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Status Updates from ToxicxDancefloor


So here's a complete list all incomplete stories:

Take A Breath, and Let the Rest Come Easy: New Story
A Life of the Plain and the Simple: Co-Author with BreakingJessie_x
10 Things I Hate About You: Co-Author with breakurlittleheart
Never Grow Up: Alex's adventures with his daughter
Dear Daddy: Little letters from Alex's daughter while he's on tour
Find a Place for Me Again: Alex loses his memory of his girlfriend
I'm Stuck on Loving You: Alex runs into his ex and tries to win her back
You've Got My Heart in Your Hands: Alex and a vampire girl
Sometimes the Sickness is the Cure: Transfer from Mibba
Life on the Other Side: Alex cheats on his girlfriend with his best friend
All Around Me: She's Blind
Mixed Feelings of Elation: Friends with Benefits
Second Star to the Right: A wish comes true
Long Live Us: Jack is a Werewolf and she's a hunter (sequel to Tonight We Lie Awake)
Say You Mean It: Alex tries to save his marriage
Do It For Me: Repost of first story; Alex reunites with his old crush
It Always Gets Better: Jack helps a girl heal from a rough past
Drink Me Under, Pull Me In: Alex is a vampire



That's nice! Stay positive, you can do it :)

laura laura

Thanks. It's been hard, but I'm making a turn around. Hopefully, once I reread everything I've written so far, I'll be back to updating. Maybe dusting off my very old stories and bringing them backs to life.

All the best, take care. I hope things get better for you!! :)

laura laura
ooohhhhh such excitement :33
laura laura