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Dirty Work

Dirty Work

The record label gave Alex a two day deadline to choose a name for the album. They had been putting a lot of pressure on the band and it was causing the singer too much stress to handle. He wasn’t accustomed to the deadlines of major labels, everything was new to him and his three best friends. The four of them making up the pop-punk band, All Time Low.
Alex had 46 hours and 23 minutes to create a name for their new album. He thought back to the process of making the album and how difficult that had been. He thought about everything that happened during the recording.
Two days later he walked into the office of the manager of Interscope. Jack, Zack and Rian were all standing behind him waiting anxiously to hear his title.
‘I want to call the album “Dirty Work”’ Alex announced to the people in suits; one sitting behind a desk, another standing close behind him bent down as if to whisper something important that was not to be heard by anyone else within a ten mile radius.
‘Not the title I personally would have chosen but it’s your CD.’ The man sitting down replied, then he waved his hand toward the door; this was he signal for the four boys to leave his office.
‘Why “Dirty Work”?’ Jack asked his best friend as they walked toward the elevator of the building.
‘Let me tell a story of how this album actually got finished without us being fired from the label…’ Alex began as the four of them stepped into the elevator. Each boy was intent on listening to Alex speak as this story seemed mysterious and interesting. ______________________
Alex thrusted deep inside the woman, she was getting immense pleasure from him. So much so she’d experienced her first multiple orgasm. Alex on the other hand wasn’t enjoying it even half as much as she.
Alex loved sex, whether it was make up with Lisa each time they got back together or random bar sex with a slutty chick each time he and Lisa broke up. He loved it. The only thing Alex loved more was performing on stage.
But this sex was sleazy and disgusting to him. A thirty-six year old woman was using him for sex. Alex was getting his fourth album out of it and she was getting the pleasure of the experience of a 23 year old.
‘Fuck Alex! Yes more! Fuck me!’ She screamed out before biting down on a pillow to stop any more profanities.
Alex began grinding his hips even harder, he was doing it so hard he could feel his hips locking and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling for him. He was worn out, but he knew if he didn’t keep this up then he would have let his band down. Without this sleazy dirty sex they wouldn’t be recording an album. ______________________ Alex walked into the cafeteria of the recording studio the first day they began the process of making the new album. Across the room was a beautiful brunette woman munching lightly on a salad. Alex stared her and mentally classed her as a MILF. Obviously he didn’t know if she was a mother or not, but she was hot as fuck.
He had been trying to get to know as many people as he could who worked at the record label, so he used this as his excuse to go up to the woman and introduce himself.
‘Hey, I’m-’ Alex said as he approached the woman, she looked up almost immediately and cut him off before he could say his name.
‘Alex Gaskarth. I know, my niece loves your band.’ She smiled at him and gestured for him to sit down across from her. ‘You’re in more attractive in person than the pictures I’ve seen.’
‘So what’s a beautiful woman such as yourself sitting all alone here?’ Alex winked at her and she copied his action.
She didn’t respond to his question with words. Instead, Alex could feel her now barefoot running up his leg toward his thigh. Stuff like that was a major turn on for Alex and he could already feel himself getting hard.
‘Um, so w-what do you w-work as?’ Alex stammered, desperately trying to control himself.
Her foot had reached his crotch by now and she was tracing her toes along the outline of his bulge. She looked Alex dead in the eyes with a sultry look that could make any man fall at her feet. Alex try his best to be sexy but she already had a power over him that made he seem like a lovestruck fool.
‘My main job is to satisfy the needs of our artists?’ She purred as she stood up and walked around the table. Alex couldn’t help but stare as she walked away, her skirt outlining her amazing curves and she had a sexy confidence as she walked; like no one else he’d ever seen. He was definitely going to see more of her. _______________________
Three days past and everyday Alex would see the mysterious women at different places around the seemingly never ending building. She would wink seductively at him or if she was standing behind him she would graze his thigh like him know that the best was yet to come.
Day six Alex found himself pressed up against a urinal in the men’s bathrooms. It was an uncomfortable position, what with the porcelain digging into his back. But she had him trapped between the urinal and her body, somehow the latter made Alex feel slightly better about the position.
She fumbled with the zipper of his skinny jeans before slipping her hand down his down and slowly rubbing up and down. Alex threw his hand back; they were two minutes into whatever was about to happen and he was already hard.
Soon his jeans were down around his ankles and she was down on her knees. Her mouth formed the perfect circle around the head of his penis, she sucked the top to prepare him for what was yet to come. A minute and a half later her forehead edged closer to his waistline as she moved down along his dick. She sucked hard and Alex had to suppress a moan. He didn’t succeed and sounded like a dog begging as he moaned for more.
She began to move her head back and forth, fast and hard. It became the best blowjob experience Alex had ever had. He came in her mouth and she spit it in the nearest urinal; not the most romantic of scenes but neither of them cared.
‘Satisfied?’ She asked as she stood up again to face him.
‘Very.’ He replied with a wink, she turned around to leave and he smacked her ass. She just continued walking with a smirk set across her face; she knew that his gaze was set on her ass.
Alex hid in a stall for a few minutes, it gave him time to get rid of the boner that seemed adamant to make it’s experience longer than needs be. He thought of things that would put him off sex in the hope of losing his bulge; ‘The Spice Girls, Metrostation, Jack’s bare ass.’ Yep that did it. _______________________________
He didn’t tell the guys what had happened in the bathroom although they guess something was up when he walked into the recording studio with a flushed face and messed up hair. Jack put it down to him getting it on with an intern.
Alex was in the middle of recording the vocals for Time-Bomb when the side door opened and his mystery woman walked in. She had a small tray in her hand with a cup placed on top. She strutted over to the manager of the entire company, who was overseeing the recording, and place the tray down on the table beside him. Then she bent over slightly so that Alex could directly down her shirt and whispered something in the man’s ear before full on kissing him on the lips. They engaged in a make out session in front of the band.
Then she walked back out of the room.
‘One of the perks of having a job like mine boys, a wife like that.’ He said after the door had closed and she was out of earshot. Wife. Alex thought to himself. She’s married, fuck. Not only was she married, but she was married to the man that could potentially make or break the band’s career. ______________________________ ‘You never told me you were married… to my boss!’ Alex pulled the woman aside the next time he saw her alone.
‘So?’ She replied with the seductive look in her eyes that made Alex hot.
‘In fact, you never even told me your name!’ He tried his best not to fall for the look.
‘Kelsey. Now come on lover boy, let’s fuck.’ She said pulling him into the near empty room and locking the door.
Before Alex could reject her she already had him lying across a conference table with his shirt nearly half open. She trailed kisses down along his neck before reaching his treasure trail. Then she unbuttoned his pants and let him take them off himself. He ripped open her blouse and tore off her skirt, leaving her in just her underwear.
‘Fuck you’re so hot!’ Alex said as he stared at her cleavage.
She unhooked the bra and let him get a clear view of her naked chest. He reached his hands out and massaged her breasts. This was a huge turn on for Kelsey and she arched her back in pure ecstasy.
It was long before they were both completely naked and Alex had his head between her legs. He ran his tongue along her clit before stopping at her opening and pleasuring her in a way her husband never could.
He then ran his tongue along the side of her exposed breasts, her nipples hardened instantly at his touch.
‘Fuck me Alex… now!’ She demanded, she was ready for all the teasing to stop.
Alex crawled on top of her and she spread her legs wide. He pumped in and out of her vagina, and she screamed out in pure pleasure. Alex had something that no other man did and she wasn’t going to let that slip through her fingers.
This continued for little over fifteen minutes before Alex came, slid the condom off and threw it away. They cleaned themselves up before preparing to step back out into the busy building.
‘I’m never doing that again… you’re married.’ Alex told her, instantly regretting what had just happened.
‘Oh you’ll be doing it again. If you don’t I’ll my husband and have you and your little band dropped from the label.’ She purred. Alex was stuck doing her dirty work in exchange for an album. Through his experience with Kelsey, Alex penned the song “That Girl”
‘Nice!’ Jack replied when Alex had finished telling his story.


It's my first attempt at anything smutty so yeah...


I love it! It's different, with an interesting story line. Great job!
FallenTorment FallenTorment
haha interesting.
alexelysiumm alexelysiumm