/TWIST)


Jack was the "loner" boy at school.Never had friends and barely talked.He was gay and everyone knew it.His crush? Quarterback Alex Gaskarth.secretly Alex is also gay and likes Jack.They act at school to keep up Alex's reputation but after school they meet at this old dock and hang out together alone and peacefully together.Alex doesn't have a car so he has is best friend Zack who is also a Quarterback drive him there everyday of course not telling him what he is doing there.Zack does it with no questions asked until one day he gets suspicious.Zack comes looking for Alex and sees him with Jack.They are cuddling together and taking in the love they shared for one another.Zack begins to shout at Alex looking at both boys with disgust and spitting as venom drips from his words.Alex doesn't want the word out so he tries to hide his love for Jack by telling Zack that Jack wouldn't get off of him and he didn't love him.Jack just backed up in fear as both boys hovered over him and he was being shouted at.Hurtful things spilling out of Alex's mouth and Jack couldn't believe what he was hearing.He knew it was for the best but what he didn't expect was to be knocked down.Alex's fist colliding with his jaw as he fell to the ground in pain.Alex continuously kicking and punching him almost like Alex was being possessed.Zack just standing there in shock at how violent Alex is being.Eventually Alex gets control of himself and realizes what he had just done.....

"Is anything in life really an accident?"

Story inspired by this video


Alex Gaskarth

Alex Gaskarth

lead quarterback.loves Jack.best friends with Zack.Panics and does the wrong thing.Has to live with the guilt....................

Jack  Barakat

Jack Barakat

Lankey weird boy at school.Openly gay.Secret relationship with Alex.Has to pay the price for something he wasn't at fault for.Is seeking revenge............

Zack Merrick

Zack Merrick

other quarterback.best friends with Alex.Hates and bullys Jack.Finds out a little secret and is shocked at the outcome after all is said and done.Also lives with guilt.....


  1. Flashback...

    The pathway to love can be a treacherous one.Jack learned this in the last few minutes of his life.

  2. Living With The Guilt...

    Once Alex gained control of himself he came back to reality to realize what he had just done...

  3. "Im coming for you Alex..."

    "I let him know i was coming" -Jack

  4. The flashback from Hell..

    I miss you I'm so sorry -Alex

  5. The Last Chapter...

    Please read the WHOLE THING before you plot to kill me :)


:) thank you so much for reading/commenting!!
O my gish! The ending was perfect!
Dear_Maria Dear_Maria
Thank you! <33

Thanks so much!!!!!!! <333333

:D Thank you!
ooooooooooh god it was just a nightmare thank gerard way!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved it
JagkBarakitten JagkBarakitten
Good because even though jacks ghost trying to kill alex is an amazing twist it was so creepy :D
longliveatl longliveatl