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The Irony Of Choking On A Lifesaver


"Mayday situation overload

I’m restless, obsessed with your future"

Alex was looking at me with helpless eyes. Immediately I knew that something was wrong. Jack. Only Jack could have made him look at me in such a way. My heart skipped a beat when I realised what could have happened. No Zack, please Zack no. Please don’t have panicked. Please. Please Jack be okay. Before Alex could say anything else I’d ran out of the room and was scanning the ward to see if I could see Zack. Nothing. None of the other nurses were ever out, so that didn’t affect my search.

Rian was in his room and hadn’t seen Zack either. Worse still, not for hours. Now I was really beginning to worry. He’d always been one to go missing, but never for this long. Especially not in the state he was in. Alex had upset him, angered him, and nobody had seen him since. The last place I wanted to look was Jack’s room; however it was inevitable that I would end up standing outside it – like I was that moment.

Blindly I walked into the room. He’d already had a tough enough day, starting yet another round of chemo and feeling very ill. My heart gave out as I considered the possible scenarios, what could or couldn't have happened too him. There were too many to comprehend. I would have to look eventually. The fact that Jack didn’t say hi when I entered was scaring me already.

I was once normal, like the rest of them. It hadn’t always been this way. Before I lived in a world of material and selfish values, smiling while everyone else lied to my face. If I had have stayed at home, not ever experiencing this godforsaken building, I wouldn’t have been able to prepare myself for what I could possibly see within my favourite patient’s bedroom. He was my first. He was Jack Barakat. The one who I’d watched grow, smile and laugh. The one that I’d helped get his love.

Slowly I opened my eyes…


Being powerless is something you can’t afford to be when you’re a doctor, especially when you’re working for the most controversial one in history. Three Hearts Hospital is not normal. It is a prison for ill orphans. Rhinae has just begun working there after leaving university and soon discovers that nothing is what it seems. She may be a conventional doctor, but the patients she is dealing with are far from ordinary. Jack and Alex are just two of them



I just started reading this and I'm very sad that it hasn't been updated in so long. Can you fix that? (:
this story is amazing you need to update!